Jayne Atkinson


As Frank deals with a new threat to his candidacy, Claire has doubts about their plan. Claire faces a difficult decision concerning her mother’s health (Spoilers: AKA as the one where a pissed off Cathy Durant goes rogue and makes the mistake of telling Frank she’s not afraid of him. Poor Cathy, one minute she’s waltzing at the prom with Frank and the next she’s staring down the sheath of a menacing letter opener. Then there was that whole *did he or didn’t he* murder Zoe and Peter psych-out. Be afraid Cathy. Be very afraid. Also, Frank and Claire are now the ultimate power couple, with smitten kitten Tom Yates in tow…Wardrobe gets a gold star for Frank’s Air Force One flight jacket!)


At the convention, Frank and his team publicly push for Secretary of State Durant to be chosen as his running mate, but privately push a different agenda. (Spoilers: AKA as the one where Cathy Durant smells a rat by the name of Underwood. Make that two rats… Also, Frank nearly chokes on his rubbery turkey sandwich before listening in on Rick Flag’s Will Conway’s secret bathroom conversation)


Jayne Atkinson in Criminal Minds: Season 8 - The Profiler’s Handbook: Obsessive Imitation (Special Features)

↳"I’ve had such a great run playing this character - I mean I’ve done this for seven years, and I feel that it’s okay. You know, I feel that really, I have served my purpose and coming to the side of the team is really a great arc for her. I mean, if you put her all together, it’s been a great arc. And I’m okay. I’m okay with it. I’ll miss her, you know, but I’m okay.“