Image of Jayaben Desai. Found this via Brown People who found it here.

This pioneer of Asian women workers’ movement in Britain, died after a brief illness. She was 77. She is survived by her husband and two sons. The diminutive India-born Ms. Desai, who moved to Britain from Tanzania in 1969, came to be known as a “lioness” for her role in leading the two-year long strike at the Grunwick Film Processing Laboratories, north London, in the 1970s to demand union recognition for its largely Asian and female workforce. [link]

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Grunwick Strike 1976-78 

The Grunwick dispute was an industrial dispute involving trade union recognition at the Grunwick Film Processing Laboratories in Willesden

Grunwick dispute became a cause célèbre of trade unionism and labour relations law, and “at its height involved thousands of Trade Unionists and police in confrontations

 The mostly female, immigrant, East African Asian strikers – dubbed "strikers in saris” by the news media – were led by Jayaben Desai, whose membership of the union was later suspended following her hunger strike outside the Trades Union Congress (TUC) headquarters in November 1977.

 This was also the first dispute where the majority of strikers were from an ethnic minority received widespread support from the labour movement.