Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Song: Next

Date: April 6, 2004
Venue: Singletary Center for the Arts
Location: Lexington, KY
Genre: For me they part jam band, part funk machine, all awesome!

Unsolicited Commentary: This was the line up with Bela Fleck, Vic Wuton, Jeff Coffin (now playing sax for DMB) and Futureman.  So much energy and richness in their sound.  This is a show that shreds from start to finish.

What Goes Around... (Part 13)

This is PART 13 of a story that is being told in segments by twenty-six different authors, campfire-style. Each author will take over the story with no prior planning and then pass it on after putting their own spin on it! Expect the unexpected! :)  You can check our vmhq campfire tale tag for all of the previous installments or read the story as it develops on AO3. — Part 13 is written by @bryrosea, standing in for an unavoidably absent writer. 

[part 12]

A short, quiet beat where they all stare at each other in consternation is broken by an ominous rattling. Four heads swivel slowly in the direction of the vats and the coffin. The viscous, oddly glowy, liquid has stopped oozing out of the coffin—thank god—but…what is that sound?

“W-was that the coffin?” Jeff asks, shrilly.

Logan comes up behind Veronica and lays a hand on her shoulder, “Um, darling, I hate to butt in, but perhaps we should—”

Another rattle, this time more insistent and definitely from the coffin, interrupts, lifting the lid up briefly before it settles back into place with a loud clatter.

“Fuuuuuck!” Jeff yells as he runs by Veronica and out the open door of the barn, awkwardly flailing limbs briefly outlined by the glare of the sun outside. “Go, go, go!”

And, in the wake of another rattle, they do. Veronica, Logan, and Oddjob first trail and then overtake Jeff on the way to the service road. Veronica spares a brief glance in Ruby’s direction, but she has disappeared from sight—either butt-scooted her way over the low hill or into one of the concealing clumps of trees.

They keep running until they round a corner out of sight of the main complex, where the small group pounds to a stop.

“Did you—did you lock the barn door?” Jeff asks Veronica anxiously, bent over, his forearms braced on his knees while he gasps for breath.

“No, I did not stop and lock the door! What WAS that rattling the coffin?”

“Ohhhh,” Jeff moans worriedly, casting a look back over his shoulder in the direction of the barn.

“Okay, we need to stop running around like this is an episode of Scooby-Doo.” Veronica looks at Jeff but he’s still panting and almost incoherently distressed. She won’t get anything useful out of him right now. “You.” She points a finger at Oddjob. “Who are you, and what is your involvement with all of this?”

He casts a suspicious glare at Logan—and his naked chest, lightly sheened with sweat—before bursting out: “Veronica, I already told you, we don’t have time for this if you want to catch Sean and Lydia.”

She is nonplussed. “Catch—we don’t even know if Sean is on the property and we haven’t seen Lydia since Logan’s car exploded. Sean and Lydia are behind this?”

Jeff pops his head up and wheezes, “My sister! Sean has my sister. We need—”

Ignoring the interruption, Oddjob continues, “Yeah, well doofus here, too.” He gestures at Jeff. “But last time we talked you seemed to think he’d be willing to turn state’s evidence, so…”

And with that crisp turn of phrase, the rest of the tumblers click into place for Veronica. “You’re Leo’s new partner.”

He gives her a harried look. “You really did forget? Damn. This is not good timing. Yeah, I’m Detective Wei Breitski, we brought you in on this whole mess last week.”

“I thought Jeff was my client.”

“Yeah, so did he. You were supposed to get him to “hire” you, which he did a few days ago and then…you told me at Thunderballs you got the key?”

Veronica nods, fishing it out of her bag and holding it up. As she does, Logan grabs her arms and drags her off a few steps, lowering his voice. “Veronica, you didn’t tell me you were working with the police—just that Jeff hired you to look into some family drama. I really don’t like that you can’t remember any of this—I think we should get out of here and get you to the hospital, right now.”

“I told you, I’m fine.” She really is, but his continued shirtlessness distracts her enough that it doesn’t come out as firmly as she intended.

“I know, but you were drugged. You don’t know when, or by who, or with what. You need to get looked at.” He runs a hand gently through her hair and over her skull. She makes a concerted effort not to wince when he skirts lightly over the newly-discovered tender spot at the back of her head. “Please?”

Her lips twist wryly as she realizes her eventual fate is sealed. “I will go get tested and prodded to your heart’s content once we’re out of here, but that’s not really an option right now, so—”

Logan turns back toward Detective Breitski. (Leo calls him Wei, she suddenly remembers.) “Detective, we need to get out of here right now. Where is your car?”

“Logan, we still need to figure out—”

“I don’t have a car,” Wei interrupts. “I got dropped off down the service road and snuck in.”

“Well, you can radio in, can’t you?” Wei purses his lips and Logan’s eyebrows fly up sharply. “No radio, either? God. What kind of podunk fucking…” He draws a calming breath in through his nose. “Sorry.”

“The SDPD is out of jurisdiction here,” Wei snaps. “Strictly speaking this should all be going through the Balboa Sheriff’s department but the last time we did that the case just disappeared. Evidence vanished, paper trail gone. This time we’re running it down ourselves, quietly. That’s why we brought you in Veronica. Leo said you were good. And discreet.” His facial expression suggests that he feels he has been mislead, and Veronica bristles.

She shoves the key at Logan, who puts it into his pocket, where it makes a dull metallic clunking noise against something else in there. Confused, he fishes the key back out and…a stick?

“What’s that?”

Logan turns the thin, cylindrical stick around in his finger. “I pulled it out of your hair, earlier. I thought it was a twig, but…” He rubs the outer coating of dirt off and reveals a dull rose-gold metal underneath, the ornate carving familiar.

“It looks like it matches the key.”

“Sure does.”

Wei waves his hands at them, drawing their attention away from the mysterious piece of metal. “Look, I’ve got people running around San Diego hopped up on something that makes them abnormally strong and fast. A lady crushed a lamppost with her bare hands. Crushed. Mysterious bodies are turning up all over the wharves and someone in power here in Balboa is trying to cover it up. This idiot knows something—” He jerks a thumb in Jeff’s direction. Jeff, apparently recovered from his exertions, stops in his current task of fastidiously wiping the please-god-not-blood sludge off of the bottom of his loafers long enough to look offended. “But he wouldn’t tell us what. All we had were those coordinates we found on our first dead body. You got the key off of Jeff last night and now this…whatever it is, that seems to be connected. Can we please go see what the fuck is buried on this property?”

Jeff, loafers clean at last: “We need to save my sister!”

Logan frowns. “Veronica…Mac and Dick might be coming, remember. If we could find them…”

“Are they bringing you a shirt?” Wei asks, sarcastically.

“Give me a sec.” Veronica’s mind spins as she tries to assess their options. “Find Lydia, and possibly Sean; go dig up whatever the hell this key goes to; or find some way to get out of here pronto and regroup somewhere else?”

Logan opens his mouth to answer, when he is interrupted by a large BOOM from the direction of the barn.

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I should probably be playing that toy guitar behind me because Jimmy Herring is a monster. It was such a thrill to have him join us last night.

Photo by Jeff Coffin

rememberclaraoswald  asked:

I wanna run my fingers through Jeff's hair, it just looks so silky!

In fact, that’s what Joe thinks every time he sees the older man. I mean how could anyone not want to touch Jeff’s hair? It looks so soft and perfect. Joe simply needs to know what it feels like.

He gets his chance on one long ride home from Dulais. At the beginning Jeff sits down on the floor of the van and leans against Joe’s legs for comfort. They talk a bit, but soon the the rhythmic gentle rocking of the van has Jeff nodding off.

As he falls asleep, his head falls into Joe’s lap - the lush blond hair is right within his reach. The temptation is so big and Jeff is sound asleep. So Bromley starts running his fingers through the silky strands, hoping that it won’t wake the beautiful man.

It feels amazing when the soft hair glides through his fingers like fine sand. Jeff subconsciously moves around to give the young man better access. And sometimes he makes tiny pleased noises that pull at Joe’s heart in a way he hasn’t encountered before.

Bromley’s so engrossed in this activity that he doesn’t even notice how time flies by. He only becomes aware of how long he’s been doing this when he sees the road signs announcing that they’ll soon reach London. It’s like coming back from a beautiful dream. He reluctantly lifts his hands out of the blond mane.

Joe’s startled by the sound of a whine coming from Jeff. “Noooooo, don’t stop. It feels so nice.”

“You’re awake?” Bromley can feel his ears burning as he blushes due to this realisation. Suddenly everyone in the van but Jonathan, who’s driving, seems to be looking at him. He wishes the ground would swallow him, but of course that doesn’t happen.

Instead Jeff answers him, “Yes. I’ve been awake for a while. But I didn’t say you could stop!” He sounds like a petulant child and Joe can easily imagine his pout. Then the older man starts gently jabbing Joe’s legs with his long fingers - an expression of his displeasure and impatience.

At first, Joe is so perplexed that he doesn’t know how to react. But after a few seconds he goes back to carding his fingers through Jeff’s hair. This placates him and the jabbing ceases at once. Bromley’s still baffled and unsure what exactly this means, but the sound of the other man practically purring on his lap effectively keeps him from questioning his luck.

As he looks up again, Joe can see that the others are smiling at him encouragingly. Steph gives him a thumps up and he can’t help but smile as well.