What the water gave me

( A jater RP with @twoboyswhowontgrowup )

It was night time on Neverland, everyone was asleep which was the perfect time for a merman to swim around with out being disturbed. His name was Jack and he was a shy young merman who never came out during the day only coming out to play at night when it was quiet and peaceful. His light icy blue tail and eyes sparkled in the moon light that shinned throw the tree’s, his snowy white hair wet and sticking to his forehead as he swam around on his back looking up at the stairs, he’s always liked the stairs.

He sat on a rock by the shore listening with his eyes closed to the crickets and the  sounds of the forest at night. The peace was then broken when he heard the sound of running feet then only saw red as a sack was thrown over his head and felt his hands being tied. He tried to get away but it was in vain as he was carried away to a pirate ship. 

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So...You like Peter huh?

Peter is the only one who I can see myself with for a long time. Any other time I end up someone else, they get older and disappear, and it just leads to heartbreak. He’ll stay young forever like me. *sigh* It sounds weird when I put it this way, but… He’s the one who I feel will break my heart least. It’s been broken far too many times.

Jack Frost’s nipping your nose, Peter ~







But I like crosses, they look nice. Yeah, I colored the all of it with sorts, of, crosses.

(I have to admitt I was kind of distracted by one or two episodes of Doctor Who and some David Tennant’s HTTYD reading stuff… Hrm, weeeeell.)

So this is a gift for teen-peter /o/ ‘Was fun to draw. I hope you like it dear ♥

PS : I HERE YA COMING, BIG BRO. SO IF YOU EVER SEE THIS. C'ETAIT UN CADEAU. DONT FREAK OUT. C'était un cadeau alors tu me tues pas, ok ? En plus c'est rien. Me tue pas steuplé steuplé steuplé. J'reste ta soeur hein. Tu voudrais pas que je crève. Alleeeeeez.

God bless Merlin’s creators for “Arthur’s Bane: Part 1” (5x01):

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Also, Arthur and Merlin were ‘caught in a net’. Haha.

Anti Severus Snape bullshit debunked


Snape: is a terrorist, verbally abuses kids, abuses his position as a teacher, led to the death of two if not more people, ruined someone’s career by outing them as a werewolf, physically threw a child out of the room, was a kids biggest fear (the same kid whose parents were tortured into insanity), called his only friend a racial slur after she attempted to help him, literally didn’t find anything wrong with voldemort’s political position and only the fact that he wanted to kill his obsession, was fine with dumbledore saving lily but not james or harry suggesting snape didn’t give two craps about lily’s happiness and only cared for him being the rebound.


Severus didn’t want to join the side with the people that bullied, abused and sexually assaulted him? How am I not surprised?

James is a guy who physically and emotionally abused him as well as sexually assaulted him because “he exists if you know what I mean.” Yes taking someone’s clothes off against their will is sexual assault.

James also showed obvious fucking prejudice by hating on Severus because “he was a Slytherin”

Lily attempted to help him? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? She made one half ass attempt by telling James to put him down and then she spent her time yelling at James about her dating preference rather than I DON’T FUCKING KNOW HEXING JAMES TO SAVE HER BEST FRIEND. Not to mention that she nearly smiled at her own best friends sexual assault.

Remus was going to lose the job anyway due to the jinx. Show some fucking gratitude that Severus saved Remus dying from the jinx by outing him instead.

He led to the death of two or more people. Do you mean James as one of those people? Good I am so fucking glad that abusive dick died.

He was Neville’s biggest fear? Oh no what a monster! Being someone’s biggest fear has nothing whatsoever to do with the strength of how bad a person is. If a religious extremist fears gay people because he thinks they are demon spawn ready to hurt others it does not make it true. Neville fearing Severus over Bellatrix does NOT prove that Severus is worse than Bellatrix.

Besides Neville was filled with anger and a desire for revenge against Bellatrix. It’s not a surprise he didn’t fear her.

Was he wrong to treat Neville the way he did? Absolutely. But the argument is still faulty.

His obsession? Wow a strawman argument. He wasn’t the one who blackmailed Lily by hurting her friend to try and get her to date him. He wasn’t the one who kept trying to be around Lily when she told him to fuck off. It is strongly implied in canon that Severus actually left Lily alone once she asked him too.

Okay you have a point about Harry. That’s something I couldn’t agree with even as a pro Severus fan. Observe people how pro Severus fans don’t sweep his crimes under the rug. Unlike “most” Snaters who sweep James’ crimes under the rug by trying to make Severus the bad guy in the James Severus animosity or the bullshit excuse “we were all sexually abusive criminals when we were 15. We were all out there attempting to murder a person when we were 15 (Sirius) Oh oops my bad lol, wrong quote. I meant to say "we were all idiots when we were 15.” It was absolutely wrong that Severus would even want Lily’s baby to die to protect her because he should have known Lily would rather have the baby survive than her. Or did he know? I mean he was an emotionally damaged man. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t know.

But how fucking dare he not give a shit about the life of the person who abused and sexually assaulted him. What a fucking dick.


james: a fifteen year old who bullied (let this be clear that i highly doubt snape didn’t retaliate)


So self defence is bullying? You disgust me with that argument.


who grew up from that and stopped, saved his enemies life,


Lol he only did it so Remus and Sirius wouldn’t get in trouble. He grew up? What the fuck? He was still hexing Severus behind Lily’s back. And he sexually assaulted Severus after he saved his life. So this he matured bullshit pisses me off.


became animagi with two others to help his other best friend each month,


Congratulations he’s nice to his friends. I am so FUCKING impressed. He became an animagi with the benefit of being able to turn into an animal and be able to break rules more freely. Wow what a hero.


was unapologetically a blood traitor, helped sirius escape from his family, fostered sirius, offered all his friends money if they needed it,


Congratufuckinglations that he was “mature” enough to be nice to his friends. Wow I am amazed at how great that makes him as a person. He is capable of showing decency to people he likes? Do you want me to give him a medal lol?

meanwhile Severus made the wolfsbane potion for Remus for every full moon and checked to see if Sirius was okay when Harry told him that Sirius was in danger and he hated Remus and Sirius. Yet he still did the right thing. Now “that” is fucking decent and impressive to me. I’m not even being sarcastic this time.


joined an anti-terrorist organisation at the peak of the war when voldemort looked like he might win (and james was 17/18 when he did this), gave up everything he had known to go into hiding and protect his son and wife, LITERALLY DIED WANDLESS KNOWING HE WOULDNT SURVIVE BUT HOPING HE WOULD BE ABLE TO STALL ENOUGH TIME SO HIS WIFE AND SON COULD ESCAPE


^ yes okay I will give James some brownie points for that. That’s the difference between most Jaters and Snaters. Most Jaters will reluctantly acknowledge the good deeds James did whereas most Snaters will completely ignore the good deeds Severus did or worse try to make it like he’s disgusting for doing those good deeds by twisting canon.




No I like Severus over James for more multifaceted reasons. But lol here you are telling people why pro Severus are pro Severus without even asking those who are pro Severus to tell you why first.

It’s disgusting that you tell people why Severus fans feel the way they do. That you make assumptions and dismiss their obviously multi faceted reasons for liking Severus with a “nah they only like him over James because he was friend zoned.” (Paraphrased what you said) That you even make such a judgement for any Severus fan without having the common fucking decency to consult them first is so fucking disrespectful. How would you like it if I told you that you only liked James over Severus because James was good looking and Severus was not? If you wouldn’t like it then you can see what you did wrong there.

Lol I forgot which anti I was addressing as I texted this up on my phone. Oh well. Also I’m too lazy to change it to “the anti said” so just replace you with “the anti said” in your heads please

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Do you happen to know of any Sterek fics where Jackson/Peter (I don't know if they have an official ship name) is also a thing and/or flirting and part of the storyline? I ran into one of those Sterek sex pollen fics, and in addition to the Sterek, it was revealed she that Jackson had the hots for Peter but liked to deny it, and I was surprised with myself by how much I REALLY liked the pairing.

jackter? packson? peckson? jater. their ship name should be jater

Encircled by padamaa (orphan_account) (7/? | 7,228 | PG13)

Stiles Stilinski is an omega that has no choice but to submit to the high alpha of Beacon Hills after his ‘mate’ left town. His alpha is one of the most cruel and sadistic ones out there and Stiles doesn’t know what to do anymore. When Derek Hale,Stiles mate returns can he help his omega out of this? or will he even want to go back to Derek?

Never Trust a Pirate by lavieboheme0919 (12/? | 28,332 | NC17)

Stiles gets taken as ransom by the infamous and brutal pirate Derek Hale and is forced to serve as Derek’s cabin boy. There is mutual dislike until Stiles realizes that there is more to the ship and its crew than he ever imagined, and a fateful storm changes everything for both of them. (The story is better than the description… I promise) 

Jater Cop AU w/ frostedjackass


Just a regular Wednesday.

And Peter was just done dealing with a young delinquent. The youth had calmed down and had listened to the young cop.

With a sigh he went back to his office… Only to see Jack inside it.”What the fuck are you doing in my office Frost?”

Addicted (Killex&Jater)

Lex had just gotten out of the shower. She hummed softly as thoughts about the other night when she was with Killian. Her body started feeling hot the more she thought about it. She looked back at her bed and dropped her towel as she felt like sliding her hands down her body, but she fought the want and started slipping her sleeping clothes on.

Jack looked up at the bed. He hadn’t really done anything with Peter lately. He was in Peter’s dreams and the way he moves and talks that’s not a regular dream, that’s a wet one. He moved and put the ropes on the bed smiling to himself.