Jeff Blim


Jasmine and Jafar talking about tigers, suitors, and…fish-fuckers?

Ja'far returns to the Palace to welcome a very important visiting Prince from the land of Pik-zahr, but wait! Isn’t the Princess known to sick tigers on visiting Princes?! I really hope you haven’t goofed this one up, Ja'far!

Its a little late, but, Trail To Oregon 5/27/15:

Family: Queef Magnet
Dad: Free Parking
Mom: Reptar
Daughter: Bambi
Son: Bukake
Grandpa: Thoughty

-Mom kept saying “This old dinasour…”
-When the mom and daughter are fighting, mom said “Bambi, you dont know what its like to grow up without a mother!”
-The Grandpa called the dad “Parking Lot” and the son “Poohkitty”
-During Independence, Joey dropped his ox nose and said “Uh oh!” really cutely
-During the scene with the General Store Guy versus the Dad, Joey’s improved line ACTUALLY got Jeff to break down and it was amazing. Joey started off saying “The acoustics in here are terrible” but then he continued and kept going on about materials saying something like “You know what people say, wood is…” and I cant remember exactly what he said because no one had any idea what he was talking about and we were all just laughing because Joey kept rambling and Jeff lost it and then when Jeff stopped laughing Joey said “and medals just shit!”
-At the end, the mom died, and she said “This old dinasours gonna lie down and die…”
-When the mother had died, and Joey was almost finished with the arm farts, a guy from the audience said “oh ho ho” and it was really funny especially because Joey started laughing and he had his face screwed so he could stop himself from laughing but he couldnt stop for a good two minutes and the show had stopped while everyone was laughing and waiting for him to stop laughing too