Selling the process: Christo and Jeanne-Claude

My wife reminded me of this on one of our walks, and then it was mentioned in this piece by Craig Mod:

It’s also important to note that Christo and Jeanne-Claude didn’t directly take money from outsiders. In fact, they funded much of their projects by selling the detritus of their process:

[The] 26 million dollar temporary work of art was entirely financed … through the sale of the studies, preparatory drawings, collages, scale models, early works, and original lithographs.

Twenty-six million dollars of sketches! You can imagine just how viscerally aware they were of process by raising that kind of cash through selling off the very goop of their creativity.

“Selling off the very goop of their creativity.” I like that. cf. Selling your by-products.

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Se c’è una cosa che adoro, è sperimentare i nuovi colori! Questo collage potrà farvi capire che ogni volta ho idee nuove x le mie mani! Dal verde Tiffany, al Fuxia Barbie ,al Rosso intenso, non sono mai monotone! Oggi ad esempio ho scelto un Fuxia decisamente audace, ma la prossima volta sperimenterò sicuramente i nuovi smalti della O.P.I collezione Brazil i colori sono davvero fantastici!
Un bacio a tutti!

Chuck Norris Split: Jean-Claude Van Damme, You Got Served!

In response to Jean-Claude Van Damme’s epic split for Volvo in a recent commercial that went viral, Chuck Norris has done him one better … or 11 better. With CGI help, it would appear. But still. Chuck Norris! Boo-yah! The action star appears in a holiday video from Hungarian…
I'm working on a movie...

An excerpt from Space Werewolves in Space:

The Frenchman, Jean-Claude, is walking through a corridor of NASA’s prized ASSFA (American Spaces Station from America) when he notices footsteps from behind. Startled, he turns around and feels the Beast’s hot breath on his face. The beast roars.

Jean-Claude: (shouting) “Fils de pute!” *looks at camera* (in a smug, calm tone) “Pardon my French.”

*the audience erupts with laughter*

Jean-Claude is then completely eviscerated by the monster.

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So work was absolutely disgusting, done nothing but stress my head off so I’ve come home and rolled the biggest #jeanclaude I’ve ever rolled (I haven’t been rolling jays too long ) which is the size of my face. Guna have this, eat some pasta and watch a bit of #TheITcrowd #vscocam