Lloyd is small and pure and thus the best candidate to be Kai’s best friend. Cuz he’s the chosen one. right to left -


Now presenting: the kawaiiest Ninjago music video I’ve ever made. Featuring Pilots-and-S1 nostalgia!

Texts ✉ BigJay
  • Ace:Your brother - Is there any alergies I should know about?
  • Ace:Cause I'm about to take him to eat and we are going to ahve pizza for lunch/dinner/whatever people are doing these days.

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ahh r requests still open? if so i think i have one(i wrote this down while being half-asleep so bare w me): tim having huge crush on jay, flirting and touching him constantly, but jay is oblivious as fuck. tim eventually gets frustrated with being subtle and one day just kisses the hell out of jay -3- (sin optional. w/e u wanna do) [sweats]

No sin I wanted to fluff so here is fluff. :) I hope you like it my friend.


Tim yawned slightly and glanced over at Jay sitting next to him in the movie theater. He had thought that asking Jay out would be easy after all they were on set of Alex’s stupid film together on a regular basis. All it took was to ask him out for dinner afterwards or something. What Tim hadn’t factored in was how clueless Jay could be. No matter what Tim said Jay just assumed they were hanging out as friends.

Today he had asked Jay if he wanted to go out for dinner and a movie, the most stereotypical date thing he could think of and still Jay didn’t seem to get it. It had made Tim nervous that maybe Jay was just tolerating him until he went away or taking pity on him but Jay really did seem to like him. He sincerely didn’t get it. Brain had backed that up to telling Tim he needed to be explicit and tell Jay it was a date but Tim was shy.

Now he stretched and put his arm over the back of Jay’s seat. Jay smiled at him and didn’t lean away but there was still the same blank lack of comprehension in his eyes and Tim felt his heart sink. What would he have to do to make Jay understand his feelings? Tim’s heart sunk even farther when he realized he probably would have to actually tell Jay.

He nit his lips and turned his attention back to the movie. Or tried to but really all he was paying attention to was the warmth of Jay’s delicate body under his arm. It was a horror movie and, apparently taking his queue for level of affection from Tim Jay leaned into Tim a little during a scary part. Tim could feel him shaking a little. Maybe a horror movie hadn’t been the best idea and Tim scolded himself for having hoped for exactly this, why had he wanted to scare Jay? Just to be able to play at protecting him like this? How selfish.

After the movie Tim drove Jay home. Jay didn’t have a car, while in school Jay had decided to economies by using the school provided bus pass as much as possible but it was a long bus ride from the movie theater and it was late. Besides Tim had been hoping that during the car ride he would get the courage to ask Jay to be his boyfriend. He didn’t and when they pulled up to Jay’s house Tim got out to walking around to say goodbye.

Jay leaned in to give Tim a hug. Now was Tim’s last chance, he told himself it was now or never but his voice wouldn’t work anymore . So instead he did what his stupid instincts told him to and met Jay’s attempt for a hug with a kiss instead. He pulled back quickly and felt like he might die when he saw Jay’s shocked expression.

“Goodnight. Thanks for going out with me. I had fun. I’m sorry the movie scared you.” Tim blathered as he slid bath towards the car. Jay seemed completely stunned he seemed to snap of it though when Tim started to open his car door.

“Tim wait.” Jay said and Tim froze with the door half open. Jay hugged himself awkwardly. “That…that’s how you feel?” Jay asked his eyes even wider then usual.

Tim nodded, his mouth dry.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Jay asked cocking his head to the side.

“I’ve been trying to give signs.” Tim said making small hopeless gestures with his hands. “I didn’t want to.. I don’t know be blunt about it… I was hoping you… would like me enough to come half way sort of thing.” Tim said and then looked down/ “I’m sorry I should have taken the hint that you didn’t.”

“No no!” Jay said stepping forward and putting his hands on Tim’s shoulders. “I’m so sorry I’m just clueless! I do like you I just really didn’t notice! I’m an idiot I’m sorry.”

“Really?” Tim asked grinning out of shear relief.

“Yes really.” Jay promised and then to prove his point he kissed Tim. Tim kissed back wrapping his arms around Jays waist and leaning down to meet him.

“Then do you think we can do something like this again? As a actual date this time?” Tim asked hopefully and Jay laughed.

“Sure.” He agreed. “As long as it’s not horror, or at least not zombies, I don’t mind ghosts ad stuff but zombies get me for some reason.” Jay said smiling awkwardly.

“Ya sorry abut that I didn’t know.” Tim said wincing slightly.  

“Don’t worry about it.” Jay said and then blushed a little. “But… do you think you could stay the night with me tonight? I don’t really want to be alone when I’m still kind of spooked.”

“Of course I can.” Tim said maybe a little to quickly making Jay laugh a little. Tim closed the door of his car and locked it then let Jay lead the way to his apartment.  

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△ Are your a virgin?

(Answering as Jay)

8/10 awkward to answer

“Well, gee, uh, to me sex isn’t the most important part of the relationship, you know? What’s more important is doing things with the people you love and-”

“He totally is a virgin!”

“Sure Kai, and how many people have you slept with?”


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”


Here’s a list of the characters for this au. Im still working out some stuff so if you have suggestions I’LL MAKE AN ASK BOX WOOOOOOOOOO

Do note, The characters are swapped due to their main roles. Most of the time it’s not their personality. Some personalities STAY THE SAME! Though, they might have the smallest reminiscence of the original characters personalities as well. Their physical appearance stays the same AS WELL, But they could get outfits based off their roles.

Frisk stays the same because of Determination n’ stuff.

P.s- The ninja do have remembrance of their previous life. They remember it well.

Setting is the underground. NOT Ninjago.

Characters swapped:

Toriel: Misako (ROLE/PERSONALITY) *The queen of the underground. Very supportive and lonely :”( *

Attack: Gold attack. Various patterns. (It runs in the family)

Sans: Jay (ROLE) *Wary of humans. Regular ol Jay. Older than Kai. Can be fought if you make bad choices, you dirty brother killer. (Doesn’t have 1 hp though. He’s pretty strong, ya know. Bad cook. Really bad. If you do fight him it would probably sorta be like Papyrus Disbelief

Attack: LIGHTNINGGG Nun chucks, Blue Lightning. (sorta like in Asriel’s actual battle.) 

Papyrus: Kai (Role/Personality) *Very determined, but still is normal Kai. Not as excitable. Being trained by Zane to enter royal gaurd. Bad cook. EXTRA BAD.Not much to say about this guy. REALLY likes Cole. (If you dont ship lavashipping dont worry about this fact, my friend. If you do, GREAT!! I support all ships.)

Attack: Fire, Blue sWORDS. AND MORE FIRE.

Undyne: Zane (ROLE) *Leader of the royal gaurd. Same Zane. Worries over Kai and doesn’t want him honestly into the royal gaurd. Supportive. Doesn’t honestly want to fight you. But, he will if you even cut someone on accident. (ALSO he looks like pre S4 Zane but if you do a genocide run he turns into S4 Zane and he will kick ass.) Really nice guy though.

Alphys: Pixal (ROLE/PERSONALITY) *Borg left her the laboratory in his will. Works on a “secret project” (Only Jay knows bout it) Romanticizes over sOMEONE (He’s pretty COOL if ya catch my drift) AND IF YA DONT WANT THAT YA DONT HAVE TO HAVE THAT YOU CAN JUST IGNORE IT ITS JUST FOR YA KNOW (I know some people dont like pixane but if you do GO FOR IT! If you dont thats fine just ignore this fact) and is pretty shy due to failing experiments. Not really THAT nervous.

Mettaton: Cole (ROLE - Maybe personality ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Inspired by @jadeyarts**

HOT NEW BODY MADE BY PIXAL (And I guess their pretty good buds.) Likes to fling his legs around. **The body doesn’t have to look like mettas you can design your own. OR KEEP IT ITS LOVELY.** i dont have a ton ideas for this one sorry.


Asgore: Garmadon (Role/Personality)

Not a whole ton of ideas. YOU GUYS FIGURE IT OUT.

Attack: Golden attack, staff.



Flowey: Golden Dragon (Personality) HOWDY