Jennifer Jereau Gifs

It was a very difficult case.
The unsub knew how to move without leaving tracks.

Suddenly Derek entered the room
“We found him! North! Out of the city! Let’s go or we’ll lose it again!”

We arrived in an old abandoned farm and divided.

“Hotch, Prentiss and JJ in the house! Me, Reid and y/l/n will check the stalls”

We silently entered the dark stalls and all happened so fast…
Some gunshots came from an hidden spot and we just tried to catch him when I felt a terrible pain at my chest.
Everything blurred and I fell on the ground hearing Spencer screaming my name.

*spencer pov*

She was so pale on the hospital bed and with so many medical stuffs working to keep her alive.

The unsub shot her twice and then I just killed him risking my own life in a dangerous way.
I couldn’t stand waiting another minute knowing that she was dying.
We’ve been dating for some months and I was totally in love with her.
I couldn’t stand another loss.

It was 4 days and 21 hours that she was sleeping.
She lost a lot of blood and her heart stopped beating twice in the surgery room.

After a long interior fight I let myself to take some hours of sleep.

*your pov*

I woke up with an intense pain at my chest.
All around me was white and electrical noises came from my right.
Lots of small tubes ended with needles in my right arm.

At the left side of my bed there was Spencer.
He was sleeping holding my hand next to his head rested on the bed.
I took a deep breath trying to remember what happened but he woke up squeezing my hand a little.

“Y/n… Oh God you’re awake! How do you feel? Do you need something?”
“I-I’m fine I guess”
My mouth was sore and talking was hard.
“Spence… What happened?”

His eyes filled with tears and with a fluid movement he cupped my cheek and rested his forehead on mine.

“It doesn’t matter anymore”

He kissed me softly but with passion and we laughed hearing the “bip” of the medical machines speeding up.

Can we just talk about how Criminal Minds has some of the best representation of female characters (and how Agent Jennifer Jereau is so kick ass I can’t even). Because I mean, dang. I was really trying to find the a gif of the scene where she straight up fights a sociopath who is about to kill his own son.

Also, she manages to balance her job and being a mom and they don’t make a huge deal about her sacrifices or negative impacts on her kid etc etc. (At least no more than every other character on the show, male or female.)

It is a+ great