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Title: I Know | Part 1

description: Mistakes don’t always have to be a bad thing and in this case, she’d make as many mistakes as it took to relive this night all over again.

word Count: 2.8k

warnings: mature content

a/n: It’s been so long since I’ve written anything especially smut, but hopefully you guys will enjoy this. Feedback means a lot so I’d definitely appreciate any that way I‘ll know if this series should be continued!

There was a fine line between innocent gestures and underlying intentions, both of which you had a hard time differentiating after a drink or two. From the moment you arrived, the two of you occasionally exchanged hinting glances — yours more bashful than his.

Something about the way he looked caught your attention. You leaned forward, sitting on the edge of your seat to get a better look at the dark haired boy. He was handsome, that was obvious to anyone in the room.

You never intend on keeping the company of a complete stranger, but there was an odd sense of chemistry and conversation that settled so smoothly between the two of you. A simple “excuse me,” turned into fluttered smiles and intoxicated laughter.

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[2016.12.10] 🍻 #AOMG 3rd Anniversary 🍻

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Kiseok trying to finds tactics to flirt with you : Kiseok - So , Seung Hwa , i know that you have a friendship with (y/n) and i wanted to know how could i approach her ? Gray - (sigh) Approach ? You think she’s a beast. Hyung, just go ! Kiseok - I know but she is not like the others girls, she has something that makes me hesitate ! (Stare at you ) Gray - Huh, about what ? Kiseok - I’m not confident anymore…By the way , what’s her ideal type ? Gray - This hyung , she likes young men, younger than her. Hum, someone who has abs like Jaebum-ssi ; sexy voice like Elo ; producer like me. Oh , i forgot cutiepie face like Loco ! Kiseok - Serious… Seriously !!!?? Gray - I’m kidding, she likes you ! Kiseok - Oh really ?? 😆 Gray - ( burst laughing 😂 ) No i’m kidding. Kiseok - This idiot.

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