Request: can i have a jax teller smut and after sex they cuddle and talk about readers anxiety
by @with-peterpan

A/N: kinda messed with this request a bit! I hope y'all enjoy!
But Smut, Insecurity

Watching a sweet Abel sleeping, I couldn’t shake my bad feeling. Jax should’ve been home from the run by now, he said midnight and now it’s 1 am. I pace back and forth in the nursery. I walked out of the room to go take my anxiety medicine. Jax would be home.
Pacing back and forth in the living room I hear the roar of Jaxs motorcycle. A wave of relief flowing through me. When jax got inside, I ran up to him and jumped in his arms.
“Hey babe, excited to see me?” Jax greeted me, giving me the biggest kiss and grabbing my ass.
“Always.” I said looking into his eyes with a smile. Jax couldn’t help but laugh as he swung you over his shoulders and walked to your shared bedroom.
Jax gently laid me on the bed and licked his lips. Removing his kutte, I removed my shirt, Jax crawled up the bed and was on top of me.
“So, beautiful” Jax whispered in my ear, his lips dancing down my neck. Our lips brushing together shortly before he brings his attention to you hard tits. Placing one in his mouth, Jax sucked lightly while moving his hands down my body.
“Don’t tease me Teller” I say, getting excited for what was coming next. Jax smirked and shook his head.
“Darling, just wait and see” Jax says in his deep tone. He ever so gently took my shorts and panties off. Jax went down and started kissing the inside of my thighs. Small moans leave my mouth which fuel Jax to tease more. Lightly brushing his tongue on your throbbing core, anticipation controlling me.
“J-Jax please” is all I could manage to spit out, Jax shook his head. He entered a finger inside you and started working magic with his tongue. His tongue dancing across my core, hitting all the sweet spots.
“J-Jackson please, I need you!” I moan out, grabbing the sheets as Jaxs fingers go in and out of me. Jax looked up, and sucked his finger.
“My babe always taste so good” Jax mumbled into my ear and he shoves his member inside me. Moans escaped both of our mouths.
“So fucking nice” Jax grunts out, his body slamming into mine. I wrap my legs around Jaxs waist as his head goes into my neck. Each thrust full fling us both. Total ecstasy.
“JAx I’m gonna come!” I yelled out and dig my nails into his shoulders. Jax pace sped up, his focus on leaving marks on your neck. Moans coming from both of us filled the room. A few thrusts later, Jax released as well. He pulled me onto his chest.
“I missed you babe” Jax admits, kissing my hand, I rested my head on his bare chest.
“I missed you Jax. I just got worried. Like always.” I say back, looking away.
“The anxiety babe?” Jax asks me, shifting to his side to really look at me.
“I know it’s stupid” I mumble. Jax touched my chin and moved my focus to his face.
“Babe, it’s okay. It’s not stupid. Nothing bad happened, I had to check on Ma. You can ask her, if it helps” Jax comforts me, he didn’t quite understand anxiety but seeing how it effects his old lady, he’s been learning about it and ways to help.
“I love you Jackson, I’m sorry I’m a mess” I say to him, kissing his check. He pulled my chin and gave me a long kiss.
“This whole family a mess. I love you y/n teller” Jax says with a kiss, pulling me close to him. Jax always made sure you were safe.

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