Selling the process: Christo and Jeanne-Claude

My wife reminded me of this on one of our walks, and then it was mentioned in this piece by Craig Mod:

It’s also important to note that Christo and Jeanne-Claude didn’t directly take money from outsiders. In fact, they funded much of their projects by selling the detritus of their process:

[The] 26 million dollar temporary work of art was entirely financed … through the sale of the studies, preparatory drawings, collages, scale models, early works, and original lithographs.

Twenty-six million dollars of sketches! You can imagine just how viscerally aware they were of process by raising that kind of cash through selling off the very goop of their creativity.

“Selling off the very goop of their creativity.” I like that. cf. Selling your by-products.

Just a sneak peek…Zero retouch. Lots of good stuff from this shoot w/ @alyssajulyasmith (@nextmodelmgmt) & @keniardaniel #fit #abs #lingerie #fitness #undies #fashion #Jean-Claude #jeanclaudephoto (at LA Daylight)

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