Firstly, I said that Fitz was a product of being raised by a dad that was a piece of shit, and a dad that didn’t respect his Mum. Take Linda’s beautiful influence away and this monster is what you end up with.
He’s starting to doubt himself though, a little bit, but then he bombed a building full of kids so FUCK that. I’m ready for him to be assertive and WAKE UP!

Secondly, TRIP LIVES BABY!!!
I hope that FrameworkWard and FrameworkTrip get uploaded into LMD’s in the real world when this is all over.

Thirdly, REST IN PARADISE JEFF, that hit me hard. He went out saving a kid though which is how he would have wanted to go. But I cried I’ll admit it. He was a good guy, and I’m really sad. Beautifully scored by Bear and wonderfully punctuated by the shots of Jemma’s distraught face, she the only one who truly understand the weight of his death. The rest of the team won’t be able to mourn him properly until they escape The Framework.

Fourth, MAY AWOKE WITH THE POWER OF MUM. All she needed was kiddies in danger and Coulson telling her to wake the hell up. As soon as BitchfaceRoboMcGee and DoctorMcFuckface bombed that building, I knew she’d change. Just like Coulson waking with the power of dad!

Just some new thoughts/ speculations for 4c

1. Inhumans obviously EXIST in the framework. So Daisy might actually still have her powers?
2. Jemma may be not able to enter the framework because of the whole dead thing and had to help out from the real world. And that still counts as help save everyone along with daisy.
3. Or if not… then she’s been ‘faked’ death in the framework. And then 5 bucks that she’s actually being interrogated by skyeward in the promo pic. (I really want this to happen)
4. Thank god the writers set up mackelana because otherwise Im sooo sure by the end of everything Mack would be the one choosing to not come out of the framework.
5. Pretty sure mace will be a real inhuman and leading the underground resistance against hydra, being captain and all…

I love the direction this season has been going. Like literally at the start everyone was like, “Mace is the worst!”, “Jemma’s new job is going to make it so nobody can trust/like her!”, “Daisy isn’t even a part of the team anymore!” And now like, Mace is our fun (but kinda useless) uncle, Jemma and Fitz are so in love and now literally can only trust each other, and the OG team spent the last few weeks working together, also Philinda is on the rise! I just love this season so much