60# Soft Klance of the Day: From spending so much time together they start picking up speaking and gesture habits from the other.
Keith throws his hands in the air when he gets angry and starts using what Pidge calls the ‘typical Lance expressions’.
Lance, apart from mirroring Keith stance whenever he is in the room, starts closing his eyes when he is annoyed.
Neither of them notice this but everyone else does.

Trina headcanons bc I don’t see enough of my mom on tumblr dot com

  • Trina is a fan of some older technology that started coming back (ex. keeps one of those on-wall house phones, record player, probably has a polaroid honestly, overall she just loves the feel of older things)
  • Trina’s favorite thing is physical affection. She definitely loves being complimented, but if you put a hand on her leg when you talk to her and stuff like that it makes her at least 10x more attentive??
  • Trina majored in art in college, but never pursued a career in it because she didn’t deem her art ‘good enough.’
  • A perfectionist when it comes to art, and will trash a piece if it doesn’t come out the way she planned and can’t be redeemed
  • Uses Whizzer’s photographs for art inspo when she’s having an art block
  • Usually paints people she knows, but doesn’t often show them the paintings
  • She always write Mendel little love letters and Jason little notes in his lunchbox. They’re almost always covered in little doodles of flowers (roses mainly)
  • Played Violin in highschool, and still owns her old Violin but never really plays. She can remember a few songs though
  • Trina’s closet is practically 15% solid colors, 50% floral patterns, and the rest is just? random patterns. It’s also mostly sweaters, skirts, and dress shirts with the occasional pair of mom jeans
  • She definitely owns a lot of flowery lingerie but almost never wears it aside from “special” occasions
  • Goes to the gym at least once every week as well as working out at home with Mendel.
  • Pretty great at cooking, and knows quite an impressive amount of kosher recipes that she just adores
  • She gets bitter SO quick guys. So quick.
  • She wears a lot of jewelry? But among that is always her wedding ring and if she’s not wearing it on her finger she’s wearing it on a necklace
  • Loves scented candles?? SO much?? Literally anytime she will she a new kind she just stops and is ‘we need to go in there I need that.’ She probably has about 50+ but does that stop her? Nope
  • She still kept the wedding ring Marvin gave her, but it’s in a small box in her drawer and she sees the box but never opens it
  • About an inch taller than Mendel, and CONSTANTLY teases him about it
  • The literal worst passenger driver ever. You’re never doing anything right and her road rage is full fledge at all times
  • Trina is such an obnoxious drunk. She’s loud and giggly and makes dumb jokes and hangs all over everyone. The only exception is if someone brings up something upsetting, then she just cries for hours on end and apologizes forever
  • Trina has a separate room in the house where she just does art and listens to music and chills out and it’s her favorite thing ever
  • She honestly has some kind of addiction to kosher coffee and it’s not healthy at all but she lives on it so
  • Trina cries SO much?? Literally always crying. She cries when she’s angry or sad or happy she’s just always crying
  • Such a pinterest mom. Always finds new recipes or crafts or things off of pinterest, and somehow always nails them too????
  • Honestly has a pretty nice body for a mother. Due to working out so much she stays pretty slim but also has a fair amount of muscle and also a really nice butt. She can only thank squats for that one.
  • Addicted to candy crush
  • Such a cat lady??? Loves cats honestly so much
  • Has one of the most ridiculous laughs? Esp with a little snort at the end it’s so much

I was at a talk recently and a question came up about whether or not Marvel’s taking flak or a sales hit from “forcing” diversity into their titles and if a drop in income is linked to the shit-fit from reactionaries on social media, and it’s like, how would you even begin to tease that out as a general trend–“Marvel sees sales dip”–from a loss of income due to, for instance, taking Captain America and making him a fucking Nazi?

Like, I am just generally not interested in Black Panther as a character, but I’ll read an entire twelve-issue story arc about fucking Wakandan property tax reform starring T’Challa’s least favorite cousin at sticker price before I pay one red cent to have Nick Spencer-sockpuppet Steve Rogers maunder at me about the benefits of racist authoritarianism for half a page.  And I somehow doubt I’m the only one making that sort of call.

anonymous asked:

I love BokuKonoAka so much, it's one of my favorite OT3s, but I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for them. Would any of the admins have any headcanons for them, by chance? (Pretty please?)

Got ya covered m’guy

  • Bokuto and Akaashi suck ass at cooking and Konoha absolutely forbids them from setting foot in any kitchen.
  • It includes when he’s cooking because Bokuto likes to hug him from behind and he’s too gay to function when that happens.
  • They’ve had two kitchen fires because of this.
  • Akaashi likes to read before bed and sometimes reads to his bfs.
  • It puts Bokuto to sleep in a second but Konoha does his best to stay awake bc he likes hearing Akaashi’s voice.
  • Bokuto likes teasing Konoha about their height difference. All two inches of it.
  • One time Akaashi finished having a shower when his bfs were over and walked out in nothing but a towel. Bokuto fainted and Konoha started crying.
  • Konoha sings a lot at the most random times. He’ll be trying to brush his teeth and sing How Far I’ll Go at the same time and Bokuto and Akaashi thinks it’s so fuckin adorable.
  • Akaashi gets really clingy when he’s sleepy so whenever they go to sleep together they all cuddle up, with Bokuto often in the middle holding Akaashi and Konoha as they hold hands on his chest.
  • Waking up is a different story. Usually Bokuto is laying sideways on top of Konoha who’s half off the bed while Akaashi is curled on a pillow after stealing all the blankets.

TitleHot Males @ Hot Springs Dot Com
Fandom: Borderlands
Relationships: Timothy Lawrence/Rhys
Warnings: fluff. a disgusting amount of fluff. it’s all fluff, really

Checking in at the resort is easy, with the Atlas name and Rhys’ own charm smoothing the way. Their bags, the head porter assures them with a handwave at the imposing bot next to him, will be situated in their private lodge shortly, which leaves them free to go explore the grounds if they wish.

Rhys exchanges a glance with Tim, who looks a lot more at ease now that he’s on solid ground.

“Up to you, babe,” Tim says, shoulders loose, cheeks pinked from the cold air outside, and hair tousled from the beanie now in his hands. He grins at Rhys, the left corner of his mouth quirking up higher than the right, and Rhys finds that the thin air of the mountain may or may not be harder to breathe than he’d expected.

Rhys and Tim go on vacation to a hot spring in the mountains. Fondue and feelings are had.

when you can’t let kids flip the bird

(This is at the LARP camp I work at)

Best piece of world lore ever established (since we can’t let the kids flip the bird at people, and we can’t flip the bird at them): the most obscene, rude gesture you can possibly do at someone is jazz hands.

One kid has a pet gnome, and the description literally says “tiny gnome, constantly does vigorous jazz hands”

Or my group confronting the villain, and one kid goes “hey, jerk!” and just AGGRESSIVE JAZZ HANDS

The other thing that came up at the talk was whether or not Marvel was reaching market saturation point, which I think betrayed a fundamental lack of understanding about what more diverse lines are meant to do.

Like, if you look at the comics-reading audience as “15- to 29-year-old straight white guys,” then it makes sense to talk about market saturation because there’s only so many comics you can reasonably sell to a limited audience with finite disposable income.  If you look at the comics-reading audience as “anyone who can read,” then the conversation becomes about how to pitch to people who aren’t currently giving you money and produce for them in a viable way, and the limiting factor is how effectively you can market and deliver to a new niche.

This is especially true if you give new properties the Deadpool/Squirrelgirl treatment.  Don’t ask the creative team to take the property super-seriously all the time.  Let it be fun.  Let the stakes be low sometimes, let the climax of an issue be a character having a personal epiphany instead of winning a fight, let the protagonist have a life outside punching people.  Imply a division between the property and canon-canon that lets you reduce editorial adherence to whatever cross-title bullshit you’re currently promoting, which both reduces support-staff timesuck and keeps the property accessible to ride-or-die fans of that particular property and casual/baby fans in general.  Hire writers and artists who are excited to work on the property on its own merits.

The question genuinely isn’t “how do we get 15- to 29-year-old straight white guys to read comics about non-15- to -29-year-old straight white guys,” though that is, yes, a question.  The much more profitable question is “how do we get people who aren’t currently reading comics to read our comics,” and a big part of the answer is to just stop turning them off.  

Give them a hero they don’t have to do mental backflips to really identify with, don’t make them read with three comicsvine tabs open to figure out why the world is mysteriously ending in this issue, hire writers and artists who don’t add to the hostile background static of existing while ________.  And it’s not a zero-sum game.  There’s not like a set number of titles that Marvel or Image or DC can put out, especially with digital distribution.  Adding Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur to the line-up didn’t mean Actual Responsible Human Being Spider-Man! had to be cancelled to make room for it.  If you brand appropriately to let new fans know which titles are easier to get into without knowing the universe and resist the urge to get stupid the second new properties seem to be showing bankability, it’s picking money back up off the table that’s been left there for a generation.

@pjofemslashminibang gave me the opportunity to work with @piper-mccool on a Ladizel (Lacy/Sadie/Hazel) aesthetic inspired by her fic, “Jazz Hands”! This was my first time entering a minibang as an artist, my first time using an actual moodboard creator instead of just throwing something together (this was made on Canva.com which I highly recommend), *and* my first time creating fanwork for a poly ship, so I definitely expanded my horizons a lot. Thanks @piper-mccool for working with me!