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Don’t you just love it when grown men (and women) make fools of themselves? ^^

Our favourite dwarves: Adam Brown at his and Dean’s panel cracking up at Dean’s story.

Summary: Dean was asked about an embarrassing moment with a celebrity and couldn’t think of one right away. By the end of the panel Adam reminded him of the question and Dean told the following story: Once a group of rich and famous people were invited to the Hobbiton set and given a tour. It was arranged that some of the actors including Dean would go there for a meet & greet; and there were people from the makeup department who transformed some of the guests into dwarves, elves, hobbits, whatnot. At lunch, Dean was sitting opposite a man and tried to make small talk, going like: “Man, this prosthetic nose looks so real, they did a great job with that.” And the man went like, “Actually, this is my real nose…”, and Dean was like “NOOO WAYY MAN!”

Turns out that this guy was actually the Crown Prince of Denmark.

The other photos are Jed Brophy and Dean O’Gorman, with Lotte Verbeek from Outlander and Lori Dungey at Magiccon’s Comedy Panel.

Jed and Lotte were miming a pair of shoes in these pics, Lori was Cinderella who was trying to ‘slip into’ her shoes (hence the faces), and Dean was - by his own choice - the fairy godmother. 

Poking Fun

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Warnings: Slightly suggestive


“What are those on your back, lad?” You hear Dwalin ask and that makes you swallow, hard. The mountain was reclaimed about a year ago and Thorin had been made King Under the Mountain. In order to keep in touch with all of the members of the Company, Thorin made sure to set aside one weekend every month for the company to gather together like old times.

You were all currently in the armory, sparring each other and it was currently Fili and Dwalin. They had both removed their shirts during the process and it’s when Dwalin had asked his question that you realized you left marks on Fili’s back from your rendezvous the night before.

No one but Thorin, Dis, and Kili knew about the two of you and they never gave you two a break.

“Ay. I believe it’s the mark of a lover. I didn’t realize the heir had a possible consort,” Bofur jumps in, clapping Fili on the back. Thorin and Kili shoot you knowing looks and you stick your tongue out at the both of them.

“I didn’t realize she left a few marks,” Fili says, trying to get a proper look at his back. “Oh she’s a feisty one,” Dwalin chuckles. “Who is she? A lady from the Iron Hills?” Nori asks making you scoff.

“Dams from the iron hills are known to be quite good in bed,” Bofur says, nodding at his own observation. Fili shoots you a glance and you look away.

He was the one who wanted to keep this relationship between the two of you. For what reason? You did not know but you were going to let him do whatever he wanted. That, however doesn’t mean you have to like it.

“I bet she’s a hag,” Kili says, laughing and you covertly flip him off. “Have you not met her?” Ori asks quietly. “Oh I have. Fili dear could not do better,” Kili replies and that makes you smile. You were thankful that Dis, Kili and Thorin had immediately accepted you into the family. You don’t think you could’ve handled it if they didn’t.

“Well come on lad. Aren’t you going to tell us about the lady from the iron hills?” Bofur asks.

“Yeah. Come on Fee. Lets hear about this lady of yours,” you say and he shoots you a glare making you smirk.

“Is she good in bed?” “Is she a screamer?” “Does she-”

Those questions make fili snap.

“Oh for Mahal’s sake she’s right there!” He shouts pointing at you. “Y/n and I have been courting for nearly a year already and your questions are getting on my nerves.”

There is a complete silence before dwalin starts laughing.

“Don’t worry lad. We were just trying to push your buttons. We’ve known for a while now but we were getting tired of you two pussyfooting around the subject,” he explains and that makes you smile. Always the blunt one.

“At least we know that the lassie is quite a scratcher,” Bofur says, giving you a wink and with that, you shove him off the bench. No matter how much fun they poked at you, you will always love this company.


“My make-up artist Georgia, she didn’t like me playing because of course, within 10 minutes, I’d be shvitzing like buggery. And it would be undoing all of her work and bits of prosthetic ears would be coming off because the sweat would be taking the glue off, et cetera. And I would… Like a schoolboy, look around and see if Georgia… Because I’m quite scared of Georgia. And I’d look around and just sort of see if the coast is clear, and I’d go and play.” - Martin Freeman

 Behind the scenes of The Hobbit spam (112/200) | (1-100)

But can we talk about this gif for a second?
Look at it, they are so in character:

Martin Fremann (Bilbo): “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but fuck it, I do it anyway.”
Richard Armitage (Thorin): “I’m a very important dwarf, doing very important practice, because it’s important”
Graham McTavish (Dwalin): “I’m doing it wrong, but I pull this through until the bitter end.”
Adam Brown (Ori): “Look at me, I’m a cutie patootie!”
Jed Brophy (Nori): “Wheee~ I’m gonna need this for my next raid~”
William Kircher (Bifur): “I may have an axe stuck in my head, but I’m gonna show you spring chicken how to do this proper”

Perfect cast, Ladies and Gentleman.

Nori has a sharp eye and a ready smile, and he’s a canny and practised fighter. He’ll take on anyone who threatens his family or friends and will put his own life in danger without a second thought. He has no hesitation in taking on the monstrous Great Goblin beneath the Misty Mountains, and of all the Dwarves it was Nori who noticed that Bilbo had escaped when the rest of the Company were taken prisoner in Goblin Town. Those sharp eyes will be of great service as they venture into even more dangerous territory.

Annoying Dwarf

Imagine Nori stealing a drawing of you and trying to find out why

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a/n: I did a random generator thing and I got nori so here you are loves.

You huff as you watch the starfish haired dwarf walk around camp. The first time you had met was when you were on your way to Bilbo’s. You had bumped into him and you were pretty sure it was purposely since he managed to knick your pouch of money which is how you were roped into this journey. Bilbo didn’t want to go without you.

You wondered if he was even a Took sometimes. You sometimes think that your Aunt Bella chose the wrong family to marry into. Sometimes.

“You’re glaring again,” your cousin says and you bring your attention away from the thief to the hobbit sitting next to dwalin who was sitting next to you. “I do not glare,” you deny. “Yeah, you just stare at someone angrily,” Fili states as he walks by. That earns a little smile from you.

“I wouldn’t be angrily staring at him if he hadn’t stolen my pouch,” you say, moving over as you realize Fili meant to sit next to you. That causes Dwalin to shuffle to the right as well.

“You’re still mad about that are you?” He asks, handing you a bowl,“that was over a month ago.”

“I wouldn’t still be angry if he just stole my pouch. Oh no. I’m not that petty and I would’ve just let him off right there but he stole my underthings, my hair brush, my entire wardrobe while I was showering, my mothers necklace which is a family heirloom-,”

“Talking about me are we love? I feel honored,” Nori asks interrupting your monologue.

“You shouldn’t, weasel,” you shoot back. He has the gall to look offended. “I am no weasel, milady. I am an honorable dwarf-,”

“With sticky fingers-,” Dwalin mumbles, sharpening his ax. You hadn’t bothered to ask if it was safe for him to be sitting so close to you while doing so. You didn’t want to offend him.

“Who has never,” Nori continues, ignoring the interruption,“stolen a thing in my life.”

“Oh cut the crap Nori. You have a bag full of things that aren’t yours that you somehow nicked,” Gloin states from somewhere and that makes you narrow your eyes.

“Are there things of mine that you haven’t returned?” You ask him.

“I don’t know what you mean,” he says, slowly inching toward something. Your eyes flicker towards a bag that’s five feet away from the both of you. He catches your eye and suddenly the both of you are lunging towards the bag. You reach their first and you look behind you to find out why. Gloin is holding the back of his shirt and you smile at him in thanks.

You take a seat back down between Dwalin and Fili and open up the bag. “Lets see what we have here, shall we?”

You pull out a cup first followed by a few other kitchen items. The next item you bring up makes your skin prick.

“Why is there a drawing of me?” You ask Nori as he shrugs out of Gloin’s grip. He comes over to you and takes the drawing and shoves it back in the bag and takes the bag away from you, moving back to his bed roll.

“Nori,” you start. “The contents of my bag are none of your business so mind your own,” he says, not looking at you. You look at Fili and he shrugs and thus begins the silent treatment between you and the thief.

Nori talked to literally anyone but you and you kind of missed his silly antics. You walk around Rivendell looking at the architecture. You and the Company had arrived almost two weeks ago(going by the book),but you still enjoyed the structures. It was interesting to see homes not built under hills.

“Y/n,” a voice calls and you turn toward the source. It’s Thorin. “Hmm?” You ask as he joins you in your walk. “We are leaving tomorrow morning at first light. Please inform your cousin of this,” he says and you smile.

“You don’t like him do you?” You ask and he pauses a bit to look at you before continuing to walk by your side. “If I’m being honest, you are a better choice of burglar than he is. You know how to defend yourself and you’re able to navigate the wilds perfectly fine. Bilbo however,” he says and you laugh.

“He’s a Baggins. I’m a Took. Tools are more of the wild ones than Baggins are and although he has some Tookish blood, he still pulls more of the Baggins and it can’t be helped. He is a good hobbit. His heart is in the right place,” you say and Thorin nods as you turn a corner.

You raise your eyebrows as you see Nori sticking a candle holder into his bag. He walks away as if he didn’t just take it and Thorin laughs.

“I still question why he’s here,” you tell him as you continue your walk through the halls.

“I did not ask people individually to join on the quest. I asked everyone in general and he was one of the ones that answered,” Thorin explains and that peaks your interest.

“Ah so these men or dwarves rather chose to be here?” You question, arms going behind your back.

“Yes and that my dear hobbit is true loyalty,” he tells you.

“I still don’t trust that starfish,” you reply.

“Neither do I. It seems, though, that he’s taken quite an interest in you,” Thorin says. “You mean quite an interest in my things,” you scoff rolling your eyes. You still don’t know what you did to make him not talk to you.

“That too,” Thorin chuckles. “I honestly don’t know what I did wrong. All I did was find a drawing of myself in his bag! If anything it is I that should be angry,” you reply.

Thorin looks thoughtful for a moment.

“I don’t think it was the fact that you went through his bag, but more of what you found in his bag. I dare say he’s embarrassed,” Thorin says, hands also going behind his back.

“Why would he be embarrassed?”

“Because he likes you, obviously. I mean why else would he have a drawing of you in his bag?” He asks and that makes you stop. He raises his eyebrow at your sudden pause.

“Thorin Oakenshield. If you are wrong about this, I’m going to skin you,” you tell him and he holds up his hands on defense.

“Honest to Durin, he likes you,” he says and that’s all the conformation you need before running off to find the thief.

“I hope,” Thorin mutters before turning around and walking back the way he came, hoping to put as much distance between you and him as he can. He did not want to be at the end of your wrath if he was wrong.

You spot the starfish dwarf nicking another item and you call out to him.

He turns and his face drops as he sees you. He turns and tries to walk away but you tackle him to the ground.

“Mahal woman what’s gotten into you,” he asks as you straddle his stomach.

“I needed to know something,” you tell him. “And you have to sit on me to find the answer?” He groans.

“No. I have to sit on you so you don’t leave. Why was there a drawing of me in your bag?” You ask and he groans yet again.

“That again? I told you it’s none of your business,” he says. “Oh but it is my business. You see that’s my face in your bag so tell me,” you say, poking him in his chest.

“If I tell you, will you get off of me?” He asks. “Depends on the answer,” you reply cheekily and he smiles.

“Fine. I stole it because I thought you were cute and I didn’t want to ever forget your face,” he replies and that makes you smile.

“That’s all I wanted to hear,” you say before leaning down to capture his lips with yours. You pull back and smile down at him.

“Still want me to get off?” You ask and he smiles back. “I think I like it down here,” he says before reaching up for another kiss.

He may be an annoying dwarf but he was your annoying dwarf.

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