Jennifer Lawerence


“Before the shoot we had Josh come in…and we shot quickly over the course of a couple hours the three interviews that Josh does as Peeta as we see him deteriorate through the movie. We had the editors cut that together and so we can play the test footage for Jen and Liam during the scene . So  we actually had sound and had picture so she could see Josh. He was kind of just popping in and out, which was tough for Jen, because she’s so attached to and loves Josh so much. Because of that sort of absence when we had him up on the screen it actually worked for us because it was, you know she really was missing Josh and not having Josh around, and then suddenly seeing him up on the screen and you know in pain, and sort of tortured, it worked well for her emotionally.”

- Francis Lawrence (Source)


Well, Francis, you are an evil genius because my god, the emotional impact of these scenes were so emotionally gut-wrenching.  I felt like I was being stabbed straight in the heart. What a way to use a real life situation for the benefit of a movie.



I love Jennifer Lawrence, not because she’s hilarious and an amazing actress. I love her because shes the one of the few celebrities that is proud of her figure and refuses to let other’s opinion change how she feels about herself.  she LOVES food and LOVES to talk about food. How many celebrities do you know that does that. I love you Jennifer! PS the pizza is at my house ;)