The Way You Are

Summary:  I’d absolutely die if I could have a Dr. Spencer Reid imagine about the reader rejecting him because she’s of average intelligence with like a job that not super successful but still good like a teacher (I’m not hating on teachers, I’m going to be one)

For: @thebadassbitchqueen

Word Count: 1259

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You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t have feelings for Spencer.

He was perfect to you, with his beautiful light brown eyes that’d constantly be on you showing he was listening; or his smile that would come on every time you entered a room, and just the little awkward quirks he has.

And don’t get you started on his brain.

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criminal minds is a story of… | (insp.)

  • Hotch:the dad, has a resting bitch face, loves everyone but will not tell them, appreciates dogs
  • Gideon:the uncle, hotch and him are referred to as dad and bro, likes pats on the back and making people feel good
  • Rossi:weird highschool teacher that is deeply involved in your life, nosey, in your business, ???
  • Elle:mean older sister, likes picking on you, will steal your fries, if someone is mean to their younger sibling they will kick the crap out of them
  • Derek:older brother, loves everyone, don't get on his wrong side, will either kill you or hug you, doesn't want anyone else to be sad
  • JJ:middle child, hair is always perfect, kinda gay, is good at keeping secrets, always smells nice
  • Penelope:family friend that just kinda is always there, everyone has a nickname, computer nerd, will beat you in any video games, hella bi
  • Spencer:little baby child, thinks he can hold is own and sometimes can, only likes hugs sometimes, obsessed with Halloween, book worm, facts
  • Emily:older sister, very chill, very angry, likes girls, looks good in all clothes, will buy you icees, contemplates by looking out windows

i love it when hotch gets into his “fight me, bitch” moods and mercilessly destroys people on criminal minds. its so great. and it’s not just unsubs. it’s police officers and detectives… and strauss… and the director of the fbi… there is no one he wouldn’t fight, honestly. if the president ever pissed him off hotch would one hundred percent destroy that bitch. u don’t piss hotch off. u just don’t… don’t do it…unless u have a death wish..even then, u still don’t do it…