If I could rewrite Lapis, I would make her actually travel the world by herself instead of doing it once with Steven. We would get ocassional cool episodes about her adventures and such, or we would see Steven getting post-cards from her or something. Later she would find out about damaged gems’ structures, so her job would be to try and fix them somehow. Lapis and Peridot still miss Homeworld in some way, so that would give them a bonding opportunity. Same with Jasper if she would get redeemed. Pearl seems to miss gem culture more than actual Homeworld, so I imagine that she would be pretty excited about that too. Not only that, but Steven and Amethyst could learn more about this stuff too.

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I have Jasper hope for you: if skinny and carnelian show up in the upcoming bomb, we'll know that Jasper's VA can do SU voices without it being documented (since she voices them both)

fair point, and it is something i’m hoping for. there were a few sessions of kimberly brooks’ we never saw - chille tid, super watermelon island and the return / jailbreak, assuming that this was alone at sea. so my stance is still that she can come back, we just don’t have the guarantee we used to.

i should mention that in general, i’m not as pessimistic about jasper’s return as i was before. a few things have changed: 

1. the odds of s5 being the last have dropped significantly. matt burnett tweeted that there’s still plenty of show to come, the boarders are still working, cartoon network titled the su soundtrack “volume one”, and the 4-part special format seems to imply lars and steven will be back on earth pretty soon (which is important, because it halts the idea that this entire season is gonna be building up to a series grand finale on homeworld).

2. there’s been a few more murmurs related to jasper in the show itself. next to being mentioned in “room for ruby”, this was pretty blatant, and it really seems like the beta gems might come back, judging by “off colors”… in which it would be pretty freakin’ hard not to at least evoke the audience’s memory of jasper again. as they keep doing over and over again

3. i’m still waiting on the fact that this short is a thing. guys. listen. jasper is the sandwich. i’m very serious. it’s silly but liste n - crying breakfast friends has been too blatantly foreshadowing in the past for this to be nothing. 

so if all this + her being included in the sdcc posters + so much official art, buildup, love and thought put in her character + how well her design rounds out the main group all turns out to be nothing… well, that would be awful, but i am hopeful right now. more than i was before. 

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Based on your recent post. If the Betas from the zoo is treated badly by Holly, then I can imagine that Jasper wasn't treated very well in Homeworld, apart from being idolised by the Rubies. Even a low ranking gem like Peridot doesn't seem to respect her.

I’m positive Jasper wasn’t treated fairly. Considering her status as best of the worst, I imagine she was mistreated by everyone besides those who are beneath her, barring the Peridots, who all likely judge Jasper based on the shoddy work of the technicians who put together the Beta Kindergarten (the way Peridot talks about Beta makes me think this is common knowledge).

That leaves a very small margin of gems that would actually respect her, but even that is debatable. Who’s to say that the other Rubies would have cared one way or another about Jasper if Eyeball hadn’t played her up as a big deal.

Basically what I’m saying is: Jasper needs a hug and for someone to tell her she’s good enough. Also she needs her sisters, the only gems that could possibly come close to understanding her.

Can y'all just...chill

Guys, listen, Jasper and Bismuth ARE coming back. Maybe you got so carried away with complaining about their absence that you forgot that there is literally no chance in hell that they aren’t coming back. It’s just obvious.

Reason #1: NO ONE gets swept under the rug for long, especially significant characters. Even when Peridot and Lapis got sent to the barn, they still show up now and again - heck, we even got an episode damn near all about Lapis’ difficulties settling down on earth. Not to mention that the Crewniverse remembered to bring back Centi after 30 episode and whole season intervals. No character has been introduced and then packed away forever.

Reason #2: Crewniverse addresses everything (in the end). Remember how they casually addressed Stevonnie’s hallucinations two whole seasons after they first appeared? It’s what SU does, you’ve just gotta accept that Steven’s life goes on in between solving mysteries. If you’re gonna attack the show’s filler stuff, remember that SU is trying to show Steven as a real kid with a life outside of the hideously depressing mess his mother has left him in.

Reason #3: Steven’s involvement with the plot (and gems) gets deeper the more he uses and improves his powers (as seen in Chille Tid and Earthlings), so unless you wanna see Steven get OP overnight, you’ve gotta wait a bit for another character arc because this show is ABOUT Steven, Jasper and Bismuth won’t reappear until he’s figured out his healing and negotiating skills, but they WILL reappear.

Reason #4: About Jasper specifically. The theme of corruption has gradually been getting closer to Steven - first Centi, who’s already mostly beyond help, then Jasper, who gets corrupted right in front of him. And the fact that Steven couldn’t help her is clearly on his mind a lot (as seen in Mindful Education). That’s build-up, and it’s not build up for nothing. Especially how Jasper’s hatred for Rose has been validated by That Will Be All. Not to mention the show is focusing pretty heavy on morality right now, which concerns Bismuth’s situation.

I’m not saying that what happened to these characters is fair, but I guarantee you that they will be revived and get the redemption arcs they deserve. So you’re gonna have to wait a bit? That’s nothing new, pal. Steven Universe, spacing all the cool stuff out since 2013. But I’ll bet my soul on both of them making a comeback in season 5. So just chill ‘til then


Let’s talk about the meaning of the new Steven universe Wanted episode, Lar’s Head 

Being in a relationship with Jasper Jordan and Monty Green would include


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  • you being best friends since childhood
  • being so inseparable that everyone already suspected you were in a relationship even before you were
  • although your parents had always thought that you’d end up with one of them, they had never imagined that you’d end up with the two of them
  • neither the parents of any of the boys
  • Jasper’s parents being the ones who most reacted well to this relationship
  • although they found the situation a bit strange at first, they came to accept it
  • you were making their son happy, and that’s all they could ask you for
  • Monty’s parents not being pleased at all
  • them glaring at you every time they saw you
  • you getting a little upset about this because before you started dating, Monty’s parents seemed to love you
  • you holding hands with them
  • being totally forbidden from failing in physics and chemistry
  • but sometimes you’d fail anyway (sometimes on purpose)
  • “You’re lucky we love you very much.“
  • the boys comforting you every time you got upset over some nasty comment you’d heard around the Ark
  • "They’re jealous because we’re cooler than them.”
  • “It’s not our fault if they have no love in their lives.”
  • ok, but you guys first time being really awkward
  • but only the first time
  • them being gentle
  • but not always
  • them feeling very pleased to hear you moaning loudly
  • while Jasper preferred vaginal sex, Monty preferred to get a blowjob
  • Jasper loving your boobs, like, a lot
  • so while he gave his full attention to them, massaging, sucking and kissing them, Monty would like to be eating you out
  • Jasper and Monty pretending to be jealous of each other
  • “Ok Monty, you’ve kissed her enough, it’s my turn.”
  • but they weren’t really jealous because they knew you loved them both
  • but when another person came flirting with you, oh boy, double trouble
  • not being able to stay long sad or angry when you were near them
  • Jasper liking to kiss your forehead
  • Monty liking to kiss your cheek
  • you three being partners in crime
  • and that’s why you ended up being arrested
  • you being one of the last people to enter the dropship
  • and being hella scared
  • seeing Monty and Jasper already on seats away from yours
  • them looking at you all the way to Earth, sending you comforting smiles from afar to try to calm you down
  • you running toward them as soon as your seat belt loosened
  • giving them tight hugs because minutes ago you were sure that you’d die
  • you finding Earth so beautiful and being happy to share the experience with two of the people you love the most
  • them admiring you
  • you going with them to look for Mount Weather
  • Monty and Jasper picking up some flowers along the way to give you
  • your heart stopping when Jasper had been hit by the spear
  • still hoping that he would live when they brought Jasper back, even though they all seemed to wish him to die
  • crying a lot on Monty’s shoulder while he cried on yours
  • you not letting Jasper breathe when you hugged him when he finally woke up
  • Earth is a dangerous place, so you always remind them how much you love them
  • them finding it very cute
  • always assuring you that nothing would happen to them
  • and making sure you knew they love you too
  • sharing the same tent and sleeping all on the same mattress
  • Earth sex
  • in the first one, they made sure that it would be special for you three
  • so there were many flower petals in a nice and comfortable place
  • and there were several new positions that they had never tried before
  • Jasper finally gaining the permission to fuck your ass
  • the boys getting very pleased with how much you had moaned that night
  • *high five*
  • cuddles
  • Monty giving you sweet little kisses
  • Jasper giving you long and passionate kisses
  • goofing around the camp
  • staying together all day long
  • you looking after them, just like they did with you
  • the delinquents shipping you so hard
  • because you three are so cute together
  • and clearly love and care for each other more than anything
  • and how not to ship something so pure as that?