She’s My Girl

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Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy(s): Harry Hook & Jay

Word Count: 1,381

Warning(s): Fluff

‘‘She was mine first!’‘

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sgc803  asked:

Jayvie headcanons? Any kind will do?

Jay X Evie Headcanons

- On the Isle, since Mal was totally against anything that didn’t involve some sort of pointy blades or graffiti, Evie would practice hair styles on Jay (on the super rare occasion, he would even let her try some new makeup ideas on him)

- Evie had seen a girl flirting with Jay once and had “accidentally” tripped and spilled her plate of gruel all over the girl’s clothing

- While Jay would be on his daily sweep over the Isle, searching and stealing anything that would appear to have some sort of value, he couldn’t help but keep an eye out for some makeup products or pieces of clothing fabric that Evie is always talking about

- Passing notes in class

- Evie constantly takes Jay’s shirts and wears them around when it’s just the two of them (or sometimes with Mal and Carlos)

- C o n s t a n t l y flirting

- Princess and the Thief

- Jay had tried to do the cute ‘tossing pebbles at your lover’s window to get their attention’ thing and accidentally threw a rock that was too big and literally smashed her window

Harry Hook x Evie || Right moment

requested; “ Don’t push me away!” + Harry Hook & Evie

a/n: hellou , it’s me again ! I hope you enjoy this ! ❤

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Evie pouted , “ He hates me,”

“ It’s like she’s on repeat,” Jay complained looking at Carlos and Mal, “ Earth to Evie, don’t you have anything new to say?”

“ Why does he hate me?”

“ I’m out of here, see you later guys,” Mal announced ,“ Oh and Evie - get over it, Harry’s not worth it.

” Why does he avoid me ? I’m such a nice person to be around,“ Evie sighed, not hearing a word from what her friends said before.

” Jay, you handle this , I have to go meet Jane, “ Carlos smiled

” Don’t let me here, Carlos! Carlos I swear if you-“ Jay rolled his eyes, ” and he’s gone,“

Jay looked over at his blue haired friend, she was still staring at Harry, who was sitting two tables away from them along with Uma and Gil, Evie still unaware of the absence of her two other friends.

” Evie, if you’d stop staring I could tell you I actually have an idea,“ Jay patted her shoulder.

” Huh?“

Evie looked around confused, Jay’s action made her wake up from her daydreaming, ” Where are Carlos and Mal?“

Jay sighed, ” You zoomed out, looking at your pirate. They left some time ago. “

” What? He’s not my pirate !“

” That’s all you’ve heard? Incredible ! “

Evie sighed, resting her chin on her hand, ” What were you saying ? About having an idea ?“ Jay moved closer to her, trying to explain his greatest idea about how to get Harry to finally talk with her.

” It’s not a terrible idea, you know. “ Evie smiled widely

” Thank you very much, E. I’m improving every day. “

” Indeed. “


Harry frowned at the sight of Gil walking away with Jay, the former thief asked Gil to go with him and have a probe for the tourney team, of course he did not include Harry - that was part of the plan, but the pirate wasn’t aware of what was going on.

Despite how much he wanted to go with them anyway, even just to annoy Jay, Harry decided not to.

He turned on his heels and went all the way to his dorm room; Harry’s thoughts were all over the place - from the changes he had to make since he arrived in Auradon to the fact that he was still upset with a specific blue haired princess.

He just wouldn’t let his grudge go, he couldn’t. Evie hurt him, so now Harry wanted to do the same. But , God, how hard it was for him - he had to resist her smile, her attempts at talking with him and most of all Harry had to completely ignore her, in order to hurt her, but that hurt him too.

Harry opened the door to his room and quickly closed it after him, he placed his jacket on a chair and took off his boots.

His eyes leaned on the bed, where someone was sleeping. Frowning he moved closer, Harry could identify blue locks around a pale face, he knew who it was - no one other than the girl he was trying to avoid.

Harry coughed, making Evie to wake up. She blinked, her eyes meeting Harry’s, ” Um-hi, Harry,“ she said softly , ” I needed to talk with you, so I …came here, but I fell asleep waiting for you, “ she said awkwardly

Harry tried his best not to chuckle, but his mouth failed him as a deep chuckle escaped his lips, Evie shifted on his bed and looked up to him again, ” Don’t push me away, “ she whispered.

” What?“

Evie made some space for Harry, nodding that he should sit, the pirate sighed, sitting next to her, ” Since you came here,you’ve been avoiding me. “

” I don’t know what you’re talking about. “

Evie rolled her eyes, ” I know that it’s because I left you on the isle-“

Harry interrupted her, ” I wasn’t mad that you left the isle , that place sucked, I was hurt that you didn’t say goodbye before leaving me there, “ he said, ” I wasn’t even sure I’d meet you again. “

” The day I left, mother wouldn’t leave my side, I couldn’t get out of there, Harry…I tried,“ Evie muttered, placing her hand on his, ” I didn’t want to leave you, I wished I could’ve taken you with me, but that doesn’t matter now, I mean - the past is in the past. “

Silence fell between them for two whole minutes, until Harry put his free hand under her chin, ” Evie ?“

” Y-yeah?“

” Ye still my princess ?“

” I’ll always be your princess, as long as you don’t push me away, “ Evie smiled, connecting her lips with his. This was the moment they’ve been waiting for. Their own right moment.