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I spent too long on this not to post it. Old meme but a fun one ♥ I tried to stick to channels I personally like/am subscribed to. I think I got this pretty spot on! The descriptions were quite hard. I do think there’s more to idubbbz than cyberbullying but certainly that side of his channel fits well under lawful evil >:)

You know you spend too much time watching Youtube when you are literally subscribed to 50 channels and you still don’t have anything to watch.


Reading Mean Comments About My Dogs 

Can somebody PLEASE explain to me why a garbage shitpile YouTube channel like DaddyOFive gets tons and tons of advertisements on their channel while channels like Philip DeFranco and Jenna Marbles are being demonetized?
Like, discussing current issues and being silly isn’t advertiser-friendly but ABUSING YOUR CHILDREN SURE IS.


We Got A Hamster