Before the Crash

Sure, she hadn’t expected to work as a profiler with the BAU - she was a forensic psychologist through and through, examining the minds of the criminal in the relative safety of four walls and not out in the field, but she’d made the decision and now she was in deep; she wanted this bastard’s head mounted on her wall.

They really weren’t supposed to take work home with them. Occasionally Emily did, but that’s because she was the Unit Chief. A profiler was supposed to leave at the end of the day. But she was never one to leave her work at work. After all, her former job entailed her getting up close and personal with some of sickest minds ever created in order to figure out whether or not they were mentally-equipped enough to stand trial. She always took that with her, so why wouldn’t she take this work home with her. 

She’d gotten close to this team. They’d become as much her family as her own had been – sometimes even more so. But while her relationship with her father and brother had been strained and nearly broken over the years, when Scratch came after them, he made it personal.

One thing you had to know about Dr. Tara Elizabeth Lewis – she did not take personal very well.

File after file after file was laid out in front of her on the floor. The coffee pot had practically broken from how much she’d been using it. She’d been abusing caffeine so much that it had actually stopped having the effect she wanted, but still, she wore on, night after night, coffee cup after coffee cup, flipping through the pages and praying she’d stumble across something that would help the team catch this bastard. 

But nothing.

“Goddammit!” she screamed, throwing a file across the room in rage. As the papers flew from her grasp, falling back to the floor with the delicacy of snowflakes on a calm day, she combed her fingers through her hair feeling anything but calm.

The papers were still in the process of floating to the floor as she flashed back to that day – the day that Scratch had made it personal for her. Maybe he didn’t know it, but it was the same day that he’d painted a target on his own back – one that Tara would without fail be aiming for if she had the chance. 

She sat across the table from her “brother,” but this wasn’t him. He kept insisting it was; he even had certain memories to back it up. He had knowledge of things he shouldn’t have had had he not been her brother. 

He had the memories, but no matter he claimed he was not her brother.

“You’re not my brother,” she said to the strange man across from her. He didn’t look a damn thing like what she’d imagined after all these years, but he was saying all the right things. She could tell it wasn’t him, which was confirmed when her father had been brought in. 

The man looked more than offended, but he just kept on insisting. “How can you say that, T?” They went back and forth, him insisting they were related and her knowing they weren’t. 

When she left the room, her father confirmed what she already knew – that wasn’t his son. But what she hadn’t known was that Gabriel had been in town for about a month for another “business opportunity” – the kind that never worked out for him. He’d gotten a 1600 on his SATs and earned a full-ride to Yale, only to turn it down in favor of these get-rich quick schemes. His partner in this endeavor…one Carl Brubaker, who bore an uncanny resemblance to the man claiming their connection.

After digging and searching and scrounging for information, they’d found their answer – at least a piece of it.

Scratch was involved. 

And he was involved in Spencer’s prison stay. Or at least they had assumed so, until finding out it was Cat Adams – that crafty bitch they’d outsmarted the year prior. As she watched Spencer walk down the hall arm-in-arm with his mother, she wondered whether or not the BAU had a curse on them. Who had they pissed off to have such a curse rain down on them?

Not only had they yet to recapture Scratch, but then this woman, nearly equally as crafty, comes out of the woodwork to seek revenge on Spencer. Maybe it was her job as a psychologist that limited her – in that she took on one “client” at a time. Here – well, here there was no limit to how many sick bastards could crawl out of the woodwork like termites. One, two, twelve – it didn’t matter.

With Spencer and his mother safe and sound, the rest of them headed for Emily’s office, where Morgan had shown up. Before he left the BAU for his family, she’d gotten to know him well enough. Well enough to know that if he were truly here just to catch up he’d be smiling. But he wasn’t. Through his intermittent smiles, Tara could see the uncertainty. 

“We may have a bigger problem,” Morgan said. Without anything else, Tara knew that had to mean Scratch was behind Morgan’s arrival at the Bureau. He went through his suspicions as she stood in the background, stomping her foot slightly on the ground as she leaned into the wall. Apparently, he’d gotten a message from Garcia, but as best friends, he knew it wasn’t from her and had assumed it was Scratch. After all this with Spencer, when they had finally gotten some decent news and sent their friend off with his alive and lucid-for-now mother, they had to go after this bastard. 

Tara didn’t regret taking this job. She excelled as a psychologist, but she was never the type to limit herself, so taking this on as a consultant was good for her, but she hated being three steps behind the eight ball.  

She exited the room, nearly throwing a stack of papers off of Emily’s desk in the process and returned to her desk. Feeling a bit like a toddler who wasn’t getting what she wanted, she began to kick at her desk. The only thing that allayed her feelings of immaturity was the fact that Scratch was a motherfucking bastard who’d tortured the rest of the team and her own family that they just couldn’t seem to catch. She was allowed to be at least a little angry with that if not completely enraged.

After finding that the numbers 11, 15 and 32 that had been left on pictures of her brother actually meant the Gospel of Luke chapter 15 versus 11-32, the team had snaked through the maze of riddles and tricks and traps that Scratch had laid out for them and had finally entered the warehouse where Tara’s actual brother Gabriel was being kept.

On the first floor of the warehouse, JJ and Spencer had found a power source, but they couldn’t touch it for fear of setting a trap off, and while they were downstairs, she, Emily and Luke finally came upon her brother, trapped in Scratch’s vise with their father’s gun pointed at his head. She may have had a strained relationship with her brother, and he a strained relationship with their father, but that didn’t mean he deserved to die, especially not by their father’s own gun.

The trap he was ensnared in couldn’t be removed without the gun firing, and without any thought Tara launched herself between her brother and the gun, but when she looked down…the gun wasn’t even loaded.

It’s a decoy.

Another message. Exodus 8:24. The plagues and a dense swarm of flies. Hesitantly, their gazes find their way to the ceiling. Nail guns.

In an instant, Emily, Luke, Tara and Gabriel managed to barely escape the onslaught of nails that sped down like sheets of rain. They were okay. He was okay. She leaned into her brother, telling him it would be okay and that she wasn’t going to let anything happen to him, but she couldn’t actually say that with certainty. Scratch was still out there.

He’d been painting targets on the backs of the BAU. Now Scratch had one on his.

By the time Tara came out of her reverie they were already in the cars on the way to Scratch’s supposed location. SWAT would be heading in beforehand to disable any traps like the storm of nails before the BAU headed inside. 

Finally, Tara started to feel like they were close. Scratch was right here. Right under their noses.


As the tires blew out and sent the cars spinning, Tara felt the rage rise up within her body again. This was him. If there was doubt before, there wasn’t anymore. Scratch was behind this. 

“Spike strips? Really?” she yelled out as the cars both screeched to a stop, trying her best to remain calm while the rest of the team tried to assuage Garcia’s fears. Emily told them to remain focused. They were going to get this bastard. Right after Emily told them she was about to call for another set of cars to get back on Scratch’s path, a burning bright light, or was it two, headed straight for Emily, JJ and Luke’s car. It was a truck.

This was all planned. 

The crushing sound of metal shivered up her spine; she remained frozen in place, unable to take her eyes off the vehicle as it sent the other members of the BAU straight into their car.

When it collided, she only thought one thing. If she was lucky enough to make it out of this alive, and they found Scratch, he was dead – whether it ended her career or not.

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A/N: Our very first Smut Saturday is a JJ x Fem Reader fic requested by the wonderful @marvelfanlife ,where the reader and JJ get caught having sex in their hotel room while on a case. If you have a request for the next SS please feel free to send me a message/ask, or if you just wanna interrogate me or send me feedback I’d love that! Anyway I hope you lovelies enjoy this!

Warnings: SMUT(duh) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The case was taking its toll on you and the rest of your team, the unsub, a man in is late 30’s was abducting women and scattering their body parts in various secluded areas. Every lead you had was one dead end after another, the hours bled together and you were frustrated and furious.

“Okay, let’s head back to the hotel. We’ll rethink the profile in the morning and see if we can find any new leads.” You could sense the fatigue dripping off of every word that Hotch said.

You all gathered your things and split up into the two black SUV’s that sat in the parking lot, you rode with Morgan and JJ, since she was your roommate due to lack of available rooms.

“At least there’s one upside to this case” you thought to yourself. JJ was the most attractive woman you’d ever met, she was not only drop dead gorgeous with her blond hair and piercing blue eyes, but she was kind, compassionate, and extremely smart. She was the kind of girl that you fell in love with instantly, you were unsure if she’d feel the same way about you, as far as you knew JJ was straight.

When you finally pulled up to the hotel you were dying to take a hot shower and scrub off the disappointment that lingered from today. You could tell that JJ was even more tense and frustrated than you were, she’d had to talk to the families of the 3 victims today, it was emotionally exhausting for her but she was the best on the team when it came down to things like that.

“You can have the shower first jay” you said as you set your bags down beside the queen sized bed the two of you would be sharing.

“Thanks Y/N, I could really use it.” She gave you a small smile before retreating into the bathroom and turning on the hot water.

A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body, that beautiful golden blonde hair of hers dripped water down her shoulders and into the cover of her towel.

“All yours Y/N” she said pointing behind her shoulder towards the streamy bathroom, she had an odd look in her eye, it was one the almost mirrored your own look of longing, the longing to touch her beautiful skin and to feel her rosy pink lips against yours.

You escaped into the bathroom and hoped that she hadn’t noticed that you stared at her for longer than you should have. You climbed into the shower and allowed the hot water to work its magic on your tight muscles and let it wash away the nerves from the encounter with your coworker.

You dressed in your usual pajama shorts and a tank top before opening the bath room door, your hair was damp and messy but not dripping like JJ’s.

Your eyes widened at the sight before you, your beautiful colleague was sitting on the bed in a matching black lace bra and panty set.

She tilted her head to the side a little, acknowledging your stare. “Well are you just gonna stand there and stare and me or are you gonna come join me?” She said with a sultry smirk before biting that perfectly pink lip of hers.

You made your way across the room and placed your hand on her cheek, crashing your lips onto hers, she wasted no time and immediately deepened the kiss and allowed your tongue to explore her mouth.

You felt her dainty fingers tugging at the bottom of your tank, you pulled your lips from hers and lifted your arms, the thin top landed on chair in the corner. You clambered about of the shorts before straddling the beautiful woman who watched you in anticipation.

Your lips returned to hers, her hands now rested on your hips. You reached your hands around to unhook her bra and letting it fall from her petite frame before chucking it towards the pile your pajamas now laid in.

She peppered you neck with sensual kisses that made you skin feel like it was on fire, she effortlessly undid the clasp of your bra and moved her kisses down to your breasts. You moaned at the sensation created by her tongue flicking at your now hardened nipple. You felt her smile against your skin, her hand slipped under the thin material that covered your soaking wet core.

She dipped one of her dainty fingers into you, “Y/N, you’re so damn hot”.

You were quickly flipped onto your back while JJ peeled the thin material off of you, and took in the sight of your naked body beneath her.

She lowered herself and kissed from your knee to your upper thigh, she licked at your slit, sending a shiver of ecstasy up your spine. You arched your back as her tongue pressed up against your throbbing bundle of nerves.

She carefully places two fingers inside of you, and gives you time to adjust to the feeling before she curls them, after a few seconds she begins sliding her fingers in farther and then curls them slightly as she retracts them. She finds your sweet spot and you gasp in pleasure, she continues this before using her other hand to work your clit in small circles, adding and releasing pressure, earning various moans and hums from you.

You release the fiery knot that was building up, your walls tightened around her fingers while she worked you down from your high. Just as she pulled her hands from inside of you, the door opened and Emily Prentiss stood frozen in the doorway, her cheeks burned bright red and her eyes averted to the floor.

“Oh my god…I-I’m so sorry, I should’ve knocked first.” She stammered barely capable of getting the words out of her mouth while she frantically grabbed for the door knob, trying to keep her eyes on the floor rather than her two naked coworkers.

Once the door was shut again and your flustered colleague was gone, you and JJ erupted in a fit of giggles, thinking of the look on Emily’s face when she realized what she walked in on.

You guys were sure to hear about it tomorrow, but for tonight you both had other things to occupy yourselves.

  • Someone: How are you?
  • Me: I'm fine :)
  • Inner Me: Okay I just wanna know how Garcia knows how to spell every name the team tells her to search ??! Like I can barley spell my own name some days ??! And she just knows how to spell any given name handed to her ?!!! Names have so many different spellings and she ??! always guesses the right spelling?!! I wi..sh.,.