Jean Baptiste Oudry, (1686-1755) - 1763 Still-Life with Pheasant (Louvre, Paris)

Oudry is one of the most outstanding still-life painters of the 18th century. With Desportes he was the foremost exponent of hunting scenes and still-life with dead game. Some of his best work was done as a tapestry designer, and he was head of the Beauvais and Gobelins factories. He also did book illustrations, notably for  La Fontaine’s Fables (1755). 

Beauvais tapestry manufacture, directed by André Charlemagne Charron and Jean-Baptiste Oudry, designed by François Boucher. Bacchus and Ariadne from a set of The Loves of the Gods. 1754-1756.

Wool and silk.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, NY. USA.