We’re having a baby

Characters - Derek x reader, spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Aaron Hotchner and JJ

Word count - 378


You sat in the bathroom having done a test that came back positive. How were you going to tell him? Will he want to have kids? He said he did but he was talking about the future not now.


As you walked out of the elevators you saw Derek laughing with his team that has become your family over the years.
‘Hey Y/N!’ Spencer spotted you first when you entered through the doors. Derek turned around and smiled. You waved your hand for him to come to you.
‘Hey, princess. What’s wrong?’ You handed him a white rectangle box.
‘I was going to plan this big surprise but I thought it’d be best if I came her and told you.’ You told him getting it out.
‘What are you talking about?’ He questioned after you stopped your rambling.
‘Just open the box.’ You told him nervously.
‘Okay.’ He said as he took in your nervous actions. As he took off the lid and pulled the tissue paper back, he stopped. He looked up with tears in his eyes.
‘If you don’t want kids I understand.’ You said as you went to turn but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you in for a deep kiss.
‘Baby, I want her. I want loads.’ He told you, kissing your cheek repeatedly. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.
‘Okay.’ You said smiling.
‘We’re having a baby.’ Derek said as happy tears slid down his cheeks that you wiped away.
‘Yeah, were having a baby.’ You replied, as you placed a gently kiss on his lips. You looked past him to see the team watching you intently.
‘I think we should tell them.’ You said breaking Derek out his wee dream world.
‘Yeah.’ He replied as he walked with you by his side to his team.
‘Is everything okay?’ Hotch asked first seeing the both of you with tears.
‘Yeah, Hotch. Everything is great, better now in fact.’ Derek replied looking at you and then back to the team who all held confused looks.
‘Y/N’s pregnant.’ Derek told the group and it wasn’t long before you were engulfed in a hug from Garcia, Emily and JJ. Whilst the guys where giving Derek a hug and congratulating him.

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Pet peeve time

Okay guys, just wanted to bring something up that has been a reoccurring peeve for me that I’ve also seen on other posts as well - that for once isn’t reposting! Wooo!

Content creators in the Criminal Minds community can spend hours going through an episode scene by scene, frame by frame making GIFs or editing good screen caps. 

When we tack on notes at the bottom of our posts such as ‘Spencer totally losing his shit’ even if he isn’t, we do it so A) we can easily tell which post is being reblogged by people later (because tumblr’s feed format as usual is confusing/sucks) and B) we just watched/heard the same scene/dialog about 30 million times and feel the need to comment on what we’ve just spent a long time subjecting ourselves to.

The original posters of new content like this are very familiar with the context from which their scenes/images are pulled because they literally spent a crapton of time viewing it.

(It should also be noted that original posters can see any comment or reply on their post, and lots will check tags from time to time too. If you *reply* to a post rather than reblog with a comment, though, pretty much the only person who will see it is the OP.)

So when you reply something like “*pushes glasses up nose* WELL ACTUALLY in this scene (insert reasons why Spencer isn’t actually losing his shit because !premise of episode!) TRUST ME when I say, the original poster is SUPER aware of whats going on in the scene/episode/probably entire franchise. (Unless the OP is spelling Reid like Reed seriously trust nothing from them)

IN SHORT, Content Creators LOVE getting comments and feedback, don’t get me wrong! However, we watched the scene where we created our GIFs/screen caps from multiple times (a dead stupid amount of times) so we really do know what is going on. Commenting for the benefit of others is awesome. Informing the OP that you feel the content you looked at for 15 seconds on your feed is wrong - is not as awesome!

Criminal Minds

Season 12 Episode 3 : Taboo

An elite team of FBI profilers analyze the country’s most twisted criminal minds, anticipating their next moves before they strike again. The Behavioral Analysis Unit’s most experienced agent is David Rossi, a founding member of the BAU who returns to help the team solve new cases.

who you should fight in criminal minds
  • aaron hotchner: he killed a man with his bare fucking hands. that should be reason enough to not fucking fight aaron hotchner.
  • emily prentiss: you could fight her and you’d probably lose, but life is already fighting her and winning so please don’t fight emily prentiss. give her a hug instead, maybe get her some coffee. don’t fight her.
  • jennifer jareau: she may look smol and non-threatening, but she will fucking beat the piss out of you in about 10 seconds flat. so don’t fight jennifer jareau, unless you enjoy being round-house kicked in the face.
  • derek morgan: do not fight derek morgan because he is derek morgan.
  • spencer reid: you could fight spencer reid and win, but why would you have any reason to fight spencer reid? because he beat you in a chess tournament? or keeps rambling about doctor who? why are you trying to fight that human lemur?
  • penelope garcia: you’d definitely win the fight, but fighting her would be like whaling on a kitten so you’re going to hell if you decide to fight penelope garcia. plus morgan would come and kill you. so don’t fight garcia.
  • alex blake: why are you still considering fighting fbi agents? don't fight alex blake? she could kill you? are you ok?
  • tara lewis: she hasn't been on the team long, but it's already apparent that you Should Not Fight Her.
  • jason gideon: he is a complete asshole and you should fight him. beat his ass. he’s dead but you can still kick the shit out of his corpse, please.
  • elle greenaway: don’t fight elle unless you have a death wish honestly why is this even under consideration.
  • kate callahan: she has 3 guns. don’t fight her.
  • david rossi: he may be up there in years, but he could still fucking beat your ass and nobody would feel bad for you. don't fight david rossi.
when hotch roasts an unsub/suspect:

👀👌gOod 👀 shIT👌hUh👀 go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do say so my self 💯 i say so 💯

  • Hotch: the dad, has a resting bitch face, loves everyone but will not tell them, appreciates dogs
  • Gideon: the uncle, hotch and him are referred to as dad and bro, likes pats on the back and making people feel good
  • Rossi: weird highschool teacher that is deeply involved in your life, nosey, in your business, ???
  • Elle: mean older sister, likes picking on you, will steal your fries, if someone is mean to their younger sibling they will kick the crap out of them
  • Derek: older brother, loves everyone, don't get on his wrong side, will either kill you or hug you, doesn't want anyone else to be sad
  • JJ: middle child, hair is always perfect, kinda gay, is good at keeping secrets, always smells nice
  • Penelope: family friend that just kinda is always there, everyone has a nickname, computer nerd, will beat you in any video games, hella bi
  • Spencer: little baby child, thinks he can hold is own and sometimes can, only likes hugs sometimes, obsessed with Halloween, book worm, facts
  • Emily: older sister, very chill, very angry, likes girls, looks good in all clothes, will buy you icees, contemplates by looking out windows