merindukanmu yang dulu selalu memberiku tempat untuk berteriak saat beban hidup menumpuk di atas pundak .
merindukan senyummu .
merindukan tawamu .
merindukan perhatianmu .
merindukan ekspresimu saat mendengarkanku berceloteh .
merindukanmu .
meski rindu ini terlarang .
meski tak semestinya aku merindukanmu .

tulisan beberapa waktu yang lalu, saat aku mengira aku masih menyimpan rasa padanya :)

ternyata rasa sakit bisa memberi segunung inspirasi :D


There were so many ways this could’ve gone wrong it’s not that funny.

First off: This makes Jean look desperate for companionship to the point where when her time-appropriate version of him took off she decided to go for the next best thing. Considering what happened in Uncanny X-Men #18 when she told him off even more so. That is not flattering and borders on character assassination, especially when you consider she’s been with Tyke and Teen Beast.

Look at her face in that last panel, it looks like she’s thinking she almost had him. Just saying, it makes her look like she uses guys until the next best thing comes around. The last issue already showed that without someone teaching her better this could lead to many bad things. And this time we can’t blame it on Beast.

Second off: Granted, age of consent is 16 in Canada I believe, but if he took advantage of her like this (at her lowest point) it would destroy Scott’s character. I’m not joking. If this went any further either readers would drop the titles Scott was in or they’d have to retcon it so fast as being him under mind-control it’d make the whole Emma x Scott moment of kissing on top of Jean Grey’s grave because “Jean made it happen” look legit instead of a patch job.

At least with the Tempus x Scott thing they had the decency to age her up some and she was already an adult to start with at 17-18.

Come on Marvel, you’re better than this.