Title: Sunday Funday Surprise 

@jasoncrouse​ requested: Hiii, I was wondering if I could please request some Jason fluff? I know it’s kind of a vague idea, but maybe he and I (Jen) have a young kid together and we just spend the day together? Or maybe Jason + the kid plan a surprise of some sort for me/the reader or vice versa? I know that’s prob not the most exciting/original idea out there but Jason as a father would just be too cute, imo. :P 

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Jen (original female character)
Summary: Jason and his daughter, Susie, plan a surprise for Mother’s Day. 
Word Count: 2,481
Author’s Note: I loved this idea so much! So, thank you @jasoncrouse for sending this in! Jason Crouse as a father is such an amazing idea and I mean, can you imagine how adorable he’d be with a little girl?! I hope you enjoy this! Thank you again for sending in the request! :-)

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deformed-globule  asked:

Congrats on your follower milestone! More actor!geno/hockey player!sid, if inspiration strikes?

“so,” says sidney fucking crosby, oh my god, geno’s actually meeting sidney fucking crosby, “have you, um, ever actually skated before?”

geno can’t help poking out his tongue as he stands around the locker room. “am russian,” he says. “all russians skate.”

“oh,” sid says quickly, “sorry, i didn’t want to assume —”

“is fine,” geno replies equally quickly. “just joke, promise.” he adjusts the hem of the jersey the pens pr lady gave him, with the custom 71 on the back, and looks up.

sidney looks back, the tops of his cheeks pinking up. he’s adorable. geno’s in so much trouble.

“well,” sid says, nodding towards the door, “i guess i’ll show you the ice then.”

“great,” geno says, unable to hide his excitement. it earns him a smile from sid, wide and crooked, and as soon as geno sees it he wants to make it happen again.

out on the ice, sid is in his element. it’s like he forgets they’ve been followed by a small army of photographers and video people, accompanied by jen and the pens pr lady. instead he just takes to the ice, skating wide, lazy loops as geno gets his legs under him. “come on,” he shouts as geno heads for center ice, “i thought you said you knew how to skate!”

“do know!” geno shouts back, pumping his legs to catch up with sid, close to the boards. once he’s close enough, he bumps sid with a shoulder, grinning when sid glares back. “see? i’m good, yes?”

“you’re okay,” sid says as he honest to god giggles. it’s more than a little devastating. “could be better.”

“prove you wrong,” geno promises, narrowing his eyes, and then he’s cursing as sid speeds off toward the other end of the rink.

half an hour later, the pr people have all the material they could want, and geno’s stripping off his skates when he looks up to find sid looking down at him, hair sticking up and shifting from foot to foot.

“listen,” sid says quickly, “even though it was a pr thing, i, um — i really liked skating with you today.”

“i like it too,” geno says, earning himself another of sid’s crooked smiles.

“great,” sid says, and then, “i just — if you have time, you can get in touch with me through amy, or um, i could give you my number —”

“yes,” geno says far too fast, but it doesn’t matter because sid’s smile is definitely getting bigger, “yes, would like that.”

“i — great,” sid says, still beaming, and oh. if he wasn’t fucked before, geno’s definitely fucked now.

  • Me before the playoffs started: Good luck everyone! Let's all have fun and be civil! May the best team win!
  • Me now: *sees Blue Jackets content on my feed* WTF❓❓❓ GET 👏🏼 THIS 👏🏼 GARBAGE 👏🏼 OFF 👏🏼 MY 👏🏼 DASH 👏🏼 THE B*** J****** CAN CHOKE 🙅🏻 AND ANYONE WHO REBLOGS THEIR CONTENT IS BLOCKED 🚫 AND REPORTED FOR HARASSMENT ❌

Adventure Time Turns 5

Adventure Time premiered on Cartoon Network this day back in 2010. There was the original Nickelodeon/Frederator short from a few years prior, of course, and CN aired a couple of sneak peeks a few weeks before the official series launch with “Slumber Party Panic” on April 5. Congratulations to Pen, Pat, Adam, Kelly, Jeremy, John, and everyone who’s ever contributed in even the smallest way to the show’s success and longevity. Five years and hundreds of cartoons in, we’re still happily searching for that snail.

Title card art by Phil Rynda, Paul Linsley, and Nick Jennings.

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after the skating photo shoot, geno immediately loses all of his free time thanks to the filming schedule. it’s a true crime drama, one about immigrants and corruption and with a role geno can really sink his teeth into, unlike the string of mobsters and global criminals he’s had to play since making the switch to working strictly in hollywood. he’s excited, of course — any chance for a good role, a real role, one where he can shine beyond stereotypes and looming over liam neeson, is worth it — but it also means he doesn’t have time to see any more hockey games.

or, more importantly, any more of sidney crosby.

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Remember this picture? I just finished colouring it. I didn’t feel like drawing, but I was in the mood to colour something. Luckily, I have a few uncoloured drawings hanging about. This is the drawing of Ruby based on the drawing by @jen-iii and the fanfiction by @theladyforester .

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Jen The Pen Says “I’m White Honey It Will Get Done” #HHMS

Oh Hell, Did She Just Say What We Think She Said?

Raqi and Jen got into it last night. The duo did a test run for a radio show for Hot 97. Raqi didn’t play by the rules and Jen let her know what was up. Then it just went downhill from there. They both made claims that they will return to radio without each other. The last thing we know some words rolled off Jen the Pen’s tongue, “I’m white, honey it will get done.”

Was Jen being racist? Or speaking the truth?

Anyone else remember on Love&HipHop NY, the white woman named Jen the Pen(who is married to Consequence/black man) told the black woman, Raqi, that she could find another job faster than Raqi, saying “ Honey, I’m white!”!?
This woman knew that she had white privilege!&& it played out on national television!

That shit was MINDBLOWING!
She even told her husband about it.

Jen the Pens “white girl tip” of the week disgusted me! She had the nerve to say “If your over a 145 pounds, you’re no longer thick, your one fucking hamburger away from being a fat girl.” Girlfriend, 145 is not all that thick! Besides, women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful! Speaking for myself, I love my seductive curves regardless of a number on the scale, and I hope my fellow thick women feel the same!

Watchin’ Cons and his girl in their interview on Breakfast Club. They are mad bitter about everything it seems like. They over here snitchin’ and what not. And his girl is just complaining about all kinds of stuff. 

What happened, Cons? Dude used to be one of my favorite rappers when Don’t Quit Your Day Job came out. This is just not respectable.
RADiUS Picks Up Chris Evans Directed 'Before We Go'

RADiUS has acquired U.S. rights to the Chris Evans helmed pic “Before We Go.”

Evans also stars alongside Alice Eve, with Ron Bass and Jen Smolka penning the script.

Story follows two strangers who over one night form a friendship after bonding over the issues in their own lives.

The pic is produced by Evans, McG, Mary Viola, Karen Baldwin and Howard Baldwin, Mary Kessen and Bill Immerman.

Sources tell Variety RADiUS has only discussed a theatrical release at this point with plans to release the pic in the second quarter of 2015.

CAA, who reps Evans, brokered the deal. Deadline Hollywood first reported the news.

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If you ever feel like writing forty billion words of hockey-player-Sid and oscar-winner-actor-Geno, I will be RIGHT HERE to read it all.


the minute geno knew he’d gotten the part, he and jen had gone out for drinks — well, he had drinks, while jen sipped her vodka soda minus the vodka and judged him — and geno had sloppily, drunkenly made her promise that if there was time in the shooting schedule, he got to go to a pens game.

“you and your sidney crosby,” jen had said, rolling her eyes, and proving that no matter how long it had been since geno had been a wide eyed eighteen year old, a fresh face in american acting and just getting his big break, he was never going to live down naming sidney crosby as his favorite celebrity. not with jen around, anyways.

geno hushed her. “jen, am serious,” he said, widening his eyes at her. “please get tickets for me? not even need to be nice. and —” he paused, “i babysit forever.”

“you’re already going to babysit forever, i’m not dumb,” jen said, patting him on the arm. “fine, i’ll see what i can do.”

four weeks later, after a crazy day of shooting a chase scene, geno finds himself in his crosby jersey — old enough that it has the ‘a’ instead of the ‘c’ sid’s been wearing for years — and in glass side seats, staring out at the ice.

“jen,” he says, turning to beam at her. “jen, this is amazing!”

“yeah, yeah,” she says, sipping her weird pregnancy juice and rolling her eyes, though geno can just tell she’s smiling. “you’re welcome.”

geno turns and wraps her in the biggest, gentlest hug he can. “thank you,” he says, and then he turns right back to the glass to stare as the pens and the habs face off for the puck drop, eyes fixed on 87 out on the ice.


“so,” jen says, barging into geno’s trailer despite his groan, “i just got a call from the pens organization.”

“what?” geno groans, turning to burrow his head into his pillow in an effort to sleep just a little longer.

jen ignores him. “the pens,” she says, “have been calling. somebody took a picture on instagram of you in your jersey, and now it’s a thing. a big, trending on twitter thing.”

“oh,” geno says, rolling back over and blinking blearily at jen. “so?”

“so,” jen says, “i set you up for a pr thing with them. how do you feel about doing a video with sidney crosby?”

“sidney crosby?” geno repeats, suddenly feeling a lot more awake. “i — i meet sidney crosby?”

"you do know you’re more famous than him, right?” jen asks with a laugh.

geno just ignores her. “really?

“really really,” jen says, tapping her phone significantly. “as in, a week from now he’ll take you around the city, you’ll go for sandwiches or beers or whatever, maybe even a little skating — stuff like that. you’re okay with that, right?”

“i meet sidney crosby,” geno says, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “of course okay.”

jen just laughs again and hands him a cup of coffee, because she’s the best. “if it helps, i think he’s just as excited to meet you — and that’s pretty rare.”

"oh,” geno says, beaming. “wow.”

“great,” jen says, slapping him on the shoulder. “now you need to get up, we have to film the chase scene and i have to call your actual agent.”

“thank you jen!” geno calls as she leaves, and she waves at him over her shoulder. with a sigh, he flops back against his bed and grins at the ceiling.

he gets to meet sidney crosby. being an actor has its perks.