what blows my mind is that the jedi council were 100% aware that anakin was born into slavery and they didn’t do anything?

like they didn’t even go out of their way to set anakin outside of the room when they straight-up rejected him; no, they let this impressionable 9-year-old, who they know has already been through too much, watch as they try to cast him out.

and they didn’t do anything for the slaves on tatooine. they had a confirmation, living proof, that slavery existed under the good and just republic, and it was literally fucking illegal, and they didn’t do anything. they did jack fucking shit. they had the means, and the power, to free the slaves on tatooine, and to police other outer rim planets to abolish slavery there, too, and you know what they did?

sat on their asses and complained about how anakin was too old to be a jedi, like it didn’t matter that qui-gon had pulled this child from slavery, like - somehow - anakin is the one at fault for being too old.

tf did, “kind and compassionate,” jedi come from?

Epic rant on why the Jedi Council is a group of idiots

The Jedi Council is a group of fuckwits.

Yeah, I just said fuckwits. And nope, it’s not Sheev writing this.

First of all, Thank you, oobiwan, because this rant probably wouldn’t be here without you. :)


So, where do I start?

Well, aside from the obvious mistakes in their very Code (which my buddy oobiwan has already nicely pointed out), I’m gonna start with Anakin.

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STAR WARS HISTORY » the jedi order.

The Jedi Order was an ancient monastic peacekeeping organization unified by its belief in and observance of the Force, specifically the light side. The Jedi were guardians of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic for thousands of years before the Clone Wars. While well known as diplomats, the Jedi carried lightsabers, the symbol and weapon of choice of the Order. Led by the Jedi High Council, Jedi Masters would instruct young Padawans on the ways of the Force and the Jedi Code, training them until they had achieved full status as Jedi Knights. Centered in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Jedi used the Temple as a base of operations from which they would be sent out on missions, or stay to study and learn from the vast Jedi Archives. The Jedi Order was founded thousands of generations before the Battle of Yavin and grew over the millennia, during which time it faced wars against their mortal enemy, the Sith, who they believed to have defeated. The Jedi Order thereafter served as a strictly peacekeeping organization, maintaining law and order during a thousand years of peace under the rule of the Galactic Senate.

obi wan: “only a sith deals in absolutes”
the jedi: think any and all emotions/attachments are bad and evil (no exceptions), thinks any force sensitive person who isnt part of the order or doesn’t follow the code is inherently evil and is probably a sith, refuse to think that anyone who has touched the dark side could ever be redeemed ( a la luke saving his father style ), aka literally 👏 The 👏 Most 👏 Absolute 👏 Group 👏 Of 👏 People 👏 With 👏 The 👏 Most 👏 Black 👏 And 👏 White 👏 Rules 👏 To 👏 Ever 👏 Exist 👏


100 Favorite Star Wars Characters

37.    Kit Fisto; Jedi Master (male Nautolan)

“Those who have power should restrain themselves from using it.“ - Kit Fisto

Appearances: Attack of the Clones, The Clone Wars (20 episodes), Revenge of the Sith

Young Yoda by Marco Teixeira

Fan Fiction Backstory:

The truth of Yoda’s past is much darker then one would assume from his ancient demeanor. This is the beginning of Yoda.

Yoda’s species is one of which is remarkably force-sensitive and at the time of his birth, a great disturbance in the force was felt due to the fact that Yoda was most force-sensitive being in the galaxy. By the time Yoda was discovered by the Jedi as a young adult, he appeared to have independently become force-adept, an incredible rarity to behold in one who has not been trained by Jedi or Sith alike.

Upon discovery of the nature of his abilities,Yoda immediately enlisted to be trained as a Jedi. At the time, while this went against the ancient practices of the Jedi to train an adult, there was no historical precedent for one of Yoda’s immensely innate power, and he was accepted despite the reservations of the Jedi Consulars who believe Yoda was too dangerous. The Jedi Guardians overruled them believing instead his power was too great to ignore and would provide them with a critical ally, once trained, in the struggle against the dark side.

This action quickly proved to be folly. Yoda was far too arrogant and headstrong to make a good student, and was spoiled by abilities that exceed most of his trainers, he seemed to promote dark qualities in those in his vicinity such as jealousy and anger and as a result he was alienated by all the other students and even his trainers, who turned a blind eye to systemic bullying which Yoda suffered at the hands of the other students.

This came to an apex when Yoda’s mental resilience was finally broken by the provocation of a particularly malicious Padawan whom had previously been the best student prior to Yoda’s arrival. In a bitter and petty exchange, Yoda accidentally killed his antagonist. The death sparked outrage in the Jedi counsel, and Yoda was exiled from the Jedi and left to fend for himself on the dilapidated swamp planet of Dagoba.

Watching afar from the shadows, the Sith emerge on news of Yoda’s exile and an agent was sent to Dagoba. Posing as a recent exile as well, Yoda was unwittingly allied to the Sith, where he then gained full measure of the force whilst having his anger and hatred channeled into powerful new abilities.

Jedi scouts sensed a new disturbance in the force and the dark side activity on Dagoba. Fearing the apparent conversion of Yoda, the counsel acted quickly and harshly against the Sith machinations. Believing him to now be a Sith Lord, a large group of Jedi knights was dispatched to capture Yoda in order restore balance to the force before he became too strong.

After witnessing the Jedi slay his only friend, the exile, Yoda ruthlessly murdered the all of his Jedi pursuers. Being so outraged by the preemptive actions of the counsel against him, he led a lone assault against the high counsel, using their own knowledge and tactics against them. He managed to wipe out half of the highest Jedi masters before he was finally confronted by Master Minch, a native of Yoda’s species. Minch revealed that he was crucial in securing Yoda’s recruitment into the Jedi and that it was he who was to blame for all this. He apologized to Yoda and attempted to console him by lamenting of his own failures in the past to abide by the Jedi way, but Yoda would not hear it.

Knowing Minch was a formidable opponent with a lightsaber, Yoda challenged him to a one-on-one duel. Minch rejected the challenge but Yoda attacked anyway, forcing his hand. After a spectacular fight, it was a draw. Standing face to face, Minch tossed his lightsaber aside leaving him defenseless and spoke something to Yoda in their native language and bowed his head. Before Yoda could ponder the true meaning of Minch’s words or the act of pacifism, he was overcome by his dark inhibitions and struck down the defenseless Minch. Yoda stood there silently, in the heart of the Jedi counsel, for a long time. What remained of the Jedi counsel emerged around him, and one finally spoke, informing Yoda that they were unable to defeat him and that they surrendered.

Yoda waited a long time before responding slowly. “Unnecessary, that will be… however… To atone for this, you must allow me.”

“How so?” Asked one of the survivors.

“Finish my training as a Jedi, I will.” Yoda uttered. “Prevent this from happening again, I must.”

The eldest counsel member now spoke. “Restoring the balance will take a long time… hundreds of years perhaps.”

“Prepared, I am.” Replied Yoda solemnly.

And thus, the remaining counsel, sensing that Yoda’s anger and hate had finally been broken, agreed to accepted him back so that he may correct for his actions. So began the long journey of Yoda’s redemption.

Story source

Knights of the Old Republic: A Summary
  • Bastila:I don't understand why you're so angry at the Jedi
  • Revan:let's review, shall we?
  • Revan:you took me prisoner, brainwashed me, then sent me halfway across the galaxy running errands
  • Bastila:yeah, I guess it does sound pretty bad when you put it that way
  • Revan:I am entitled to this

Been watching the Jedi Council and well… Sam Witwer and Freddie Prince Jr was there and talked Maul and Kanan and future Rebels and all that good stuff… and I had to draw everyone’s fave cockroach.

I won’t lie… I were so excited to see Maul back. I LOVE him and I am utterly amazed at Sam Witwer’s voice acting. He is a FANTASTIC VA. His work on Maul and Son in Clone Wars and the Emperor and Maul in Rebels are some of my absolute fave in all of CW/Rebels.

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