Hey guys quick lesson in pronouncing the characters’ names in wlate because I heard someone pronounce siwon’s name as sigh- wohn and god i never want to hear that again:

Yoon Taemin (윤 태민) = yoon teh meen
Min Woojin (민 우진) = meen oo jeen
(There actually isn’t any w sound at all, but the oo sound is romanized as woo in translations)
Han Siwon (한 시원) = hahn shee wuhn
(The “hahn” is hard to explain, but it’s a very light and short A sound)
Min Siwoon (민 시운) = meen shee oon
Choi Minjun (최 민준) = chweh meen joon
Lee Hoon (이 훈) = ee hoon
(Like woojin’s name, ee is romanized as lee, but it is pronounced differently)

So yeah I hope this helps???

Edit: changed shi to shee bc some people might read it as shy which isn’t right
The signs as members of the SNK/AOT fandom:

aries: “Hm… Art homework due about ‘fire’ LIKE THE FIREY PASSION OF ERERI TIME TO DRAW SOME PORN”

taurus: “You guuuuuuys~ Levi and Mikasa are soulmates, they have the same last name!”

gemini: “Gay sex? In attack on Titan?! Impossible!”

Cancer: “At first I was afraid. I was petra-fied”

leo: “Attack on Titan, did you mean, Shinjeki No Kyojin… Haha noob”

virgo: “(Insert boyfriends name here), please do me while we’re dressed as eruri”

libra: “OMG Jeen is so hot- shit I meant Jean”

scorpio: “I want to see Levi hurt!”

sagittarius: “I live for Erwins eyebrows”

capricorn: *Same star sign as Levi, fuckers"

aquarius: “LOOK AT ALL OF THE YAOI~”

pisces: *Reblogs the otps’ *