My sister put some hidden blue in my hair and then straightened it, which was the first time it had been straightened in two months. 

And then instead of doing anything productive, I went and thought about everything sad while Javaris played with my hair. 

NBA Player is wanted for murder....Guess who!!

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This is some CRAZY ISH … but NBA player JAVARIS CRITTENDON - who is most famous for being the dude who pulled A GUN on Gilbert Arenas - is wanted for MURDER.

Javaris, who played on Memphis, The Lakers and The Wizards, allegedly did a drive by and SHOT an innocent woman and KILLED HER. All because he was trying to shoot some goons who robbed him.

Here is how the Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting it:

“It appears Mr. Crittenton observed who he thought was the perpetrator walking down the street,“ Major Keith Meadows told the AJC. "It so happens Miss Jones was walking down the street at the same time.”

Jones was walking with others near her Macon Drive home in southwest Atlanta around 10 p.m. Aug. 19 when she was shot, police said. Several witnesses told police the shots were fired from a black Chevrolet Tahoe.

Jones was struck in the leg and later died during surgery. Two men walking with Jones fled and were not injured, and investigators now believe one of those men was the intended target.

Investigators believe Crittenton may have been seeking retaliation after being robbed of his jewelry April 21, Meadows said. Crittenton reported that crime to police.

Javaris trying to be sweet

“I’m sorry for tryin to do stuff wit you the other night. I was wrong for doing that because your a beautiful woman and i shoulda just tryed to chill wit you and i hope you forgive me but i just love touching your tittys, though:)”

Like what the fuck. That’s cute and everything. But the fact that you used the wrong your, makes the compliment irrelevant. Also, if you think adding the parts about my tits is going to make me run over to your house and get on my knees, you’re sadly mistaken.