Jennifer Jereau


Derek Morgan wakes up slowly at the sound of JJ’s voice and her hand hitting his shoulder. His eyes squint around the bright light of the jet. “Hm? ”

“We’re hope,” she replies, smiling. “And look.”

He follows her line of sight to see Reid and (y/n) curled up together under a blanket on two of the seats. Chuckling a little bit, he sits up and pulls out his phone. “I knew it.”

JJ grins. “I already send a picture to Garcia, if that’s what you’re about to do.”

Morgan smiles back at her. “Perfect.”

“Good morning everyone,” you greet cheerily, walking into the conference room behind Reid.

Reid stops walking, and you almost run into him, stopping behind him just in time. His eyes are furrowed in confusion, and you follow his gaze to see the rest of the team smiling suspiciously at the both of you. “What’s going on?” Reid asks.

“Oh, nothing.” Prentiss says. “Just a couple of pictures of the two of you sleeping on the jet.”

You can feel your face flush with embarrassment, and Reid’s ears turn red. “Shut up.”

They all begin to laugh, and you rush over to your seat at the table, plopping down quickly and hiding your face in a file. This is going to be a long day.

Can we just talk about how Criminal Minds has some of the best representation of female characters (and how Agent Jennifer Jereau is so kick ass I can’t even). Because I mean, dang. I was really trying to find the a gif of the scene where she straight up fights a sociopath who is about to kill his own son.

Also, she manages to balance her job and being a mom and they don’t make a huge deal about her sacrifices or negative impacts on her kid etc etc. (At least no more than every other character on the show, male or female.)

It is a+ great

“Sorry I’m late, traffic was …” you trail off when you see your team staring at you silently with expecting eyes, “ … killer.” You clear your throat nervously. “What’s up?”

Hotch crosses his arms. “How long did you think you were going to keep this from us?”

You frown. “Keep what?”

JJ closes her eyes and says: “We know about (d/n), (y/n).”

“What we want to know,” Prentiss cuts in, “is why you didn’t tell us.”

Sighing, you sink into your usual chair around the table. After a moment of silence, you look at Reid. “Did you figure it out?”

He opens his mouth to reply when Morgan says: “We all did.”

You nod. “Okay.” Another bout of silence passes through the room as they all look at you expectantly. “I had (d/n) a year and a half ago, before i joined the team. Her father … wasn’t the best man, and I kept her a secret from you guys, I guess because it was easier. 

“I never knew that I would grow to think of you guys as my family,” you continue. Garcia smiles at that and takes your hand. “I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

After a couple seconds of silence, Rossi claps his hands together, startling you. “Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want to meet the little (l/n).” The rest of your team chimes in their agreements and you laugh.

“Alright, alright. After this case is over, dinner at my house. Rossi can give us all another cooking lesson.” The older man starts to protest to the others’ cheers and laughs. “Good?” you ask.

“Good.” Garcia smiles and stands up, and Hotch pats your shoulder on the way to his chair.


You’re 14 years old in this one-shot. It’s summertime, and you’re going to be a Freshman in the fall.

You laugh with JJ as she wipes the edge of her lip for the bit of mustard a random person just pointed out was there. “I would have told you, but I didn’t even see it.”

“Liar!” She yells, bumping into you as you laugh. “How long was it there?”

“Like fifteen minutes,” you laugh.

Her mouth is wide open, and she pretends to be mad as the two of you continue to walk through the park. After a couple minutes of silence, you say, “Thank you, JJ, really. It means a lot that you invited me for a girl’s day out.”

“Anytime, (y/n),” she replies, placing a hand on her swollen stomach. “Your father wouldn’t let me go on the case, and Will’s not home, so I thought this was a good idea.”

You pull her close as you walk, placing your head on her shoulder. “I haven’t seen you in forever.”

She nods. “Yeah, I’m supposed to talk to you about something too.”

“What’s that?”

“Sex,” she says matter-of-factly, and you burst out laughing. “I know, I know, your dad asked me to give you the talk.”

“Does he know that the Internet exists?” You splutter.

“Probably not,” she laughs, “But don’t tell your dad you already knew.”

You laugh. “I won’t.”