Kylie Cosmetics LIp Kit - Ultimate Collection

 Here is the long waited FINAL Kylie lip kit! I’ve been getting like 100 questions a day (not even exaggerating) to make this.
 This is a slightly improved version of my old one. I updated it to be HQ mod compatible, I made a better specular map (shine) for Glosses and Metals, so they actually are glossy in game (may conflict with other cc unfortunately), and, of course added all the new colors! This is the final version, so, if she makes more I will use this as base and the new ones will merge with this, so it’s easier and less messy!

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HallowSims “KY“

- Comes in 18 colours
- Smooth bone assignment.
- Hat compatible.
- All LOD’s.
- Some transparency issues.
- Custom Ambient Occlusion (Shadow Map)
- HD mod compatible
- Mesh credits to Peggy

Download HallowSims KY

CC used from @kenzar-sims​ // Special thanks to @simpliciaty​ for his Kylie Jenner sim ! ♥

This is my first mesh edit, I edited one of Peggy’s meshes so it could look more like the inspiration photo I had, so I didn’t call it a conversion, and gave it a name, but all credits still go to Peggy, I did not create the mesh!

Also, I’ve updated my textures! They are now much better and higher quality, I tried to keep the same colours so it’s not much different than the old ones, I hope you like them, if you don’t I can always go back to my old ones! Thank you :)

- Caesar