Jack Frost’s nipping your nose, Peter ~







But I like crosses, they look nice. Yeah, I colored the all of it with sorts, of, crosses.

(I have to admitt I was kind of distracted by one or two episodes of Doctor Who and some David Tennant’s HTTYD reading stuff… Hrm, weeeeell.)

So this is a gift for teen-peter /o/ ‘Was fun to draw. I hope you like it dear ♥

PS : I HERE YA COMING, BIG BRO. SO IF YOU EVER SEE THIS. C'ETAIT UN CADEAU. DONT FREAK OUT. C'était un cadeau alors tu me tues pas, ok ? En plus c'est rien. Me tue pas steuplé steuplé steuplé. J'reste ta soeur hein. Tu voudrais pas que je crève. Alleeeeeez.

M!A [ The Pan/Frost Baby]ask-sassy-jack-frost?

Peter was cradling the baby gently still wondering whose chidl it could be.She had big brown eyes and brown hair.Her face was somehow pale,so it couldn’t be an indian baby.But who makes babies in Neverland then abandon them???

We're back!

“Sorry for the long absence,Mun was busy on her other blog and we were on vacation…It was fun”~the winter sprite purred playfully looking at his warm clothed boyfriend who had a scarf around his neck and blushed furiously at Jack"Shut up" Peter muttered looking away and Jack chuckled leaning in to kiss his cheek"Aww,don’t be mad carrot head"

Peter blushed and looked down hiding his face under his scarf just showing his eyes"You’re making fun of me…“the redhead replied in a muffled tone blushing shyly which only made Jack want more of the teasing.The white haired teen smirked and he placed his hands on Peter’s cheeks lifting his head up and pressed his lips against his"Aw,sorry okay?Now don’t make that face"Jack smiled softly at his adorable boyfriend begging him with a look and Peter nodded not resisting the smile."There.Wanna say hello to our snowdusts now?"Jack smiled and Peter nodded looking up and waved at them"Hiya snowdusts!We missed ya!”