If you did a word association with actor Kevin James, the words “star athlete” would probably be ranked six or seven results lower than “Adam Sandler charity.” The heavyset comedian is better known for playing sad sacks and blue-collar working men (the two are not mutually exclusive). And yet, in high school he was the star of the wrestling team, totally eclipsing one of his teammates, Michael Foley, better known as Mick “bestselling author and hardcore wrestling legend” Foley. Foley is most recognizable as Mankind, the masked lunatic who rose to WWE stardom in the late 1990s by throwing himself headfirst into every kind of violence imaginable.

It’s easy to imagine James as being the comedic foil to Foley’s wrestling champion back in high school, but both men agree that James was the better wrestler. Foley looked up to Kevin James, whom he considered “the toughest kid in school” (again, this is in reference to the man who would eventually enjoy his greatest box office success as Paul Blart: Mall Cop). According to James: “We were both heavyweights. And I used to take him down all the time.”

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“Gender roles are reversed in a short film called ‘The Flip Side’ directed by Jay Diaz. It’s the woman’s turn to wait in lines, start cheesy pick up lines and be turned down by the guys who dance all night.”