The Border Abbeys-Jedburgh (Gedeworth), Kelso, Dryburgh and Melrose, three of which were founded by David I during the twelfth century, the exception being Dryburgh, which was founded by the Constable of Scotland, Hugh de Moreville. 

I will hopefully be able to feature these abbeys, or the surrounding area, in posts soon, as soon as I finish the long overdue Bannockburn stuff (I’m doing it, I swear, it just takes a while). 


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- Culross, St Andrews, Dean Village/Edinburgh, Crail, Forth Bridge, Stockbridge/Edinburgh, Queensferry, Edinburgh, Jedburgh, Falkland

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If she told you she saw it in a dream, would you believe her? Believe her a nun, a chaste woman, a woman whose heart caught fire at the taste of love before she fled to the depths with secrets for her grave?

Her soul-self trembled and met her gaze. A warning? A beckoning? All she remembers is the abbey stairs and the way they spiraled into shadow.

And she knows she will always follow life into the darkness.

Her soul has passed this way before.