I saw one of my internet friends wearing this dress from Hot Topic and decided I needed one (thanks to coupons and a discount!). Perfect for my Victorian medical fascination; mixing 1850’s and 1950’s aesthetic courtesy of my favorite season of AHS. Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, necklace by Angelspit and belt is from ReStyle. 

I will admit that I wanna have a shoe orgy with every single pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas on the planet.

I don’t even care, they’re fucking beautiful! Just fucking look at them.

External image

Don’t you just wanna hug them, and kiss them, and bake cupcakes with them, and tell them all your problems. I know I do. ♥

~Jeffrey Campbell Lita Cap Platform Booties~

I found these shiny metallic gems today for $13 at Value Village! They retail between $130-$200 based on the search I did afterwards, and they’re in surprisingly great condition. A couple small inconspicuous scuffs and barely worn on the bottoms. I’m going to have to learn to walk properly in platforms again because I think these would look fantastic for nu goth or pastel grunge (please see: recent addictions).

I’m also thinking about modding them slightly by painting the toe caps a flat black, but they’re also so pretty as-is. I know they set me back less than $15 but it still seems a shame to alter shoes in a somewhat higher price range. I’ll have to think on it some more but opinions on it are welcome!