reasons why criminal minds should NOT have inter-team romantic relationships
  • it ruins the family dynamic of the team
  • as viewers, we don’t watch for the romance. we watch for the uniqueness of each case and the dynamic of all these characters put together as a team
  • yes, a lot of us ship inter-team romances but we are content with our headcannons and fanfics, we don’t want this show to become something its not
  • the family dynamic of all of the characters is the most important part of this show, please don’t ruin that.
  • we DON’T watch for romance
  • it ruins the family dynamic of the team
  • overall, it ruins criminal minds as a tv show.
My weaknesses in ships:

•Person A worried for Person B
•Person A kissing Person B on their head
•Person A and B cuddeling or hugging
•Person A and B joking
•Person A and B talking about personal stuff
•The forhead touch
•Person A going to person B for support and help.
•Person A helping B when s/he is drunk.
•Person A singing for Person B

•Person A and B dancing together
Imagine Your OTP

Person A and B are neighbours. Person A has painted their house in an awful color, and Person B hates it.

Person A leaves town for the weekend, and when they return Person B has painted their house back to it’s original color.

Person A is pissed, and during the night they paint Person B’s house to an awful color.

They end up pulling pranks on eachother until one of them asks the other one out on a date.