Jeff Sullivan


Park either of these unusual vehicles in a conspicuous place and someone might think there’s been a terrible accident. They’ve both been drastically modified to appear upside down while still being fully functional, roadworthy automobiles, one of which is even a race car.

Illinoisan Rick Sullivan flipped the Ford F150 pickup truck. It doesn’t just look like it’s upside down, the truck’s upended wheels actually spin while it’s being driven. Click here to see the wheels in action.

The Upside Down Camaro is the work of car enthusiast Jeff Bloch (aka Speedycop):

“It’s a frightening fusion of a wretched 1990 Ford Festiva and a horrible 1999 Chevy Camaro, with a not-so-subtle twist. The Festiva’s tiny (1.3 liter), smoky, worn-out (almost 190k miles) engine has enough trouble moving itself in ordinary traffic. Now, it has been saddled with the entire inverted body of the much larger car, including the original Camaro wheels.”

Click here for more photos of the upside down race car (including process shots).

[via The Visual News]


Blue Hour at Ciftlik by Jeff Sullivan