Jena was great

Rescued (Priestly x Reader) Part One

You asked, so I delivered. Priestly x Reader series is here! Enjoy. Send in asks of encouragement, or if you wanna be tagged and aren’t in any of the tags below the cut.

Priestly x Reader Series.

You looked down at your phone patiently. You were always early, even to doctor’s appointments. However, today you were extra early because your boyfriend, Castiel wanted to take you to a movie. With college starting and being nearly two hours apart, you’ve barely seen one another.

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Goodbye Jena :( Thank you @blurrypxls for making her for me! I wish I showed so much more to Keith and Jena’s story, as the beginning was honestly so rushed and only when they already were married with kids I decided to do some kind of a storyline for them. Jena was a great support to Keith, she always stuck by his side and never left him. And her genetics were so strong! I won’t forget her because she’s amazing.