“They’re very much in a relationship. But with that of course comes new challenges… working together…. loving each other and living together .”




Iain and Elizabeth’s Agents of SHIELD Screentest

Jeph Loeb comments that the audition reel was literally the first time Iain and Elizabeth acted together. Maurissa comments that it proves why they’re perfect for the parts, because they were instantly FitzSimmons. The audition scene eventually formed the core of the scene at the bottom of the ocean in the season one finale. Their performance was what made them realize they needed to put the scene in the series.

Take a look at how it all began with Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge’s screentest for their roles as Agents Fitz and Simmons

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you write 49 and (if you can) 116 fitzsimmons? Thank you!

#49 = Why does it hurt so much?, #116 = Wait a second are you jealous?; also inspired by a request from AO3

Send me a number and a pairing and I’ll write you a drabble/ficlet/fic!


“Your cocktail, love,” Hunter said, sidling up to Jemma and handing her a dark blue drink. “Had the bartender add some extra vodka.”

“I knew there was a reason I brought you to these things,” she chuckled.

He sipped his beer and looked out at the party. “You’d think they wouldn’t need to dim the lights so much. They are supposed to be models, aren’t they?”

“You’re just worried you’ll take someone home and find out she’s only slightly out of your league instead of drastically so,” Jemma teased.

“Fitz looks like he’s having a good time, though.”

Jemma glanced over to where Fitz was, indeed, surrounded by a veritable flock of tall, lanky, mostly blonde and absolutely gorgeous women. As his agent, Jemma made it a point to come to all of his events, but she’d realized quickly Fitz had little interest in hanging out with her during them. Hence, Hunter.

“They probably don’t even understand his jokes,” she muttered viciously into her drink, watching the apparent alpha of the group throw her head back in laughter and bat Fitz in the chest. (If Jemma, herself, was guilty of the same move, it was mere coincidence.)

“Now, now, Simmons, don’t go systematically degrading the profession. Your boy is one of them.”

“But Fitz isn’t really a model,” she dismissed fiercely. “Not that he’s not handsome, but we all know he only got hired in the first place because the agencies mistook his perpetual resting bitch face for a model’s pout.”

“Wait a second,” Hunter said with that damnable grin. “Simmons, are you jealous?”

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