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okay so thank you to everyone who gave me ray + felicity’s canon ages so that i could look at them, go “oh this isn’t what i want” and just throw that out the window i’m god now i make the rules

here’s something you need to know about american jewish culture, and i never got to partake in this for a wide array of reasons, but we as a people are literally obsessed with sleepaway summer camp. like sleepaway summer camps that are specifically like, send your jewish children here! we teach them to be more jewish by surrounding them with other jews! and you know what if it works it works whatever

and this is one of those things where like, jewish kids look forward to being away from home, at summer camp, for eight literal weeks. most jewish children go through puberty exclusively at jewish summer camp, that’s just how it works honestly i have people that can confirm

and why i’m telling you this is because i need you all to imagine that ray and felicity are say like, a year apart, and are absolutely 13 + 14 at fucking b’nai shalom jcc in the mountains this is a name i just made up and i swear to you jewish people are gonna find it funny so sorry to the rest of you. this post got long as FUCK btw so under the cut. its more pro ray and felicity than like them exactly as a ship? but whatever

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There is a trope that I have seen, in the very few fics where Moira is featured even a little, of Moira basically being elitist or classist. Mostly in terms of a relationship or a marriage (mostly that she wouldn’t want Oliver to marry Felicity). Idk if it was just a couple people that I happened to read or if that’s genuinely what a lot of people think about her but I just wanted to take a moment to say:

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Because there is ZERO CANON EVIDENCE to support such an idea.

As a matter of fact, there is significant evidence of just the opposite. For starters, remember when Thea broke up with Roy because Moira’s lawyer told her to? Moira found out and was immediately like “No Thea that’s a bad idea he makes you happy so please for the love of god get back together with him.”

Moira’s life was literally on the line; Jean Loring had said that Thea not dating Roy would help her case. But even still Moira was supportive of Thea and Roy’s relationship simply because it made her happy–and honestly if there was anyone she had reason to not like her daughter dating, an ex-gangbanger is pretty high up on that list. But she never at any point showed any judgement toward him or hesitance or anything!

Because here’s the thing: Moira did plenty of questionable things, yes, but there were always two basic reasons:

  • She wanted her children to be safe and happy
  • She wanted her children to love her and respect her

How does disapproving of her children’s relationships with people who make them happy (whoever that my be) help with either one of those? (Hint: it doesn’t)

Furthermore, there is no indication that she ever disapproved of Oliver’s relationship with Laurel, who was clearly middle class. And she spent a significant amount of time in prison without a single complaint! Like honestly where do you people even get your ideas sometimes????

Yes, Moira was mean to Felicity. But that had nothing to do with her relationship (whatever it was at that point) with Oliver and everything to do with the fact that Felicity knew something that would compromise her children’s love and respect for her. That’s it. If that had never happened, and Felicity really made Oliver happy (or whomever you ship with him, if you don’t ship Olicity), then Moira would be insanely supportive. Because she wants her kids to be happy.

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Yeah that sounds like a great plan. Just like proposing to her like once a week until she says yes. I wonder why you’re relationship was doomed from the start?

I don’t understand how he could spend so much time trying to woo her and then when she finally accepts he neglects her until she cheats on him and then he’s upset and she doesn’t want him to be the Atom but then later she kills to get him back. This relationship is so fucked up.

Samhain (October 31st)

Samhain (pronounced sow-en) is no doubt the most important, though least understood, of the ancient Celtic festivals. Unlike its modern counterparts of Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve, the Witch holiday of Samhain has nothing to do with evil practices or horrific, ghoulish costumes. There are no poison apples or razor blades, no hatchet-faced masks or bloody stumps. Witches do not have green faces! Witches do not wear pointy hats! Tall, pointed hats were simply the fashion of the day among the peasantry during the late Middle Ages. In ancient Celtic times, everybody was a Witch and everybody practiced Witchcraft. Witchcraft was and still is a living religion. It is in fact more than a religion. It is a way of life.

Samhain is a holiday infused with positive energy and filled with hope for our planet’s future. With the icy, cold months of Winter about to begin, it is fitting that on every Samhain Eve the Morrighan, one of a triplicity of Celtic Goddesses with the power to give birth to a new land, celebrates her ritual union with the Dagda, the “Good God”, one of the highest, most illustrious of Celtic Gods. The Morrighan is a Goddess of gigantic proportions, who is straddling the two sides of a river when She encounters the Dagda eating from a cauldron along the river’s edge. Although She possesses a complexity of abilities both good and bad, the Morrighan’s role on this night is to reaffirm life in the face of Winter’s impending hardships and struggles.

To the ancient Celts, this great holiday divided the year into two seasons, Winter and Summer. Samhain is the day on which the Celtic New Year and Winter begin together, so it is a time for both beginnings and endings. On Samhain the ancient tribes celebrated the Celtic Feast of the Dead. Today we continue to honor the memories of our ancestors. This practice has directly influenced countless other religions and folk customs. All Souls’ Day, on November 2nd, commemorates the Christian dead. On Samhain the veil between the worlds of spirit and matter if lifted and the living and dead are more likely to exchange psychic information. On All Souls’ Day the barriers between this world and the next are said to be down and the dead are ominously able to return from their graves. Samhain is a much less frightening celebration. On Samhain Witches perform rituals to keep anything negative from the past- evil, harm, corruption, greed- out of the future. We cast spells to physically contact our deceased forebears and retrieve ancient knowledge, thus preserving the great web that stretches through many generations of human families.   

Samhain is a time for change and a time to look to the future. Today, as in the past, pagans dress for Samhain in a costume reflecting what we hope to achieve in the coming year. How we dress on Samhain is, in a manner of speaking, a Witch’s New Year’s resolution. If we want to be beautiful, we might dress as a butterfly or Faery Queen to ensure that our spiritual journey through life has power and sweetness; if we hope for prosperity and success, we might dress as a princess; or if we want to experience more confidence and strength, we could dress as a wolf or a bear.

The idea of trick-or-treating, though radically altered, is also descended from Witch tradition. In our celebrations, there is no trick, only treat. Witches pull no pranks and perform no mischief on Samhain Eve. After the rituals of the Magic Circle, we go not to the houses of strangers but to the homes of friends to show off our costumes and sample treats.

(Source: Celebrate the Earth A Year of Holidays in the Pagan Tradition by Laurie Cabot and Jean Mills)

I spent some time crying tonight, and it’s all Gail Simone’s fault.

If you knew me at all, or at least read what I’ve written about comics for oh so many years, you’d know that I have a real connection to Ralph Dibny and his wife, Sue Dearborn Dibny. 

His super-sobriquet, The Elongated Man, is a tip of the hat to Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man, more precisely to the film series starring William Powell and Myrna Loy.  They are one of The Wife’s favorite film series, and mine as well, mainly because she introduced me to them.  The banter between Nick and Nora Charles sparkles, and the chemistry between Powell and Loy (they did quite a few other films together as well) made the relationship come alive.

And since The Wife and I often trade a similar level of banter, and have the same schoolkid-adorableness love for each other, I’ve always held a sort of identification with Ralph and Sue. 

So when the events of Identity Crisis unfolded, I took it a bit personally. Not in any psychotic H.E.A.T.ish kind of way, but it was a bit more disappointing to me than it likely was for other people.

Identity Crisis was an inarguably well-written book by Brad Meltzer.  He did some wonderful things in that book - his re-think of The Calculator was IMHO one of the most ingenious of the modern age of comics.  Gail certainly must have thought so, or she wouldn’t have used so often )and so well) in Birds of Prey. We’ll just forget the way he got used near the end, the whole becoming part of the Kilg%re and ending up being Wendy and Marvin’s father - it was all a goddamn mess, one that DC excels at creating, usually just before they plan on rebooting everything, so they figure what the hell, we’re gonna start over anyway, who cares.

But I Digress.  A bit.

Anyway, IC was the first of a series of steps that DC took to more “serious and mature” storytelling, words that sound better than ”Grim and Gritty”, but ultimately are rather similar. In it, Sue Dibny is murdered - more precisely she is incinerated in her own home.  It gets worse - she was pregnant, and about to tell the good news to her husband Ralph.

It gets WORSE - in a flashback, we learn that Sue, alone in the JLA satellite, was attacked and ass-reped by of all people, Doctor Light. (Well, possibly only almost - there’s a bit of debate as to whether of not he actually completed the deed, or simply got as far as ripping the back of her pants off, getting his tonker out, and not quite getting as far as insertion, but as far as I’m concerned, when you’re that close to completion, it’s already rape.)

To say that Ralph is shattered is an understatement.  The book ends with him (I shit you not) talking to the empty half of his wedding bed.  Earlier in the book, Green Arrow suggests the act as a way to cope with the grief, but it’s pretty clear that he’s doing it a little more emphatically than a person who’s trying to move on.  He doesn’t say “good bye”, he says, “good night, I’ll talk to you tomorrow”.

Now that’s a Goddamned hell of a set of events to choke down. Even more so if it’s happening to a couple of characters you so closely identify with. Then was the fact that Doctor Light, a character who had become a recurring villain to the Teen Titans (note that first word) was now a rapist, and had been one throughout all of those Titans adventures.

And you think finding out Captain America is a Nazi was creppy?

I’ll explain how deeply I took the events in this book. This book is my Killing Joke. You know how so many people took Batgirl getting paralyzed in that book? Not the least of which the aforementioned Gail Simone (funny how she keeps popping up in this story, isn’t it?) who started a blog called Women in Refrigerators that helped hang a lampshade on the all-too-common practice of killing of a female friend or lover of a hero for no reason than to make said hero suffer and grow, narratively? That’s how frustrated I was about IC. As much as people loved and identified Babs, I loved Ralph and Sue.

It was the stepping off point DC decided to use when they started to set up Infinite Crisis. Jean Loring, Ray Palmer’s ex-wife, and the person responsible for all the murdering in IC, became the new host for Eclipso. They started making some…stretchy…choices to come up with the setup for all the big changes they were planning.

But interestingly, as with Killing Joke, the events resulted in the single most magnificent story about Ralph Dibny ever.  The events of 52, Ralph’s attempts to resurrect Sue, and their eventual reunion as ghost detectives.

The whole year that 52 was running, my request to the gods of comics was simple - I wanted Ralph and Sue to be together, safe, and happy.  I made it clear that “alive” was not a requirement.  And with the ending, I was happy…well, happy enough.

Flash forward a few years - Gail Simone (remember her? this is an article about Gail Simone…) has been writing for DC for some years now.  She wrote an issue of Action Comics with John Byrne featuring Dr. Psycho. In it, he plays merry hell with a plane full of people, including effectively shutting off the emotions of a young boy.  Now, The Kid is autistic, and at the time this book came out, not nearly as high-functioning as she is now. So that scene always made me well up a bit. I’ve long had to mentally add in that when Psycho was captured and rendered unconscious, the effects wore off.

OK, a few years later, Gail started writing Secret Six, an exemplary book that I enjoyed greatly.  How much? I made this for her…

To fast-forward a bit, DC made a series of choices that many have considered to be a bad move, one of which being cancelling Secret Six. But fret not, a few years (and a few more bad choices) later, they gave the book back to Gail. And as everything else in DC had been, she reinvented it. And she did something much more important. 

She started wiping Identity Crisis off the map.

In the New-52, post-Flashpoint version of the DCU, there was only about five years of history.  The general rule of thumb was if a particular story was not expressly mentioned, it may not have happened. Conversely, if someone could make a case that a particular tale should not have occurred, it could be excised.

So Gail brought back Ralph Dibny.

It wasn’t all that easy - he was now working under a new name, Big Shot, and used his stretching powers to work more like Hannover Fiste in the Captain Sternn adventures from Heavy Metal

And I figured, if Ralph was back…maybe Sue…?


Again, not as easy as all that - he thought she was dead, and was as ripped up about it as he was before. Then she wasn’t, but she was either brainwashed or had amnesia, and that only made it worse for Ralph.

The last issue of Secret Six just came out. In it, Sue has regained her memory, Ralph has returned to his Elongated Man persona, and the cast has what could best be described as a happy ending.

And I cried. A great deal.

It is exceedingly ironic that for all of Geoff Johns’ talk about how he wants to bring back that happy, positive core of the DC Universe again, the first substantive step in that direction was made in a book featuring one of the most wry, cynical, dark-humor laden cast of characters in the DCU.

I cannot tell Gail publicly exactly why this move makes me so happy.  If she wants to know, I shall tell her in private. Suffice to say that having Ralph and Sue back, happy healthy and safe, is very important to me. 

Thank you.

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Where There’s Smoak

A/N: Prompt fill for Anonymous for the letter prompt meme, who requested “A-Fire, flame, excessive heat.” Set somewhere in the middle of Arrow Season 2.5. Read on AO3 here; you can also reblog it on the MTV reblog post here

Felicity Smoak was trying to kill him, that’s all there was to it.

After all the enemies and threats he’d faced the last seven years, his death was going to be at the hands of a tiny blonde computer genius.

Starling City’s very own Arrow, the man who was steadily decreasing the city’s criminal population with the help of his closest friends, had no defense against the charms of one Felicity Megan Smoak.

And it was about to get a whole lot worse.

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'Queen of Hearts' ch.18

Thank you for the continued amazing support for this fic. I’m excited about this chapter. Theres a scene in it that I’ve had written for over six months, so I’m thrilled to finally be able to put it out into the world. 

Small reminder that while this is set in season 2 it is not a direct retelling. I’ll be taking certain plot lines from the show and incorporating them, but not all of them. So don’t assume that because it happened on the show it’s happened in the story. If you haven’t read it then it hasn’t happened. ie. No trip to Russia in my story means Oliver never slept with Isabel. 

Thank you again!! 

Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think! 


Read the new chapter at or ao3

or behind the cut:

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Legends of Tomorrow WonderCon Sizzle

I selected some interesting screen-caps from the trailer that relate somehow to my favorite show: Arrow…I don’t follow to closely Legends of Tomorrow, so  bear with me…

League of Assassins’ Sara … .I can’t wait to see a bit of her backstory!

Teenage Sara arrested and in expecting trouble…This seems to be from the episode where the Time Masters send someone  to hunt down the younger Legends

So…Quentin with hair again?  Interesting…

Felicity on  the wheelchair wearing in the same dress of Episode 4x13 “Sins of the Father”. Maybe this scene occurs before she sends her dad to jail…Does this mean that Ray left to his new mission after that? #confusing

Is this girl another daughter of Ra’s al Ghul? Talia?

She must be the younger version of the recently cast Madison McLaughlin… I am hoping she is in fact the daughter product of the relationship of Nyssa’s mother (Lourdes) and Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow: Black Archer Comics)

I read this actress’ character has some ties to Ray, maybe to his deceased  fiance from the comics Jean Loring?  A daughter form another timeline?

Hawkman is back!! I was sure Kendra was going to run into him eventually… It seems this time he does not remember her…I love their love story!

“Rip Hunter better watch out because Captain Canary is coming in,” Caity Lotz at WonderCon

I found this really entertaining…

Looking forward to see how this develops…