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GOT7 Reaction to their s/o being low maintenance.

Hiii 🙈Can I please request a Got7 reaction to you being in general a low maintenance kind of girl? Thank you 🌸

Hi there hon, thank you for your request! These are a bit shorter than usual because I don’t think there is much of a reaction to someone being low maintenance, I hope you like it!


JB wanted to provide for you, but he respected  that you didn’t want/need much. He’d buy you the things you liked when you wanted or needed them, and he’d satisfy himself knowing he was making you happy without forcing you into something you didn’t want. He would treat you to something special every now and then, but they’d usually be special gifts that you’d really enjoy. He’d still be a little shocked when you weren’t always wanting things.


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Mark would always think you are being polite and not asking for things, so whenever you were out shopping if you so much as glanced at something he would think you wanted it and would offer to buy it for you. “No no Mark, I really don’t want it! I have no need for it.” “But… I want to get you something!” “Ok, then how about a cheaper shop?” He’d buy you stuff anyway so you’d have to get used to it.


Jackson loves family and staying grounded, so he would be so impressed by you. The fact that you could turn any situation into something enjoyable totally fits Jackson’s personality. He’d thank you every time for turning the basic into something magical, and not demanding much from him just because he has the money available to him. “Next time we go for a walk in the forest I’ll be a damsel in distress and you can save me from the evil ladybugs!”


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“You don’t want a new shirt?” “Why would I when I already have a wardrobe full?” I think as an actor and idol Jinyoung would be used to having lots of things available to him in excessive amounts, and he’d need to always look good and have the products that make him look good. When you weren’t always needing new things I think he would be really interested and would probably try and restrain himself a little bit too. “This would be how we live when I’m no longer an idol, isn’t it?” He’d like that thought.


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“So you’re ok just going to the park with a sandwich from the shop?” Youngjae would be kinda shocked every time you showed how low maintenance you were, but he would laugh each time and clap his hands. He would just feel so NORMAL with you, like he wasn’t an idol, like there were no expectations of him to be a certain way or do certain things. You’d keep him grounded.


I think Bambam would be kinda high-maintenance, he likes having good things in life. So I imagine when he suddenly noticed that you had been doing so much for him whilst you were happy to go along with anything he would feel so sorry for ignoring you a bit because you didn’t ask for much. He’d probably pamper you more then, even if you didn’t want it, just to ease his own guilt.


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I don’t think he’d notice to be honest, it’d just be one of those things in the back of his mind. He’d love that he could just come home and relax with you without having to DO much, because you were happy to chill with a pizza and just cuddle with him on the sofa. He’d be glad his time with you would just be relaxing and calm.