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News: Shingeki no Kyojin Tankobon Volume 23 (Japanese)

Original Release Date: August 9th, 2017
Retail Price: 463 Yen (JP Regular Edition); 2,268 Yen (JP Limited Edition)

The cover of Shingeki no Kyojin volume 23 features Reiner, Zeke, Gabi, Jaw Titan (Porco), Falco, Udo, Zofia, Colt, and Cart Titan (Pieck) from the latest story arc!

The limited edition will also include Levi’s cravat (With his name embroidered) and Erwin’s bolo tie!

Update (July 6th, 2017): Added the full HQ of the cover!

Update (August 9th, 2017): Added a look at the bolo tie’s size!

The curse of Ymir Fritz. After she died, her soul was split into the nine Titans.

Shiso no Kyojin (the Founding Titan), Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack Titan), Chō ōgata Kyojin (Colossus Titan), Yoroi no Kyojin (Armored Titan), Megata no Kyojin (Female Titan), Kemono no Kyojin (Beast Titan), Agito no Kyojin (Jaw Titan), Shariki no Kyojin (Cart Titan) and Sentsui no Kyojin (War Hammer Titan).

So now we know that Ymir inherited the Jaws Titan Power from Marcel and was devoured by Galliard 2-4 years ago to current storyline, so WHO and WHERE is the 9th Titan Shifter???

The current listing of Titan Shifters and their Current Bearer:-
• Colossal Titan (Armin Arlert)
• Armoured Titan (Reiner Braun)
• Attack Titan (Eren Jaeger)
• Female Titan (Annie Leonhart)
• Beast Titan (Zeke Jaeger)
• Progenitor Titan (Eren Jaeger)
• Cartman Titan (Pieck)
• Jaws Titan (Porco Galliard)

My Bet is still on Eren being the Bearer of the 9th Titan Shifter Power from Birth, and he inheriting the Attack Titan Power at 10 years old, reset his Lifespan to 13 years from then! -__^

The Nine Titan Shifters List (Updated - Chapter 91)

Whew. Keep in mind at the time I’m making this the official translation isn’t out yet. Names and potentially other slight factors are subject to change.

Eldia (Paradis Island)

1. The Founding Titan/Progenitor Titan/Coordinate - Ymir Fritz > 145th Fritz King > Mr. Reiss > Uri Reiss > Frieda Reiss > Grisha Jaeger* > Eren Jaeger

2. The Attack Titan/Rogue Titan - Eren Kruger > Grisha Jaeger* > Eren Jaeger

3. The Colossal Titan - Bertolt Hoover > Armin Arlert

4. The Female Titan - Annie Leonhardt (Neutralized)

*After eating Frieda, the Founding and Attack lines merged into one before being passed to Eren Jaeger.


5. The Armored Titan - Reiner Braun

6. The Beast Titan - Zeke Jaeger

7. The Dancing Titan - Marcel > Ymir

8. The Cart Titan/Quadrupedal Titan - Peak

9. The Jaw Titan - Galliard

From what we have been told, Colt has been selected to inherit the Beast Titan from Zeke in the near future, while the remaining Eldians serving the Marley Military in the war against the Easterners are “competing” to decide who will eat Reiner and inherit the Armored Titan. That’s all for now until the future chapters, or the official translation in case it reveals anything new.