Javaris Crittenton

This is a photo of Javaris Crittenton that ran accompanying this ESPN story. Notice anything strange?

It looks like the logo on Crittenton’s shirt is sticking into the foreground. You can tell where it meets the rail, where the edge of the Polo logo is actually in front of the metal bar. I don’t know if Getty Images is responsible, or ESPN, but it’s very strange, especially since Crittenton is facing murder charges.

Maybe it’s a weird camera trick. Maybe it’s a bored graphic designer. Or maybe Ralph Lauren has decided they want to be a part of the worst product placement of all time. “Remember how visible the Ford Bronco was after the O.J. chase? We want to bring that kind of excitement to Ralph Lauren.”

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(Sean Keane)

ATLANTA (AP) – Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton, who was suspended from the league for having guns in a locker room with teammate Gilbert Arenas, plans to surrender to face a murder charge in a deadly Atlanta shooting, an attorney said Monday.

Crittenton will fly from Los Angeles to Atlanta and should arrive early Tuesday, said lawyer Brian Steel.

“He offered to turn himself in,” Steel told The Associated Press. “He’s not guilty. We look forward to getting it to the courts.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution first reported that Crittenton planned to surrender in Atlanta.

Police earlier obtained a murder warrant for Crittenton in the Aug. 19 shooting of 22-year-old Jullian Jones, a mother of four young children. Police say Jones was walking with two men when she was shot and they believe one of the men with her was the target.

This story is so sad, on so many levels, but I can’t stop reading. Well wishes go out to the families involved on BOTH sides. I hope he turns himself in and lets the court decide the consequences stemming from this horrific tragedy.

Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton pleaded guilty to manslaughter Wednesday, admitting in an Atlanta courtroom to his role in the 2011 shooting death of a mother of four. He faces a 23-year prison sentence.

Prior to his involvement in two August 2011 Atlanta-area shootings, the second of which left Julian Jones, 22, dead, Crittenton was best known to most NBA fans for his role in the infamous confrontation with former Washington Wizards teammate Gilbert Arenas in which both players admitted to pulling out guns in the locker room.

Jury selection for Crittenton’s murder trial wrapped up Tuesday, and opening arguments were scheduled to begin Wednesday before Crittenton suddenly changed course and pleaded guilty.

Crittenton played alongside Dwight Howard in high school at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy and later became a standout at Georgia Tech.

Prosecutors were preparing to introduce evidence that he joined a street gang his rookie year in the NBA.

Shortly after becoming the 19th overall pick in 2007 and signing a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers for $2.6 million in guaranteed money, Crittenton joined the West Los Angeles street gang known as the Mansfield Gangster Crips.

On Wednesday, Crittenton admitted in court to being a gang member in a tearful guilty plea in which he apologized to Jones’ family.

Prosecutors were preparing to introduce evidence that Crittenton was aiming for a man, a rival gang member who allegedly robbed him days earlier, and that he shot Jones instead, who was an innocent bystander.

The lawyer for former Georgia Tech basketball star Javaris Crittenton said his client has agreed to surrender to local authorities who’ve charged him in the shooting death of a 22-year-old mother of four. The FBI ’s Atlanta office on Monday(8/29/2011) obtained a federal arrest warrant for Crittenton, charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. He’s wanted in Atlanta for the Aug. 19 shooting of 22-year-old Julian Jones, hit by bullets apparently intended for someone known by the mother of four, APD Maj. Keith Meadows said. Jones was walking with a group that included, according to police, the man Crittenton believed had robbed him of jewelry in April. Witnesses told police the shots were fired near Jones’ Macon Drive home in southwest Atlanta from a black Chevrolet Tahoe linked to the former prep standout.

Javaris Crittenton, flanked above by a security guard after the last game of the Wizards 2008 season, is still being hunted by police, and the FBI has joined the search working in conjunction with the Atlanta and LA offices. This according to the Washington Post:

FBI Special Agent Steve Emmett in Atlanta told The Associated Press on Sunday that the agency is involved as police look for Javaris Crittenton. Authorities say Crittenton is charged in the fatal shooting of 22-year Jullian Jones, a mother of four who was gunned down Aug. 19 in Atlanta.

This whole story is so sad. I’ll try and keep readers abreast of the developments, but many lives have been ruined already.

[Washington Post; pic via mkkdean]

Agent 2.99

Player:  Gilbert Arenas

Team:  Washington Bullets (Wizards)

Company:  Reebok

Specs:  Sewn, Circa 2005

Purchased From:  Goodwill — Arlington, VA

Price:  $2.99

I might be pulling out my best finds to start this blog, but I have to keep the momentum going.  This might be the favorite in my thrift jersey collection in terms of quality and price.  You’re looking at a Gilbert Arenas Hardwood Classics Washington Bullets throwback jersey, a replica of those worn by the 1970-71 Bullets.  This jersey is completely sewn with no unraveled stitching or fraying.  You know you’re having a good day when you bring this jersey and $3 cash to the register and are given change in return.

At the time this jersey was being made, Gilbert Arenas, also known as “Agent Zero”, was a 3-time NBA All-Star with the Washington Wizards, averaging nearly 30 points per game.  His career was derailed on Christmas Eve 2009, when he and Javaris Crittenton pulled pistols on each other in the Wizards locker room, reportedly over a gambling debt.  Both players were arrested, suspended, and convicted of gun charges.  Since then, Arenas parted ways with the Wizards and is now a Memphis Grizzly.

Gilbert Arenas: "Javaris Crittenton became more gangster."

I was waiting to see if Gilbert Arenas a.k.a. Agent Zero would have anything to say about the Javaris Crittenton murder case and him being wanted by the FBI. In care you guys do not know Crittenton and Arenas were teammates with the Washington Wizards in 2009 when both were suspended for bring loaded guns into the Wizards locker room. Since the incident Arenas was traded away to the Orlando Magic while Crittenton was last seen playing in the NBA Developmental League. Arenas chimed in on Crittendon’s current legal woes and had this to say about it. 

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I’m sure most of you have heard about the sad story of Javaris Crittenton. He was also involved with the Gilbert Arenas gun story, which got Arenas suspended for the rest of the 2009-10 NBA Season, and turned the tide of commentary against him (and his astronomical contract). His, once funny and endearing, eccentricities turned into peccadilloes and then everyone thought he was insane after that. He was eventually traded out of Washington to Orlando for Rashard Lewis’ equally ridiculous contract (and steroids!).

Well, Arenas wanted to tweet something about the horrific Crittendon incident, but actually refrained from doing so. I hope he’s finally starting to get it.

I don’t want to comment about the Crittenton incident anymore because this is supposed to be a funny basketball blog, and there’s absolutely nothing funny about what happened.

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