Jeffrey Campbell

Jesy at ‘Wishmaker’ Launch | July 27, 2016

Leather O-Ring Choker: $20

Dimepiece So Cal So Cool Overalls: $119

Calvin Klein Bra: £22

Jeffrey Campbell Fabou Platforms: sold out

Get the Look for Less!:


Last Summer!

I have been super busy lately with so many things. Music, filming, etc!
Unfortunately, I don’t always have as much time to catch a couple photos of my outfits and post them on here daily, like I used to.

However, I realized that I have not published a photo set of some of my outfits from last summer! My look has changed over and over again since these photos were taken, but they are still my favorite Summer looks!

-Elliott Alexzander


Still stuck on blackmilkclothing cuteness!

And you all know how much I love a good one-piece. This gray catsuit is absolute perfection if you ask me! Especially since I’ve been working out….all I wan to do is show off my bod :P if I could just go everywhere naked….I would. But since that isn’t legal, I’ll settle for a bomb catsuit like the one above.

Black Milk is pretty much known for their awesome spandex-y type styles. What I’ve got here is the Matte Grey High Neck Catsuit >>

Jeffrey Campbell Attina Boot in PVC

Vintage wide brim hat

And vintage import jewelry

I’ve still got more Black Milk stuff I’m dying to try on!! Love it all!!

They’re a really great company (awesome quality and perfect fit)….I’m just so happy I’ve been able to get some new items from them…..I’m such a shopaholic, it’s sad lol. Pray for me, y’all.


These are the 10 Pairs of shoes I am obsessing over right now!

Each one comes in AT LEAST a size 11 and some of these even go up to like a size 14! I wear a size 11 and it is so hard for me to find the perfect shoes in my size. Shopping online usually yields better results for me because most store fronts don’t carry anything above a size 10 which can be very annoying!

Find all of these shoes below listed in order from the top of the post.
Shoe #1 | Shoe #2 | Shoe #3 | Shoe #4 (Size 12 In Stock!) | Shoe #5 | Shoe #6 | Shoe #7 | Shoe #8 | Shoe #9 | Shoe #10

I don’t make publications like this often, but I am asked where I find shoes in a size 11 or higher all the time. I figured I would share a few pairs of shoes I have my eye on!

-Elliott Alexzander

• Outfit of the Day •

Top: Dark Thorn Clothing
Underbust Skirt: Punk Rave from @beserkclothing
Bag: Restyle from Attitude Holland
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

More details on my Instagram (ReeRee Phillips).


It’s funny when the weather changes ever so slightly in LA…cause we all have to get creative with our outfit choices to keep us warm but not too hot. So this is my take on a rainy day club night fit.

Me and my girls went to a strip club the other night and I wanted to be sexy yet warm, hence the Steve Jobs turtleneck lol. Oh and BTW the fuzzy shorts I’m wearing are on sale for $4.99….fucking $4.99!!!! I paid like $10!! WTF?!

Now for the deets:

Black Turtleneck:

Baby Blue Fuzzy Shorts -

Long Blazer - Thrifted

Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

Handbag -