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[TRANS] Swings talks about Jay Park in his interview with HIPHOPLE
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LE: You rearranged ‘I’ll Be There’ for the guitar and released the song with Jay Park. Firstly, at that time nothing came to the surface to assume that you had a connection with Jay Park, though Jay Park started his solo activities back then in 2011. Seeing that you did shout out to World Wide released this year on SNS, you seem to be deeply connected with Jay Park and I think you have respect for Jay Park as an artist and as a human.

Swings: Right. It’s surprising because I thought Jay Park would never be brought up in this interview. I want to tell you this, he’s the most amazing CEO in Korea I have ever seen. After me. He sacrifices himself for his family, so severely. I’m revealing this freely, 90% of CEOs in Korea are just trash. I’ve been through a lot of them, they just want to suck the kids, I can’t feel that they want to make them grow.

LE: You mean in the show business?

Swings: Yes, but Jay Park is different. We can see clearly that he really takes care of his people. He presents necklace(pendant), makes many of them feature on his album…. and he’s hustling. He writes it in the lyrics 'I can suffer from hardships little bit longer’. After I saw that lyrics in his recent album, I could see clearly what’s on his mind. I could see it all the time. And he never does politics. As we discussed before, he never does shameless/mean politics. As you know, he has power in kpop business or hiphop scene, then he could abuse his power as much as he wanted, but I can see him adopting the regular tactics only. Including his latest album. He doesn’t write cheap stories, he writes 'I like all of you and I respect you all, Let’s work together’ and 'I will improve my rap’ I can see it instantly. That’s why I think he’s the most amazing CEO in Korea I have ever seen. See how much his rap has improved. Now his rap has reached the top grade. That’s why I did shout out to him, the person like you should become famous, the person like you should make money, but strangely to say, we still use the honorific each other. We still use the honorific and try to avoid. It’s very funny. Our relationship is like 'Come to the party’ 'OK! I will!’ and never show up, but we respect each other from a distance. Mr. Jay is a great person himself.

Jay Park as a boyfriend...
  • cute good morning texts
  • him always checking up on you while he’s gone
    • making sure you’re safe, that you’re eating and sleeping enough
  • surprising him at the studio while he’s working late
  • bringing him food that you know he probably won’t eat because he has so much work to do
    • but he appreciates the gesture anyways
  • being the first one to hear his new songs
  • and he takes your opinion so serious
    • because you’re his inspiration for a lot of his songs
  • him being protective, but not in a overbearing or bad way
    • just making sure guys knew you weren’t single
    • cause you were his girl and he loved you with all his heart
    • and he’d hate if anything ever happened to you
  • cute spontaneous dates
    • like he’ll just take you out for dinner, or take you shopping, but there’s no warning
    • and you just have to go along with it cause there’s no telling him no
  • lots of FaceTiming because he’s gone a lot, and he always misses you
  • you occasionally showing up to his shows to surprise him
    • and he is speechless not knowing what to say
    • but he tries to act cool cause he’s gotta keep his tough guy image
      • even though everyone knows he’s a big softie
  • the AOMg guys all calling you Mrs. CEO
    • which always makes Jay blush, just thinking about being married to you
  • but it’s not like you two haven’t talked about it before
    • you’ve talked about it a few times actually
      • what your wedding would be like, who you would invite, what your first dance song would be…
    • you’ve even talked about having kids
  • and talks like that only make him love you more, seeing how excited you get about the future
  • and he knows that one day all the things you talk about will become a reality
  • because you two love each other so much, and nothing will ever change that
A Funny Business (II)

Summary: Jay brings you out to a second date, and this time you’re no longer pretending to be your friend. What will happen when he tells you that he likes you?

Part I | Part II

Just three more steps, you cried inside as if the prospect of lifting your feet to the next step was the hardest thing to do. As you landed on to the next step, you clutched a hand on the railing for your dear life while your other hand reached to wipe the beads of sweat forming on your forehead.

You hauled your body for the last two steps, mentally cursing why you had to meet Jay on the third level of the restaurant when there were a lot of empty tables on the first and second floors.

When you finally landed on the third level, short of breath and hands on your knees, you took a moment to rest. Yes, you needed to start on an exercise soon before your bones break by the time you reach the age of 30, and that was just in a few years.

“I’m here!” You announced rather too sluggish once you straightened your body and flailed your arms up. The floor was empty and for a second you thought you went to the wrong place, but as your eyes scanned the area you spotted a familiar face staring at you, amused.

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So they finally broadcasted Jay Park & Loco’s My Little Television segment on tv and they actually included the footage of Jay drooling hahahaha…. now the entire nation can see him drooling on air xDDD plus he made the show into a comedy lmao. Full clips below. [daum links]

Bts clips from the recording…plus Loco bboying hilarity xD

Jay Park teaching Loco how to bboy

Preview for the next episode bit with Jay and Loco in school uniforms 

anonymous asked:

Jay park scenario where you have sex in his office and simon d walks in on you. Thanks 🤗

The table squeaked as it rocked back and froth. Muffled moans and skin slapping against skin fills the office. It probably wasn’t the best idea to have sex at his place of work but you hadn’t see Jay in more then two week.

“You like that baby?” he rasped into your ear.

Being unable to form a coherent sentence you simply nodded your head as you lay chest flat on the desk, the cold glass making your nipples hard. Jay smirked as he pulled your leg up onto the desk sinking deeper into you. Unable to hold back you let out a high pitched moan. Suddenly being quiet was the last of your worries. 

“Fuck baby you feel so good.” Jay said as he snapped his hips into you.

“More Jay please, fuck me harder.” and with that he slammed into you full force as if he intended to break you but you loved every bit of it. Moaning along with each thrust neither of you noticed the sound of the door opening.

“Jay what the fuck are you watching porn in he-” 

Both of you turned your heads to find a very stunned Simon. Jay fumbled trying to pull his pants back up as he tossed you your shirt. 

“I didn’t see shit this is not happening” Simon said as he closed the door.

You both finished putting your clothes back on as you heard Simon yell that Jay owed him big time if he wants to keep this a secret. Jay simply buried his face in his hands. You couldn’t help but giggle. 

“Maybe next time we should lock the door.”    

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How you enjoy~ :3

One Reason (Jay Park)

Anonymous asked: Hello love! Can I request a scenario with Jay Park? Where he’s interested in a girl, and he asks her out but she thinks he’s messing with her because she’s not what she thinks he would go after (i.e taller, and thicker/bigger than the girls he’d go after) and she rejects him? Thank you in advanced and I love your writing! :D

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    You laughed as Jay finished telling you an account of his late night out with Hyukwoo and Sunghwa, during which he had ended up as the designated driver of both of them after a long night of foolish antics. “Wow,” you said finally, “You guys party hard, eh?”

    “Well, they sure did. I would have liked to, but someone had to be the responsible one,” he said and you chuckled at how salty he sounded about it.

    “So, how are you getting revenge?”

    “I dropped them off at Sunghwa’s mom’s house afterward, so they’d have to wake up to her scolding in the morning. They’ll be embarrassed enough to not leave me out next time,” he said.

     “Solid plan,” you said.

    “Hey, I have something to ask you,” he said, looking down at his coffee mug as he swirled the dregs in the bottom of it.

    “Yeah?” you asked.

    “Do you want to go on a date tomorrow?”

    Your brow furrowed. Why would he be asking you that? “Are you asking for someone else?” you asked incredulously.

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[My Little TV] Jay Park teaches Loco how to bboy dance

I was tagged by the beauitful @awkwardshownu, thanks for tagging me :)

Rules: pick 10 biases at random and answer the 20 questions below

1) Wonho 

2) Jay Park

3) Hwasa

4) Minhyuk

5) G Dragon

6) Hyuna

7) CL


9)  IRON

10) B.I 

1. Between 3 & 6 whose most recent concept did you like more? Hyuna

2. Between 2 & 10 who would you rather be stranded on an island with? Jay Park 

3. Between 4 & 8 who would you trust to take care of you when you were drunk?  Minhyuk 

4. Between 1 & 2 who would you go to jail for?  Wonho 100%

5. Between 5 & 9 who is a better visual to you? DEAN

6. Between 7 & 8 who would you rather save from a sinking ship? CL

7. Between 6 & 10 who would you rather have a movie marathon with? B.I

8. Between 1 & 10 who do you think makes a better first impression? Jay Park because Wonho can get a little shy while, Jay Park has a big smile on his face and is more talkative.

9. Between 3 & 7 who would you rather kiss in the rain? Hwasa

10. Between 5 & 6 who would you rather have a Summer Fling with? G Dragon that be magical

11. Between 5 & 7 who would you rather do drugs with? G Dragon

12. Between 3 & 8 who would you bring home to the parents? Minhyuk honestly I think my parents would like him. 

13. Between 9 & 10 whose wardrobe do you want more? IRON

14. Between 4 & 10 who would you be more surprised to see cry? CL 

15. Between 1 & 4 who would rather kiss you on the forehead? WONHO <3

16. Between 2 & 3 who would rather hug you from behind? Jay Park cause them muscles 

17. Between 5 & 2 whose group (if they’re in one) do you stan more? Jay Park

18. Between 4 & 9 who is higher up on your bias list? Minhyuk

19. Between 1 & 7 who would you open your door for during the purge? Wonho I risk it for him

20. Between 6 & 9 who would you rather go to a haunted house with? CL 

this took awhile but it was fun :D

So I am gonna tag @junhhoes @taeqyung @baepsae–trash @joojoobaabyy @mylifeiskpoptrash and anyone eles who wants to do it


The Adventures of Hep & Jay. How fxcked up tho, I would be so mad lol


IT’S TIME TO PLAY: Umbro X Jay Park