Wedding of our Queen :

On October 7th our Queen Mary Tillie Morelay of Vayar shall wed King Bowen Morne of Ryindale to unite two nations under one flag. On this evening wedding there shall be a large celebration that will over flow into the weekend. Games shall be played and a special ball shall take place on Sunday the 2nd. One for those ladies that are single and in hopes someone special shall offer them a candle, a chance to get to know that man better.

The Game list is as followed :

Archery – Bobbing for Apples – Arm Wrestling – Javelin Throwing – Horse Racing – Jousting

Candle Lit Ball :

If a man offers a woman a candle. It shows her his intention to court her, and if she accepts .. she lights it in her window.

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki:

Bronze medallion with Athena, possibly from a workshop of Delos. Decorative accessory from a formal charriot for parades and public appearances. The goddess is depicted as a Promachos, bearing her aegis and a helmet with a depiction of Medusa, ready to throw her javelin.

(2nd century B.C)