Hi Jefferey! When I’m coming up with scenes to board for personal projects, portfolio, etc. I too first start out the same way.

However, I’ve found that one of the best ways to generate story ideas is to pull inspiration from personal experiences.

Once I have an idea to pull from (ex: bad traffic, funny family moments, people I’ve met etc.) I talk out the story idea with other people, typically family and my boyfriend. I build on top of the original life experience, and tweak it (ex: I get stuck in traffic a lot, which inspired my sequence about a werewolf getting stuck in traffic during a full moon)

My ideas usually start out disorganized and silly, but once I talk it out I get a clearer idea of how to shape my story.

Then I start to thumbnail, and it’s here where my ideas get more organized, since now I am seeing them visually. I then ask for feedback again.

This process continues to help shape the story to be as clear as possible. With the story clear in my head, it helps me to map out shot choices in my storyboards more efficiently since now I know what needs to happen in the story, and what is unnecessary.

I hope this helps! :D

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Jefferey Dean Morgan can fuck me til I can't walk straight holy hell he is the ultimate daddy


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Look at that man like yes. His voice and his beard and his body and just yes. 

Ultimate daddy. 

Plus like, there’s no question in my mind that he’d be rough and passionate and aggressive and like yes please. 

geezexprezzo tagged me in this a reallllly long time ago and i’m bored now so i’m doing it. ( sorry geezexprezzo )

1) spell your name with song titles
play crack the sky - brand new

edward benz, 27 times - la dispute

you said okay - flatsound

teenage heartbreak - we are trees

on the sea - beach house

nowhere fast - the smiths

2) what is the reason for your username? 

i don’t know, pretty self explanatory, i like nature.

3) what is your middle name?

my dad and my two brothers all have the middle name jefferey.

4) If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet who would it be?

does cubone from pokémon count as a pet?

5) favorite color?

the color of a scottish heather flower

6) favorite song?

i don’t have a favorite but a song i really like right now is confetti by cold cave.

7) name your top three fandoms

i’m not really part of any fandoms.

8) why do you enjoy tumblr?

it’s another platform that i can explore when i’m bored and can actually educate me on topics sometimes.

9) tag nine people
no thanks

Bridal Beauty: "Bridalplasty": What is it? | Guest Post by Jefferey Morgan

Bridal Beauty: “Bridalplasty”: What is it? | Guest Post by Jefferey Morgan

By Savvy Deets Bridal

Here’s a topic for you ladies that came across my desk the other day, it’s called “Bridalplasty”. What is it? What does it mean? How much does it cost? Well, Jefferey Morgan, a frequent guest poster for the blog, has given us the low down on this unique “trend”. We hope you find this article informative and thought provoking!

“Bridalplasty” is a term that made its entrance…

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-Get Him To The Greek jeffrey fury walls scene

side note :

Favorite quote :

“Why the f**k is it called a Jefferey? Because who could be scared of a Jefferey? Jefferey is just this nice bloke from the down the road isn’t it?”

I posted this scene to explain to my readers to chill and stop hallucinating like Jonah Hill when he smoked the Jefferey blunt, His heart was beating fast.

Some of my readers start to hallucinate after watching my violent Films i posted earlier, you know those Guy Ritchie movies filled with violence, so some of my readers can’t take it, can’t watch them normally and start hallucinating by just watching the films i posted earlier.

Aldous Snow says to Jonah Hill :

I’m sorry, i shouldn’t have given you the jefferey. Just breathe, i’m on the jefferey too., stroke the fury wall.”

I don’t use drugs, i just posted this scene to explain to my readers that i know how some of y’all feel when i post violent movies.

That is why i never post any violent films on my blog because it doesn’t have it’s place on my peaceful blog.

Say no to smoking or using drugs. And say no to any form of violence.


Roboshark is a 2015 Bulgarian-Canadian sci-fi horror film directed by Jeffery Scott Lando [as Jefferey Lando] (Insecticidal; Goblin; Boogeyman; Ghostquake) from a screenplay co-written with Phillip J. Roth [as Phillip Roth] (Python; Deep Shock; Dark Waters). Cast: Alexis Peterman, Matt Rippy, Nigel Barber, Vanessa Grasse, Isaac Haig, Laura Dale, Vlado Mihailov, Derek Morse, Kicker…

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