some seamless tinyDragon patterns for your seamless tinyDragoon patterning needs 

please note that the dragons on the last one are transparent

If you like Miraculous Ladybug, Trollhunters, the HttYD franchise, pretty animation, great writing, well-rounded characters who actually change and grow, medieval fantasy, strong female characters, Weta, cartoons, kids shows that don’t shy away from serious themes, or are simply a person looking for something to binge, please give this criminally underrated show a chance.

You can find find every episode here.

A tiny but dedicated fandom awaits you when you fall in love.

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I recently re-watched Jane and The Dragon, a cartoon from 2005, and it was HELLA LIT. So, I made this low-quality video to express myself. 

Jane and the dragon music

Jane and the dragon medieval playlist

  • Faun - Federkleid
  • Celtic Woman - Dulaman
  • Greensleeves - Celtic Ladies
  • Winterwolf - Medieval Ballad
  • Skyrim - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens
  • Fantasy Medieval Music - Dance with Dragons
  • Lindsey Stirling - Dragon Age
  • Estas Tonne - The Song of the Golden Dragon
  • Fantasy Music - Cry of the Dragons (Ft. Sharm)
  • Medieval Ballad - The Essence of Life (Feat. Sharm)
  • Celtic Woman- Teir Abhaile Riu
  • Celia Pavey - Scarborough Fair
Jane and the Dragon Episodes

A complete list of all 26 episodes, available on Youtube.

Tests and Jests

The Tooth Fairy

Jester Justice

A Dragon’s Tail

Shall We Dance

The Offer

Dragon Rules

All Fools Day

Dragon Diva

Adventures In Royal Babysitting

Three’s A Crowd

A Pig Of A Problem

A Thing Of Beauty


Foul Weather Friends


Pride and Pollen

Knight Light


Strawberry Fool

Go West Young Gardener


Dragon’s Egg

King’s Knight

Last of the Dragon Slayers

For Crying Out Loud

Thanks to KnifeInTheCrayonBox and FenikkusuOwl for uploadding the videos.

Please let me know if there are issues with any of the links! Let’s share this around and get people watching this show again!


Fairy tales are tough on girls. Within their cruel pages, girls scrub floors, eat poisoned apples, sleep for centuries and are only saved when a handsome prince arrives to sweep them off their blistered knees into a world of Happily Ever After. Not so Jane. Jane saves herself and she most definitely does not want to live happily ever after. She wants adventure, danger, challenge- and ‘happy’ just isn’t enough.
—  Martin Baynton, Author of the Jane And The Dragon books.
thinking about the past

I just realize how lucky we are that we live in a time where we can easily find people that like the same fandoms, who we can share theories, fanart and fanfics. 

Because it must have been lonely before, in a time where only a few people from your town liked the same book or series as you do, or spending hours in a drawing of your favorite character only to realize you couldn’t really show it to someone. Imagine if you were the only kid in your class to watch anime, but couldn’t tell anybody because it would make you the “weird kid”

Im grateful that I was able to live in this time, so I could have the honor of meeting all this wonderfull people who I can talk and share my crazy thought and theories about the series and books I like, thank you for make me feel that is normal to be weird 


I made a new one.  Please enjoy, I put actual tears, sweat, blood and various other fluids into making this video.  It may not be as entertaining as the first one, but whatever. 

The Gunther Fairy
  • Dragon: Good morning toothfairy. Thank you so much for my trinket. When it catches the sun I can dazzle sheep with my brilliance
  • Gunther: You are both mad. I am not a fairy!
  • Dragon: But I saw you
  • Jane: Gunther has to say that Dragon. Fairies have secrecy rules you know. They have a code of behvavior. Just-like-knights.
  • Dragon: Oh right, right. No problem fairy. *winks* Your secret is safe with me. Well, me and Jane. And a shepherd I mentioned it to.