Jeff believes in her ; he thinks highly of her and he admires her

You Are In Love - George Weasley

Request: So this actually wasn’t requested I just came up with the idea after I saw Taylor Swift in concert and I just got chills and all that stuff, so I got the idea on writing this George Weasley imagine based off of the Taylor Swift song “You Are In Love”. Alison is the main character and I’m just going simple and basing her looks after Taylor Swift, sorry!! I’ll be switching Pov’s throughout. Xx


“One look, dark room
Meant just for you
Time moved too fast
You play it back
Buttons on a coat
Lighthearted joke
No proof, not much
But you saw enough”

6 Years Ago

The annual trip to Hogsmeade had finally arrived for the students of Hogwarts making a mass chaos amongst the school at students scurried off on their own around the village on their own course. Some ventured into the never ending aisles of Zonko’s Joke Shop or raided through Honeydukes for sweets of all sorts, while others found themselves at a table for two with their lover in Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop on a romantic date.

Hogsmeade looked like a scene from a perfect Christmas movie; the little thatched cottages and shops were all covered in a layer of crisp snow; there were vibrant holly wreaths on the doors and strings of enchanted candles hanging in the trees giving off a magical vibe (not that it wasn’t already magical enough with witches and wizards roaming around the grounds); there were people with award winning smiles stamped on their faces as if they were having the time of their lives.

For Alison and her tight knit group of friends, they were. Alison was in her 4th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a Ravenclaw student, sharper and brighter than most in her grade, although not all. She tried hard to get exquisite grades but was far from an overachiever. The girls were all huddled around a circular wooden table chatting amongst themselves and watching the endless stream of students venture in and out of the make shift restaurant. The Three Broomsticks was usually labeled as a bar but had been altered due to the school time trip.

The light seeping into the miniature windows lining the inside walls of the infamous Three Broomsticks was highly limited. Darkness overtook a great deal of the popular dine in but no one paid much attention seeing as they were used to the lack of brightness. Alison pressed her plump lips flat against the frozen mug of butter beer she held closely in her hands to keep from having to join in on the conversations her friends were involved with. She wasn’t one for gossip and tend to lean out of it, dreading the thought that people most likely talked that way about her behind her back as well.

The group of Ravenclaw girls were all on the edge of their seats, though played it off fairly well, as they waited for a certain rowdy group of Gryffindor boys to stroll in. Annabelle, the head of the friends, had invited the devilishly charming boys to meet them for lunch but Alison doubted they would even show. This particular group of boys included Jeff McPhesen, Steve Newel, Dean Thompson, Lee Jordan, and the highly talked about pranking duo known as the Weasley Twins. In no way was Alison familiar with any of these Gryffindor students… not even in the slightest but she had seen them around. Frankly, she’d be lying if she said she didn’t have a crush on a certain red headed twin. Alison had never spoken a single word to George Weasley but spent her years admiring him from afar, but keeping it strictly to her own thoguhts.  

Jamie Litwin, better yet Alison’s non-blood related sister, tapped her side lightly with her elbow tearing Ally free from her distant daydream. Caught off guard, Alison swung her head up managing to spill a good chunk of her sweet drink all over her long sleeve house shirt. The royal blue had shifted into a more navy blotchy mix as the liquid ran down in small trails. Jamie covered her mouth to keep from laughing too loudly, leaving her distressed friend to jump up in shock catching the rest of the girls’ attention.

“Oh my god Alison what did you do? Go get that cleaned up before the guys come!” Anabelle asked holding back a fit of giggles the other girls’ had long past tried to conceal. Alison shrugged still in a state of confusion and shook her shirt in attempt to air dry it but with no avail gave up pushing herself up from her spot maneuvered around the scattered chairs heading for the napkin dispenser.

Alison’s pov:
Great. Just absolutely peachy. I could feel the coldness of the beverage soaking through the material and touching the skin of my stomach. Cringing at the odd feeling, I made my way to the condiments table and plucked a chunk of napkins, dabbing them along the silk shirt hoping to rid of the blotch. The stain was starting to slim down making a pleasant grin creep onto my face unintentionally. I had only bought the shirt the week before and for as much of my ‘leisure money’ that I had spent on it, I was dead set that it would last me more than seven days.

Giving up on the half impossible task, I bent at my knees and threw the damp paper into the bin on the right and turned back around heading back for the table where all the girls sat laughing about god knows what and waving over to me. I frowned, giving a small wave of my hand and without checking my side view approached the table. As I grew closer to my near destination, I became a bit overwhelmed. Six extra chairs had now been occupied by six different boys, six extra people I had not been expecting to even show.

Giving a small nonchalant wave to the new additions, I repositioned myself at my previous spot and grew hot at the cheeks when I caught sight of George Weasley sitting next to me.

“Hey Alison, did you get everything out?” Jamie asked playfully. I could feel all eyes placed upon mine and I shook my head lightly with a small smile.

“No. I don’t think I ever will.” I mumbled shaking a bit, and half regretting not wearing more layers. At least I brought a jacket I suppose to cover up the mess I had made. Reaching around the back of the chair, I searched with my hand for the plaid jacket I wore to almost every other occasion. Finally setting my grip on the familiar material, I felt another hand come in contact with my own making me jump back and pull my hand away. George chuckled from beside me and smirked over at me,

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you, but you seemed to be having a bit of trouble. I thought maybe I could help you. I’m George by the way, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you from Jamie, but I’ve never really had the chance to say hello.” He admitted with a faint blush rising to his clear cheeks. He held up the jacket, opening the folds and giving a great deal of access to slip in my arms which he also aided me in. Once the coat was on my body I released my hair from being tucked under the collar and brushed a strand behind my ear.

“Thank you… that was really sweet. I’m Alison and it’s nice to meet you as well, I hope she spoke of good things about me. God only knows how much is true that she told you.” He shrugged in a relaxed fashion laughing to himself as he recalled all the quirky things Jamie had informed him about her close friend in hopes of setting the pair up. Leaning back into his seat and ignoring his brother whom was calling his name, George focused in on Alison lost for words when he caught sight of her sharp features, in a good way of course. Fred soon gave up coming to the realization he was getting nowhere and turned back to Jamie. The room was buzzing with conversations of all sorts, thousands of words being spit out at the second but I couldn’t have cared less about them.

“It’s no problem. I think we’re in the same Potions class, right? You sit towards the back and know the answer to almost everything I believe, I find that brilliant honestly. Intelligences is a major bonus.” He pondered, tilting his head to the side. Combing through my memories of the uninteresting class I remember the vaguely unforgettable original twins sitting three rows to the front of the class so Snape could keep a close eye on them. I nodded with a warm smile,

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure we are and thanks most find it nagging and annoying. You and your brother were the ones that shaved Lee’s eyebrows off last week, right? I remember him coming to class cursing the both of your names!” It was true. The week before, apparently Fred, George and Lee Jordan had founds themselves all caught in a merciless pranking war and well, Lee in my point of view got the worst end of the stick. Fred and George had teamed up and hexed his eyebrows right off in his sleep, leaving him dazed and confused the next morning.

George threw his head back like a little kid (sorry I couldn’t help it), his contagious laughter ringing out through the whole establishment. I giggled at his happiness feeling myself warm up to the strange but enchanting boy, wanting to have a never ending conversation with him about anything. George traced his fingertip around his glass of bone chilling Pumpkin Juice.

“Yeah… I suppose that one went a little too far. It took us four days to remember how to grow them back on! He’s still got his knickers in a twist over it, don’t ya Jordan?” He hollered while the ticked off Lee flipped him the bird and returned to telling Jeff and Marie about the Quidditch match approaching. “But then again, I would be too. Or maybe not… I don’t exactly know. Do you prank much?” His eyes glued onto mine causing my heart to leap into my throat. No! I had never even imagined the thought of pranking an innocent soul in my life! What if I would be caught! What if they found out it was me and told a person of authority! What if they cried and I hurt their feelings!

Setting his glass down, George seemed to pick up on my facial expressions and grinned widely leaning all his weight onto his elbows. “So I’m going to take that as a huge no then?” I nodded slightly mortified with myself for not living on the edge. George most likely was unimpressed with my ‘rebelliousness’ since it didn’t even exists unlike his thrill junkie life.

“Well then I have a proposal. How about you and I go prank someone together. It doesn’t have to be anything huge an outrageous but maybe small and practical. Then someday when I’m famous for my wicked skills, you can tell everyone you got to carry out your first prank by my side. How does that sound?” My throat grew dry at the idea. It sounded so tempting but so unlike my personality at the same time… but that’s almost what made it sound so appealing! I glanced over at my friends who were all too deep in talks to notice that I would be missing for a while and nodded over at the twinkling eyed Gryffindor.

“Sure, why not.” Without warning, George reached down and laced his hand thoughtfully in mine and helped escort me out of my seat.

“I like it, you’re taking a risk you little daredevil!” He teased pushing the chair in and leaving the table no caring to give the others any insight on our devious plans. Tugging me along through the smallish crowd of people, George held the exit door open for me leading us into an array of snow and winding flakes of pure white. The coldness filled my lungs and I held back the cough scratching its way up my throat by wrapping the knitted scarf tightly around my neck. George rushed over in front of my path and helped button the coat up from the bottom to the top seeing as I had forgotten to do it when we were located in the warm comforts of The Three Broomsticks only moments before. I thanked him softly which he merely accepted by interlocking our hands as one again and pulling us over to the opening door of the joke shop Zonko’s.

“Here, this is where we’ll wait for it to all play out but first-“Reaching into his pocket, George pulled out a pair of Snap Fires and held them tightly in his fist turning his attention to me and motioning for me to open my hand. I did as instructed while he placed a Snap in my hand smirking,

“Tell me when and we’ll both throw them right before the sidewalk ends. So it won’t hit anyone leaving but it will still give them a good scare!” We waited for a bit, rambling on about useless topics that would never serve us a purpose in our daily lives, but they were still worth addressing. Out of the blue, a group of Slytherin girls walked out of Zonkos chatting louder than a heard of animals. George gave me sly wink telling me anytime would be the perfect time. My palms grew clammy and I was thankful for them no longer being in his grip. Taking a deep breath I smiled cheekily and shouted,

“Now!” George and I released the Snap Fires close to the same time by the feet’s of the squealing girls. They jumped to avoid the small fireworks and screamed as they did so taking off in full speed back towards Hogwarts leaving George and I to collapse in a fit of laughter. I wiped my eyes replaying the tiny prank in the back of my head and giggling again at the thought of the overreacting girls. George took my hand back in his and swung it lightly.

“That was perfect! Not bad for your first prank, love.” I rolled my eyes but thanked him nonetheless.

“Why thank you, Mr. Wealsey. Though I could’ve carried it out without your help of course.” I threw my arms around his waist not being able to reach his neck and smiled softly as he wrapped his arms tightly around my sides. Suddenly I jumped away from him, realizing how forward the display was and instantly regretted it. “Sorry… that was stupid of me. I didn’t mean to-“
“No Alison, it’s absolutely fine. I was actually going to hug you but you beat me to it! Listen I had a lot of fun with you tonight so I was thinking maybe next week we could go out for coffee or maybe-“ A clatter of footsteps and laughter cut George off making my heart sink to the pit of my stomach as Fred Weasley approached us.

“Hey Georgie! We’re all heading back you coming? We’ve got a match tomorrow, don’t forget.” George scoffed, digging his free hand deep into his pocket and nodded solemnly.

“Yeah, yeah, I guess I’ll come back with you guys then. Could you give us a second?” Fred gazed over to me mischievously and smirked walking back over to the other boys turning their back to give us more room. George watched them closely then shook his head with a disappointed smile.

“That was a bit of a buzz kill. What I was trying to say was… I would really love it if we could get together sometime again. I had a lot of fun with you tonight and I really want to hang out with you soon and learn more about your interesting self. Would you want to?” I was beyond stunned. The George Weasley actually wanted to see me again. Not even out of pity but just because he wanted to. What the hell?
Nodding my head with a smiled branded on my lips, George mirrored my actions and squeezed my hand gently.
“Great! That’s perfect! How about we talk about a time that would work well for the both of us during class on Monday?”
“I would love that.” I agreed following beside him to where his friends stood acting innocent and as if they were not paying a grain of attention to what was going on, despite to obvious fact that they were. George lifted my hand up to his lips placing a smooth longing kiss to the back side of my palm sending an ocean wave worth of shivers along my spine and down to my toes.  

“In that case, I’ll talk to you Monday, darling. See you then, beautiful!” George shouted sweetly retrieving back to his brother before I even had a chance to react. Fred gave him a low high five and the ventured off back to school, while I still stood glued to the snow and as confused as ever, but also excited. Did I have a date with George Weasley?


Okay guys thank you so much for reading this! Sorry this one is a bit slow, but the first one is like the introductions and Alison and George meeting each other and how their relationship starts to bud and I’m really excited for you guys to read the next part because it’s one of my favorites so message me if you would like a part 2!!! Thanks!!

-Daizy xxxx


Lady Gaga, Artpop album cover

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