Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hotch: How many boats are there on Lake Meade?
Reid: 1,908
Kate: Come on. You just know that?
Reid: Yeah. There are 1,908 boats on lake Mead.
Kate: Where’d you get that number?
Reid: Based upon the population density of the area, I estimated.
Kate: You guessed. I mean, is this guy really a genius or does he just say things with authority and we all believe him?
Morgan: Thank you. Ten years! It took ten years for someone to finally have my back. All right Einstein - she just called you out. Bring it!
Reid: Look it up!
Rossi: I am. And the kid’s right.
Reid: I accept your apology. Blow it up.
Morgan: Never.
—  Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Kate Callahan, Derek Morgan, David Rossi. Season 10 Episode 11. Criminal minds quote of the day.

Criminal Minds Season 10 Gag Reel

Queen For a Day

In what’s easily the most appropriate title for a film ever, the BBC is producing a Helena biopic called Mummy Dearest. Production is slated for early 2016, but what we’re most interested in, of course, is the casting. Which of Hollywood’s finest brunette beauties can fit the bill?

We have some ideas, of course. Perhaps it’s Jennifer Love-Hewitt and her flair for horror. Ginnifer Goodwin has a wholesome look and personality, but maybe too wholesome for Helena, let’s be honest. Our vote goes to Angelina Jolie who would add some of Queenie’s sultriness, and it seems they both like to raise children of diverse parentage!

Stay tuned for the latest casting updates!