I love bey, nicki, jay & all, and appreciate their hard work. But I personally find the tidal thing is going to far. I mean, $19.99 per month?? And as a strike for illegal streaming, they are about to take away their music from youtube, spotify, soundcloud etc, as an excuse that they did not get any money for it. I understand it is their work, and they should get payed for it. But aren’t you earning enough anyway? Do you get that much loss?? The reason why people stream your music for free is because not everyone can afford that much. People still struggling paying education fee, we even are picky about our food. And really you going to turn music into business as well? Music is what we all got left that can bring us alive and happiness. Isn’t that music is universal? Isn’t that the most important is that people do like what you create? I guess i was wrong. At the end it is all about the money. I am sorry jay, you’re not making history, but you make the world become more capitalist.

I am very disappointed