“The Watchers have chosen - one of your family will die.”



I’ve never drawn so many livestock - I felt like I was drawing something for Animal Farm. I’ve also never shaded more than one being before! I usually don’t shade because, hey, it’s faster and I’m lazy.

But ugh. So proud of myself. Pat on the back and whatnot.

and i know the scene is blue but the colors wouldn’t work with blue so purple instead kthnxbai

I leave for NYC in three days aaaahhhhh


#TTONYC update

jaimeleibovitz: Speed run and get your tickets to Trail To Oregon in NYC next week!
teamstarkid: We’re on the trail!
jaimeleibovitz: There he stands, a beacon of hope and love and dancin! #TTONYC Heeeereeee weeee comeeee!!
jaimeleibovitz: The Wago-10,000! #TTONYC
slowpez8: Just some friends talkin’ about fresh nugz. #TTONYC
slowpez8: We are ready now! Jaime’s first plane ride! We are going to Oregon by way of New Ohio! #TTONYC
jaimeleibovitz: The boys are back in town! #TTONYC Actually they never left. We’re the ones who are back in town!
slowpez8: Uh oh look who’s here!!! Feels like we should be in a HOB, right guys?! Hahahahaha RIGHT?!#TTONYC
slowpez8: Band rehearsal (in the 70s). #TTONYC
slowpez8: Prepping for the trail! I hate this caption but I’m too tired to change it. My legs have never been hairier. #TTONYC