Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Yours, Always: Pt. 27

Summary:  When a kind stranger comes to the reader’s aid out on the road, she finds herself drawn to him and desperate to learn more about this handsome man with kind eyes and a devilish smile.  But, when she discovers that he is the monster that is threatening her community, she pushes him out of her mind until a hastily scribbled letter finds its way to her door.  That simple note will take them both on a rollercoaster ride that neither one of them had bargained for.

Pairing:  Negan x Reader

Warnings:  Language

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It was strange how quickly heaven could descend into hell.  

‘I don’t believe you.’  Numb.  You couldn’t feel anything.  Not pain or grief or anger.  Just an all-encompassing sense that you weren’t really there, that this wasn’t really happening.  Dwight’s eyes were unsure as he guided you over to the couch, as though waiting for you to take a swing at him.  You still weren’t sure why you hadn’t, but you just couldn’t get your arm to move.

‘You have to accept it,’ he was saying, his voice low and calm, though his touch was cold as ice as he tried to force you down onto the cushions.  ‘He’s gone.  Saw it with my own eyes. Rick ran him right off the road.’

‘That doesn’t mean he’s gone.’

‘Look, you didn’t see…  There was a lot of blood.  Nobody could’ve walked away from that.’

Negan had been gone when you’d woken.  He’d left you sleeping at first light and taken off to do what needed to be done, never giving you the opportunity to fill him in on who exactly it had been that had sold you out to Rick and his people.  Hours later, it had been Dwight that knocked on your door to deliver the news that would turn your world upside down.  As you processed the information, trying not to picture the accident that was being described, you felt a hot flash of rage burst forth.  ‘Did you know that was gonna happen?’

‘What?  No, I-‘

‘Did you plan it with your new best friend?’  You sneered at Dwight’s pained look.  ‘Oh, come on.  You sold me out to save your own ass.  You wanted Negan dead, that’s what you told them.  Is that what this is?  Is this because of you?’

‘I didn’t want you to get hurt.  I just needed-‘

Your arm did move then, rising fast to land a stinging blow across his cheek, sending him reeling backwards.  ‘Get out.’


‘I said get out!’

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Hey girl! My birthday was just a few days ago haha! October 14th,with Negan plz, names Savannah Anne and I cant remember the last time I looked in the mirror and smiled. Lol srry really depressing but yeah thanks in advance darling💛💛💛

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Negan cusses to himself as he finally arrives at the Sanctuary and hurries upstairs. It’s not like he has forgotten your birthday, but a huge herd made it nearly impossible for him to come back earlier.

Arriving at the penthouse he’s grabbing your wrist and pulls you into his bedroom. The excited calls and disappointed faces of his other wives just getting ignored.

“Wait here.” He says, kissing your forehead before disappearing again.

You just look irritated, not thinking that he’d even remember your birthday and instead getting ready to fulfill his desires.

30 minutes later he comes back, obviously freshly showered and still with wet hair, in his hand carrying some flowers and a box. Furrowing his brows in confusion he stares down at the naked figure of you hidden under the sheets.

“What the fuck?… Oh darlin’, I didn’t got ya here to screw around.” He chuckles and sits down at the edge of the bed. “At least not now… Happy belated birthday.”

Handing you the box and the flowers you blink a few tears away, shyly smelling on the roses.

“You, you remember?”

“Sure I did. And now open this shit.”

He seems more excited than you are as you put the flowers aside and taking the lid away. A bunch of polaroids laying on top - secretly token pictures of you.

How you sit on the couch and read a book, how you drink and eat, how you brush your hair and even how you sleep…

“Seems like you forgot how beautiful you are, how fuckin’ special.” Negan explains quietly. “So I thought I’d show ya how I see ya. D got me the camera, quality is shitty and y'are more stunning… huh.”

He gets interrupted as you cup his cheek and kissing him fiercly, touched by the gesture and his words. Surrounding your body he pulls you on his lap, the blanket still hiding your body as he holds you tightly.

“You didn’t see the best yet.” He purrs against your lips and pulls a ring out of the box. “I’d go on my fuckin’ knees, but that’s far more comfortable… Savannah, you wanna marry me?”

“We already… I mean, yes.. yes.” You respond stuttering, making him beam as he pulls the ring over your finger. “Do the other wives…”

“No.” He cuts you off. “It’s you and only you.”

jeffreydeanmorgan ||  Swiped this photo from @stevenbernsteindirectorwriter one of the best DP’s in the world, and a good friend to boot. Just finished this film, Walkaway Joe, directed by an old friend Tom Wright… starring the incomparable David Strathairn… an actor that I’ve admired for as long as I can remember. The man BRINGS it. Sometimes… when we’re real lucky… pieces fall together and the unexpected happens during scenes or making a film…. magic kinda shit. No explanation for it… just this amazing feeling you get to go home with. Well, I’m home… and I have that feeling. Thanks for letting me come play… love you all. xojd

Halloween (The Walking Dead) - Chapter 10

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“Mother fucker…” Negan went to confront the man at the end of the street but Nicole pulled him back.

“No.” She forced him to look back at her. “Negan let’s go.”

“This guy-“

“Please,” Nicole begged. She kept a hand firmly on his arm. “Negan please don’t go down there.”

He clenched his jaw and the two of them stared at one another for a moment before Negan pulled out his phone. When he glanced back down the street the man had vanished almost as if he was a ghost.

“Rick.” Negan spoke into the receiver and pulled Nicole by the hand back up toward the center of town. She couldn’t help but glance over her shoulder as they went. “Fucker’s on the road where we were just talking.”

Nicole swallowed hard as they passed the sandwich shop and tried to listen in on the conversation.

“Well look harder,” Negan demanded. “He was just down there. If this fucker shows up again and you don’t do shit about it I’m taking matters into my own hands.” He hung up the phone before Rick could respond.

“What did he say? That’s Michael Myers isn’t it? The old man isn’t crazy.”

“No that’s some asshole fucking with the wrong people,” Negan responded angrily.

“No it’s not.”

He stopped abruptly as they reached the main road in front of the green again. “He’s dead, Nicole. Michael Myers is dead.” Negan’s voice was hard and serious. “Don’t feed into this bullshit.”

“What are we going to do?”

Negan towed her by the hand. “We’re going to let Rick Grimes and his band of misfits do their fuckin’ jobs… and you and I are going back to my house.”

The two of them crossed the street and wandered down past floats for the parade to where his truck was parked.

“My car…” Nicole motioned down the road where she had parallel parked.

“Fuck.” Negan sucked his teeth. “I’ll follow you to your apartment. Park it, get in with me and we’ll go to my house.”

“Okay,” she agreed with a nod. A part of her indulged in the small bout of excitement that sent adrenaline streaming through her body. The Michael Myers wannabe, or kid playing a prank, whoever it was added a hint of adventure to the weekend. Still, Nicole held onto the notion that the person could be dangerous and it made the hair stand up on the back of her neck.

I’ll be with Negan, she reminded herself. Nicole couldn’t deny that there was no one who made her feel safer.


Ron applied the last bit of makeup to complete his zombie costume. The party he intended on going to with Enid and Carl supposedly had a contest with cash prizes and he hoped his would qualify has one of the scariest.

Could use the money to take out Enid, he thought to himself. A jealous twinge rose in his core when he pictured Carl walking her home. Selfishly he hoped that his male counterpart would be grounded for the evening so he could possibly work up the courage to ask Enid out.

When a text message came through to his phone he rolled his eyes when he saw it was his father stating he wouldn’t be home until late.

“Have another drink, dick.” Ron didn’t reply to the text and continued what he was doing. He had gotten accustomed to his father coming home late, drunk and disorderly. More than once he’d been on the wrong end of his back hand. It was the reason why he hadn’t seized the opportunity to invite Enid back to his currently parentless house.

A loud click from downstairs made him stop what he was doing and he listened hard. “Sam?” Ron called out for his younger brother despite knowing he was sleeping over a friend’s house.

When there was no answer Ron continued to fiddle with his costume until he found himself satisfied. He then headed down the stairs, humming to himself in carefree fashion until he came face-to-face with the open front door.

Ron stopped and listened again, all of his senses on red alert. He placed his hand on the frame of the door and glanced out onto the oversized front porch.

“Hello?” He called out before stepping just a few inches outside. There was nothing; no one. Ron eyed the two tall oak trees that stood side-by-side on either side of the walkway that led up to the porch as they swayed in the breeze sending leaves of all colors fluttering about.

The wind, he thought. Ron looked around the yard again before stepping back inside and shutting the door firmly behind him, this time double checking it security. When he turned to head into the kitchen there was a consistent tapping noise that caught his attention from the back side of the house.

Ron carefully wandered through the kitchen toward the back door and this time froze where he stood when it hung open, gently swaying in the breeze and tapping the wall to create an eerie rhythm.

He swallowed hard, finding it hard to believe that both doors would have coincidentally found themselves at the mercy of the windy weather outside.

“Who’s there?” Ron shouted now. He lied. “I have a gun!”

There was nothing. No sounds, no signs of forced entry. Just a swaying door that allowed some stray leaves to make themselves at home on the hardwood floor.

Ron knew he couldn’t leave it open, though his feet felt as if they were stuck in a pit of cement. For a moment he contemplated running out the front door but the thought made him feel like a complete wuss. On the same note if he left the house wide open he knew his dad would surely kick his ass.

Fuck it, he thought, and then took a breath and headed to the back door. The tapping seemed to match his breathing. The last few steps made Ron’s heart rate rise and he counted down in his mind - three, two, one…

With a quick slam he grabbed the handle and pulled the door closed, sighing out loud and putting a hand on his chest from the suspense he had created.

“Shit…” Ron swallowed hard and turned back around, bumping into the chest of a man that towered above him. His mouth suddenly dropped in a state of terror as he stared into the endless black pits of the Michael Myers mask.

stevenbernsteindirectorwriter  ||  Jeffrey Dean Morgan and me on the set of Walkaway Joe. I have worked with a lot of actors in my career including Oscar winners and nominees. Jeffrey is among the best of all of them. First is absolute integrity; he is an actors actor, carefully preparing his character and working out backstory and behavior. It is something to behold. Then there is his generosity in supporting the other players. He also has other worldly emotional intelligence and intuition, he gets to the heart of a scene in seconds. Finally there is his spirit and humor. The minute he walks on a set he lifts the energy. Crews love him. Actors love him. Directors love him. I have worked with him both on Magic City and now on this film and I can tell you this is a great man and actor and I suspect his greatest defining role is yet to come.