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A/n: This is really short, but I liked the ending so I figured I’d end it there! Let me know if you want a part two. This is also the first X-Men fic I’ve written so. Hopefully, it’s enough to test the waters and see how you guys like it-G

(Also if you haven’t heard the song I got the title from 10/10 would recommend just don’t listen with your parents… or at work)

Pairing: Kurt x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: Swearing

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“That movie fucking sucked” you exclaimed as you and your friends walked out of the movie theater. Jubilee had convinced you all to go see Gymkata. You had no idea why she even wanted to see the film, but you figured you’d all chill at the mall for awhile. Meaning spending the money that was burning a hole in your pocket.

“While I totally agree with you Y/n, you have to remember not to swear cause Kurt’s here,” Jean said to you

“Sorry,” you said turning to the blue boy beside you “it’s a good thing though, it means I’m getting more comfortable around you.”

“It’s alright,” Kurt shrugged “I’m not a child I can handle it.”

“Well in that case” you smirked

“Mein Gott, what have I gotten myself into” Kurt muttered as you walked through the mall.

Your group had walked through about half of the mall before Jean and Scott split off and went to do their own thing, leaving you, Kurt, Jubilee, and Peter. It wasn’t long before you and Jubilee had convinced the boys to go into one of your favorite clothing stores. After picking out a few things for each other you and Jubi put together an outfit for each of the boys.

“I am not putting that on,” Peter exclaimed as your friend handed him his clothes

“Kurt is going to put his on,” you said putting on your best puppy dog eyes

“If Kurt jumped off a bridge I wouldn’t follow him,” the speedster countered

“For fuck’s sake put the damn clothes on,” you said giving up your innocent facade

“Why don’t you make me?” he smirked

“You do know she can right?” Jubilee chimed in

“Fine,” Peter pouted walking into a changing room, Kurt did the same. Both boys returned shortly in their outfits you were surprised at how well they actually pulled off the ridiculous outfits.

“Damn Kurt you look fine,” you whistled

“What about me?” Peter whined

“You look ok” Jubilee grinned

Peter huffed and zoomed to get changed again as you adjusted the clothes Kurt was wearing.

“I think I did a pretty good job,” you said looking at Kurt in the mirror

“I think that I’m going to beat your ass at Paperboy after I get out of these clothes,” Kurt said

“OMG Kurt,” Jubilee exclaimed

“Did you just swear?” you laughed

“Did I do it right?” Kurt asked

“You did perfect” you smiled “I'm proud.”


A/n: I hope you guys liked it! Again let me know if you want a part two, love you all! -G



The teaser will be shown in theatres before ‘Logan’!

jean grey: prefessor xavier is the best thing that could ever happen to young mutants!
scott summers: he’s a great leader, a great teacher, and a great friend
hank mccoy: it’s thanks to charles that we’re all here now

charles xavier: