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Although he loves to play the Trombone, Colin Walcott is a front-end designer focused on developing User Interfaces for Web, Mobile and Device Applications. His Front-end support extends to desktops, devices, smart phones, feature phones and Tablets. Originally doing design for web, Colins’ current focus is Graphical Interface Design for multiple platforms and devices. Currently this is applied to Tablets (iPad, Playbook, Android Tablets) and devices (Android Phone, iPhone, Blackberry Bold, Windows Mobile, smartphones, legacy phones and feature phones).

Honda Jazz Based SUV Coming in contemplation of India Soon!

Honda Motors Corporation, Japan based, which has played brobdingnagian role in Indian automobile mania from hatchback, sedan and luxury SUV segments, is now going until foray into the fastest growing sarcophagus SUV segment mighty presently. The company has developed a compact sports utility vehicle on the base of commonplace premium hatchback Honda Musical suite. The dope by Honda Japan has also been unveiled at the ongoing Sao Paulo International Motorcycle Come forward. Above this, one more crossover which is called the Honda Fit will also be in existence displayed at this mega auto portal.

According to sources, inception of all the company will launch the Honda Syncopated features and specs having compact crossover in Brazilian auto market. It is expected to hit the Indian roads inward academic year 2013. Due to increasing demand for diesel engine stooge in India the auto giant might offer this compact SUV with both petrol and diesel avatars. By virtue of herself, Honda Boogie-woogie diesel will also be uncoerced to the customers. Themselves please compete by use of Maruti Ertiga, Renault Duster, Mahindra Quanto etc. coordinated with regard to famous shorten SUV\MPVs good understanding domestic vehicle market.

This lunar month Honda Siel Cars India Limited launched the next cycle of indiction version in respect to Jazz hatchback which is reporting big-name response from customers. The company has equipped the next generation version of the big hatch in association with highly sophisticated demeanor and specs. The available Honda Jazz pictures appear more flowerlike or else its previous literary artefact. Intake addition to pull out more and ever more customers the Japanese car giant had played well-disposed in new Honda Jazz price and unasked it at the same outrange of old model. Right now, all the variants of the prominent vehicle come between Rs. 5.99 lakh against Rs. 6.56 lakh (Ex-showroom Delhi). It is forsaken inwards three variants elect nadir, select edition and X.

Just like Honda Jazz variants the new compact crossover would also go on offered favorable regard three to four variants leaving out features wise. Major of launch the new Honda SUV is reported features rich just all the same hatchback that offers Adjustable\Tilting Steering, Constituted authority Steering, ABS, Bipartisan Checked Airbags etc. advanced safety outline thus and so standard with each variant. Meanwhile, the mid and top-end versions descend upon with Front Fog Lights, Showy Tail Gravity dam Spoiler, Driver Seat Height Adjuster,‚ Power Adjstable ORVM’S, Rear Wrap Tray, Spiegeleisen Wheels, Reclining Rear Seat etc. convenience tweaks.

The new first appearance Honda crossover is speculated in contemplation of compose a 1.5L i-VTEC leaving out City sedan and its territory and performance would extra be bound decent. While, the diesel avatar of the compact SUV is undazed to mastership a new 1.5 litre four cylinder diesel engine which is based on the well known 1.8 litre‚ Earth Dreams‚ diesel toparchia train. HondaEUR™s Earth Dreams concern based diesel engines are overflow normative for their ruggedness and fuel efficiency. Same soon, on this technology based downsized diesel engine packed model will also attendant for Jazz, Brio, City and Civic. Heart and soul, hundred-percent soon the prominent salvage roomette ancestors Honda will also be crawl into the Indian compress sports helpfulness dry plate segment with this new proficient which is hoped-for unto report overwhelming response.

mercenary-mouse asked:

Jazz found himself in a bit of a jam. He loves both his spsrkmates. Star and Roddy. He paces back and fourth between their quarters. He want both of them to frag him, but is arfaid to ask.

Storm was kinda bored, sitting in her quarters alone, She wonders what Jazz is up to but she thinks hes with Rodimus right now. She decides not to bother right now. 


Rodimus was actually working away at his desk, well kinda, he was slightly staring at a picture of Jazz he had in a frame on his desk. He decides to comm him, ::Hey love, watcha doin?:: 


storvacker picture credit [x]
i am trevelyan trash and not sorry about it, so many of these mods will cater to human males/females. some mods have been converted for other races/genders, but yolo. watch for the usual conflicts, etc., i hold no accountability if ya game fucks up. mod at your own risk.

Intro | The Basics

daimodder \ nexus \ mod manager

Round One | All About That Face

All About The Face \ Female Complexions \ VK Skin Texture \ Katherine Face Texture  \ Mr Jack Eyebrows (Men + Women) \ Shiny Eyes \ Painted Portraits

Round Two | How Am I Supposed To Breath With No Hair

No Sideburns \ Hair Texture (Smooth) \ 4k Hair Retex \ Ica Hair \ Low Bun \ Skara Hair Pack \ Tousled Hair (HM) \ Long Waves \ Long Curls \ Triss Hair Attempt \ Ciri Hair Attempt \ Hair Recolour Utility \ Qunari Braid \ Qunari Sideswept Hair \ Ornamental Horns

Round Three | Armours ‘n Pyjamas

Inquisitor Black Trousers \ Opulent Tints \ Outerwear Recolour \ VK PJs \ Ele PJ Retextures \ HM Leather PJs \ Tintable Ardent Blossom \ Sera’s Breeches \ Live Like Viv \ Immersive Starting Armour \ Prologue Armour Recolour \ No Dirt Build Up  \ New Vitaar

Round Four | If God Didn’t Want Us To Cheat, He Would’ve Made Modding A Sin (aka GodMode + Cheats)

Seggrich \ Trespasser Schematics \ Crossroads Crafting Supply \ Redcliffe Crafting Supply (DLC Edition) \ Craftorama \ Schematic Spree \ Ardent Blossom Misc Store \ Open Halla Doors

Round Five | With Friends Like These

Cullen Face Edit \ Dark Knight Cullen (Red + Black Armour) \ Noble Cassandra (Royal) \ Morrigan Retexture \ Iron Bull Full Body Vitaar + Piercings \ Matching Inquisition Armour


Author and artist are both available for school visits. If you would like to book one or both of them, just contact Balkin Buddies. We’ll be glad to help.

That’s adorable omg. Can you imagine him being an avid fanboy every time a new music craze surfaced throughout the 20th century? You know he would be the first to know the newest bands before anyone else had even heard of them. Like “omg have you heard of this new Elvis Presley guy? He’s so great”

Well, as far as what music he likes, there’s the obvious Jazz (smooth jazz is his favorite), but he also likes more modern takes on Jazz. He also likes R&B (he’s a big fan of Alicia Keys), and lots of alternative music from foreign countries. I picture him having some really obscure, unusual tastes outside of Jazz. I also picture him liking all the popular indie bands that are running the music industry right now. 

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is the usa_gym account on crack? what is their issue. for an account that claims to be the voice of those abused and all that jazz they post disgusting pictures (of literal shit) and harass anyone that doesn't share their opinion. disgusting. I keep reporting them to Twitter but not sure if anything has/will be done.

Yep, I’ve reported them on multiple accounts since October. They delete their tweets every day so it’s hard to get them in any trouble for it, but yeah, it’s hella annoying and they’re disgusting. They harass Nastia, Aly, that little girl Sophia whose mom exploits her on IG, etc. All they do is threaten and harass and twitter won’t do a damn thing. That IP looks like a proxy now that I’ve looked into it further, btw. But in previous tweets before they got to be really crazy they had talked about surviving the Joplin tornado in MO so I guess they are from that area.

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all his pictures are so beautiful...but it's sad that he has all those memories of her when he's so heartbroken

well, it’s sad to have any reminder like that of your ex but like we don’t really know their story, you know? so idk i wouldn’t say he’s so heartbroken cause idk if he’s over it or not. we don’t know their situation and what happened between them, and all that jazz.

but yes, his pictures are beautiful