The first teaser for MY FRIEND DAHMER is here!

Jeffrey Dahmer Fandom be like

“ya, i made a candlestick dildo cuz i think it really makes me feel closer to jeff”

“I made a skull shaped candy sculpture and i keep it in my freezer, ya know…aesthetic”

“I keep a drill under my pillow, and sleep with it each night…hoping to evoke his spirit to be with me”

*draws jeff as a cat with a penis shaped toy*


Aight fam, it’s back up. I expect a full meme makeover of this trailer by Wednesday.

So i feel like I might get some hate for this but it needs to be said. The true crime community has been constantly getting bullied and harassed. We are currently forced into hiding or getting vicious threats for what we like. I think that since june is pride month, we in the TCC should be proud of who we are.

I think that we should declare June a pride month for the TCC as well. Dont be afraid to wear your wrath shirts or make jokes about your favorite killers.

We get told daily we have mental problems for what we like. I have gotten death threats and people on the street saying shit to me for what I wear. I have gotten shit at school for what I say about columbine. I legit think someone should make a TCC flag so I can hang it in pride this month.

Love you all!

Person: “Those killers you’re obsessed with would of killed you too!”

Me: “Well jokes on you cause I wanna die”

Me when someone says I’m psycho for liking True Crime 

reblog this if you are part of the tcc, but you still respect people of colour, gay people, transgender people, people who suffer from mental illness, disabled people, etc.