Chicago PD: “Descent” 6x09 Review/Thoughts

Jon. Seda. Did. Not. Come. To. Play… His best episode on PD.

The scene when he breaks down in front of Voight was so heart wrenching, I almost didn’t want to watch it. I felt uncomfortable because we’re so used to seeing Antonio as the put together cop out of the Intelligence squad. To see him admit to Voight and admit to himself that he has a problem was hard to watch and that speaks well on Jon’s talent in this scene. I don’t like Voight, but the dynamic between him and Antonio is something that I’ve always admired, so him being there for him the way he was was nice to see. It’s hard to believe that their first interactions was Antonio arresting him on Fire lol. #brothers

I was holding in my breath in the scene where Antonio tells the team about his problem. The mixed set of reactions from everyone was expected, and I definitely empathized with Kim. She seemed so disappointed, probably not only because of his problem, but also because he didn’t come to her about it even after she tried to get him to fess up. I hope they explore that when the show comes back in January. They’re an underrated partnership and this shouldn’t just get swept under the rug. If/when things back to normal, I could see her having trust issues with him and this causing a rift. Again, it’s so weird to see Antonio on this side of the conflict because he’s always the one who’s got his shit together. There might be a dramatic shift in his character that changes the dynamics of the team. Some might look at him differently after everything that’s happened which leads to in-house rifts. I’m kind of tired of that, since this is been happening since before Al died, but I could see it going either that direction or making the Intelligence squad tighter than it’s ever been.

Poor Eva. She didn’t deserve any of this. If the actress appears in future episodes, it’d be interesting to see her reaction to his drug problem. Will she blame him for what happened to her? Will she move out? Does it completely damage their relationship? I saw some criticism of Laura in this episode. I don’t like her, but this is the second time one of her children have been kidnapped. She was scared, angry, and in shock. I’d say her reaction was completely within reason given the circumstances. Was it productive in placing blame at that given moment? No, but it was a very real and visceral response to the situation. Also, Antonio may be struggling with addiction, but that does not mean that his actions did not contribute to Eva being kidnapped. It wasn’t appropriate given the time, but who thinks clearly when their child is in mortal danger? I don’t blame her one bit. Nonetheless, I know Antonio is going to live with this guilt for the rest of his life. Laura didn’t help, but whether she had torn him down like that or not, this is going to be something that Antonio carries with him forever.

That last scene had me shook to my core. I’m optimistic because Antonio is my favorite PD character and maybe even one of my top characters in the entire Chicago fandom, but I just don’t see him coming back from him. I truly don’t. It’s just too much. His actions led to his daughter being kidnapped and possibly raped. That’s a lot in and of itself, but he “unjustly” killed a guy. I say “unjustly” because the mofo got what was coming to him, but still it wasn’t a “justifiable” death in terms of protocol and such. I doubt he’ll feel much remorse for the killing itself, but Antonio has a substantial moral compass that just wouldn’t allow him to completely bury this imo. Especially, if Adam tries to cover it up as suggested in the promo (Adam is ride or die!!). He would not let Adam take the fall if something were to happen and questions start to arise. I don’t even think he’d have a free conscience if he simply knew that Adam covered for him. Others have suggested that the whole team cover for Antonio, which I could definitely see (urggh idk about Hailey), but I could also see Antonio simply fessing up and owning what he did. That’s really the most in-character thing I see him doing regarding the situation. It makes me scared because this could really drag on for the rest of the season, and season 6 is usually when main cast members’ contract ends and they decide whether to leave or stay. If Jon Seda decides to leave, this would be the perfect exit for Antonio, which is why I’m not liking this at all lol.

Unrelated to most of the episode, but both Hailey and Adam were cute as hell in this episode. Hailey’s commitment issues are adorable. Home girl was like “Our what?!” in the opening scene lol. I think that scene probably eased the minds of the people who don’t ship Upzek because it showed that this is still just a casual, no-label thing. However, I could see this being the opening to future developments of them into a real couple. Idk, but I’m liking the dynamic between them right now. I live for everytime she puts him in his place lol. Adam, Kevin, and Jay ganging up on the guy who put his hands on Hailey was funny #squadgoals. It doesn’t matter if it’s platonic or romantic, I ship Hailey with everyone on the team besides Voight lol. That’s my girl.

All in all, this was a great episode, although a little irritating to watch as an Antonio fan. Jon Seda’s best episode by far!!! I was annoyed that they pulled Antonio to do something so out of character, but I guess they were trying to convey that even the most put together individuals can fall prey to addiction and substance abuse. I agree with the message, but I’m still not eager to see how this all unfolds. I wish they did this in a way so that it wasn’t pushing the boundaries so much, because I’m afraid that the end result is either going to be Jon leaving or something that doesn’t really align with the characterization of Antonio in the long run.

Please leave me your thoughts and feelings on the episode. I was also thinking of making some predictions posts for the One Chicago shows during the hiatus. This would basically be me talking about what direction I think the shows might take in the latter half of the season, or even just things that I wish would happen. Let me know what you think of this!