Seddie/Jathan -  (season 1 - season 6)/(2007-2012)

“You guys. Come on. Think. Did you watch iKiss? Did you see the ending? Did you see how they said to each other: "I hate you.” and “Hate you too.” Do you really think Sam and Freddie “hate” each other? Do you really think each one thinks the other feels hatred? Or do you think maaaaaybe this is just a game they’ve played since the end of 6th grade…and they keep playing it…because each is afraid to stop playing it?“

"BILGERDUNDAY!! Wherever the heck you are, I trust you’re having a spectacular day of birth! Love you, besfren!”

“NATHAN! happy birthday dude! 17! I can’t believe this crazy whirlwind during the past few years… rock on my awesome friend.”