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Something that doesn’t make sense to me is when people have a quartz gemsona, and it’s definitely not defective, but it’s small and doesn’t have anything even close to a generic quartz body. Quartzes are huge, loyal soldiers, not tiny puffballs of cotton candy. At least make a backstory for it.

Just my two cents, it’s fine if you disagree.

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I love your characters and I love your writing. Can you please just write anything you want about any character/s you want? I mostly see responses to requests and I want to see what you come up with. (That is, if you want to. Please don't feel lile you have to!)

Thank you so much! You’re so lovely! This was actually a really sweet request, because it gave me a chance to introduce a new character! So, here is Jasper. AKA, Isabelle’s new love interest, cause I felt bad for her after the Julius/Alistair thing. Jasper is another one who I think is a little sweetie, so I hope you guys like him too. He’s my lovely, shy little writer. I hope you enjoy this.

Isabelle was finding it terribly difficult to focus on the lecture - she kept glancing surreptitiously to the left every time a movement caught her eye. The boy sitting beside her was clearly ill, fidgeting around in his chair. He’d arrived in the morning pale and sweaty, his arms curled around his middle. When Isabelle had asked in concern if he was okay, he’d simply smiled wryly and insisted he was just tired.

Isabelle hadn’t felt she had the right to pry any further - she knew the boy was called Jasper and was obviously taking literature too, but she’d never exchanged more than polite small talk with him. Jasper seemed painfully shy, avoiding Isabelle’s eyes if she ever tried to speak to him. He curled up with a book or scribbled in a notebook before lectures rather than chatting to the other students, his eyes far away and dreamy.

Isabelle supposed Jasper was good looking in a choir boy kind of way: a cascade of blond curls, blue eyes, dimples. He’d looked like he’d been painted with watercolours, subdued and angelic.

Jasper’s expression now wasn’t at all subdued or angelic, his face was screwed up with pain. He was bent over in his seat, his face rapidly growing whiter as the lecturer droned on and on. His stomach was clearly bothering him - Isabelle could actually hear it gurgling ominously from her seat. She shuffled over in her chair, her voice low.

“Jasper? Are you feeling okay? You don’t look too well,” she whispered, trying not to alert the lecturer. Jasper took a deep, shuddering breath in.

“I’m f-fine. I’m just a little - hic!” The sickly hiccup took the blond boy by surprise, forcing him to clap a hand over his mouth. His blue eyes widened with alarm, and he started feverishly gathering his possessions, looking frantic.

“I have to go,” he hissed through gritted teeth, bolting out of the lecture theatre so rapidly that he left a dog-eared leather notebook on his desk. Isabelle picked it up and followed Jasper out into the corridor. He was nowhere to be seen, but it didn’t take a detective to guess that he’d probably dashed into the nearest public toilets. She went inside nervously, looking around.

“Jasper? You in here?” It seemed a logical guess, as the sour stench of vomit filled the bathroom unpleasantly. Isabelle went into the stall, clutching the notebook. She sighed sympathetically at the sight that greeted her.

Jasper was crumpled in front of the toilet bowl, his eyes wide, gasping painfully. A good deal of vomit was already in the loo, and by the look on the boy’s white face, there was still more to come.

Isabelle clenched her fists determinedly. It didn’t matter to her that she and Jasper were perfect strangers, or that she didn’t even know his last name - she knelt behind him and rubbed his back in steady circles, whispering soothingly.

“Hey, it’s okay, Jasper. You know me, right? I’m Isabelle. Just try to breathe, okay? It’s alright, I’ll stay with you.”

Jasper looked mortified to have Isabelle there, his pale cheeks flushing pink, but any protests he had were stolen by another heave, bringing up a large, painful wave of vomit into the soiled water. He hiccupped miserably, tears in his eyes, and fell against Isabelle gratefully this time when she held her arms out. She patted his blond mop of curls comfortingly.

“T-thank you…” Jasper gasped, moving to lean against the stall wall, not really one for prolonged physical contact. Isabelle shrugged, sitting opposite him.

“No problem. You really should have stayed in bed today though, you’re really sick,” she scolded gently, before handing him the black notebook. “You left this on the desk.”

“Oh!” Jasper gasped and clutched the notebook to his chest. He cradled it as tenderly as if it was a newborn baby, instead of a ragged, battered notebook that was almost falling apart.

“God, thank you! I don’t know what I’d do if I lost this - or if someone read it.” He grimaced at the thought. “It’s my most treasured possession,” he added earnestly, blinking those big blue eyes. Isabelle smiled at him.

“Is that the book you’re always writing in before lectures? Are you writing your first bestseller?” she asked eagerly. Jasper blinked, surprised that Isabelle had ever paid him enough attention to notice him writing. He’d noticed her, of course, he noticed all the interesting people - but he certainly didn’t count himself as remotely interesting.

In all honesty, he watched Isabelle quite often. She seemed happy all the time on the surface, laughing and joking, friends with everybody. But sometimes Jasper caught her with a wistful, rather mournful look in her eyes; he was sure she was full of secrets. Jasper longed to peel away her cheerful exterior and see what was waiting beneath - but he was far too shy to initiate a conversation himself.

“It’s not a novel… At least not one that other people will see. It’s-it’s more like a saga. It doesn’t end, because I just continue every time I get a new idea.” Jasper smiled wryly. “It’s just my way of escaping reality. You know how some people have drink or drugs or sex? I have fantasy.” He shook his head a little. “You probably think I sound crazy…” Isabelle grinned at him.

“No. I think you sound like a writer.” Isabelle was finding Jasper rather intriguing. She’d always liked quiet people - she usually found they had the loudest minds. She had a soft spot for people who found comfort in fictional worlds too. She wasn’t a writer herself, but she devoured novels hungrily, one after another. She was in awe of writers, of people who could conjure stories and characters and plots like magicians. She shuffled closer to Jasper.

“You feeling any better?” Isabelle asked, running her fingers through her dark hair. Jasper sighed a little.

“Yeah, thanks. My stomach hurts, but I don’t feel sick now. I just feel tired…I should probably head back to the halls,” he said, looking a little forlorn at the idea. Isabelle helped him to his feet, looking concerned.

“Do you have anyone to look after you? I don’t think you should be alone. What about the other people in your halls?” she asked as they walked out of the bathroom, Jasper leaning heavily on her.

“They’ll probably be in class…” Isabelle stuck her chin out determinedly upon hearing this, her face set.

“Then I’ll come back with you. Don’t try arguing, someone needs to make sure you’re okay. Besides, I’d like to get to know you, Jasper,” she said, suddenly beaming at him. Jasper blushed a little, taken aback - Isabelle’s smile was her best feature. He had been about to protest about Isabelle coming back to the halls with him, but he stopped himself now, suddenly not quite ready to see the back of her.

“Thank you… Most people wouldn’t go to all this trouble,” he said gratefully. They walked in silence across the campus, Jasper still weak and wobbly from vomiting, before Isabelle asked a sudden question.

“Hey, you know your story? Do you ever base characters on people you know or see in real life?” she asked curiously. Jasper nodded.

“Quite a lot, yes.” Isabelle grinned teasingly.

“Am I in it?” Jasper blushed scarlet, staring at the floor.



Chapter 2: Testing the Waters

The swim team was small, despite the large size of the school. Ten people, Lapis included, total. They sat on the concrete around the pool, backs against the wall, all in the swim suit uniform. Coach Kite was a tall woman, towering over every person on the team. She ran through the basics, with returning members and new members introducing themselves. Lapis was one of three freshmen on the team. Lapis was one of three freshmen on the team.

The coach had insisted on being called Mala, and that the girls put her number in their phone, in case they ever needed her. Despite being a tall woman, she didn’t speak much. After the preliminary meeting, she stood back and gestured for Jasper to take over.

“I’m Jasper. I’m captain of the swim team. No, I wasn’t there for try outs. I had business to attend to. Sorry.” She took a deep breath, surveying the team. “Everybody up and get to stretching. The school has exactly ten lanes sectioned in the pool. That’s enough for all of us. I’m sure you all have a specific event you want to do, but first, we’re going to race each other. Individual Melody.”

Some of the older members groaned. Lapis just stood and started her stretches, warming her muscles in preparation for her third plunge of the day. Everyone seemed to finish their stretches at about the same time, walking toward the diving edge of the pool and picking a lane. Jasper took lane one, looking down the row. Lapis had chosen lane two. She swallowed as she looked up at Jasper, realizing just how large the swim team captain was. Lapis just came to her shoulder, though the woman wasn’t built like a swimmer. Instead, she had large muscles and a solid trunk of an abdomen. When Lapis finally looked back at Jasper’s face, she was smiling. With a wink to Lapis, she moved her attention elsewhere. “This is basic. Do your best, let me see what you’re made of.” She moved into a prejump position, looking over to make sure the rest of the team followed suit. “Mark. Set. Go!”

Lapis reacted instantly, executing the perfect leave from the small diving platform and into the water. She concentrated on each of the strokes, on her breathing. She didn’t dare look over at the others for fear that it would ruin her form. She wasn’t sure what Jasper was looking for, but if they were making more cuts to the team, she wanted to be sure it wasn’t her. Soon enough, she was pulling herself out of the water. Jasper, of course, had already gotten out, and was talking with two other team members as she watched. It seemed her time was average for the team, as others were also pulling out of the pool.

Once everyone had finished, they again sat against the wall, some wrapped in towels, others still soaked. Lapis had a towel draped over she shoulders, using it to wipe her face as water dripped from her hair. Jasper and Mala were to the side, looking at a roster and looking over at the team, pointing to this member or that.

The took long enough that the team was idly chatting by the time that Jasper stood in front of them again. “Okay.” Jasper looked down at the clip board. “We’ve sorted who will be doing which events. As of this year, we’ve moved up to a division two school, which is good news for you chumps, because you get to double up on the events you do!” She smiled and went down the roster, calling out names and positions. Lapis stiffened when she heard her name. “You’ve got the Freestyle 100, Individual Melody, and the Butterfly 50. Have fun.” She kept going, telling the last few people which events they would be concentrating on. Once everyone had received their positions, Jasper looked at them again. “Okay, that’s enough for tonight. Mala and I have all your numbers and copies of your schedules. We’ll contact you tomorrow with a regular practice schedule. Go get some dinner.”

All the girls stood and headed for the locker room, but Lapis hesitated. She walked over to Jasper. “Hey, so, about the practice schedule.”

Jasper looked down at her, eyes narrowed. “You can’t already have a problem. It doesn’t even exist yet.”

Lapis frowned. “No, it’s not that. I do have a job, too. Fast food. I can get you my schedule for that when I get it, but it changes all the time. I never have the same hours every week.”

“If you miss practice, you have to put in the time on your own and if you miss too much, I’ll cut you from the team.” She looked at Lapis. “You’re good, but we can afford to miss a couple of the races and still win this season.”

Lapis swallowed and nodded. “Fine. Thanks for being so understanding.” The emphasis on the last two words didn’t go unnoticed by the other woman, who scowled, looking just as she had that morning when Lapis had first met her. Instead of waiting for whatever it was Jasper was going to say next, she rolled her eyes and walked toward the locker room. Lapis changed quickly, ignoring all the talk in the locker room, and stalked back to her dorm.

She had completely forgotten about Peridot. The other girl looked up, eyes wide, when the door slammed into the wall. Lapis froze. The girl was eating cheap noodles, a forkful halfway to her mouth, dripping onto her pants as she sat criss-cross, on the bed. “Lazuli?”

Lapis groaned. She closed the door, gently, and dropped her bags onto the floor, flopping face first onto her bed.

Peridot cleared her throat. “If it’s going to make your day better, I picked up room change forms. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to go some place different, or if you wanted me to.”

Lapis sat up, sitting on the edge of her bed. “What?”

Peridot pointed to the desk. Lapis stood, walking over to it. On it was the form Peridot had mentioned, and a voice recorder. With a glance at Peridot, who was looking intently at her noodles, Lapis pushed play.

“Hello Lapis. This is Peridot. I don’t know what I did to upset you, but I apologize. I thought about it during class and have discovered that we are able to change rooms during this part of the semester. I wasn’t sure if you meant move somewhere else literally or not, but if you dislike me that much, I will leave to make you feel better. Peridot.”

Lapis stood, looking down at the recorder for a moment. With a sigh, she turned and looked at Peridot. “Hey,” she said. Peridot looked up, her face in a neutral expression. “You don’t have to leave. I…we can both stay here. I was letting something stupid cloud my judgement of you.”

Peridot looked back at her noodles. “Oh.” Silence echoed throughout the room. Lapis looked to the side, squinting a little as she tried to come up with something else to say. It was Peridot who spoke first. She was looking at Lapis now. “So I can sit with you in class?”

“Yes. Just…tone it down on the ‘I’m smarter than everyone’ thing.”

Peridot crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s true.”

“This is college. Everyone is smart.”

“Not everyone graduates high school at fifteen. I…my parents thought it best if I waited to be more socially mature before attending. I’ve been studying robotics for the last three years.” Suddenly Peridot shot out of bed, pulling out large plastic containers from beneath her it. “Like this one.” It was a small, metal orb with four legs. “I took a few coding classes at a community college and, with my own outside research, built this.” The excited glow of her smile and the way her voice rose with excitement made Lapis relax. The rest of the night was spent with Peridot talking about her interests before deciding that she needed to sleep before her early class the next morning.


Once she had made her peace with Peridot, the first week of classes seemed to fly by. Peridot even became more conscientious of her naps, especially once Lapis came in a two one morning because her managers ‘just couldn’t let afford to let her go’ that night. In no time at all, it was Saturday.

The room was completely dark, thanks to the blackout curtains Peridot had brought with her. The blonde was still asleep, laying on her stomach, her blanket barely covering her. Her mouth was open and Lapis could hear her deep breaths. She was surprised the girl was still asleep. All that week, minus the very first night they had slept in the same room, Peridot had gone to bed after Lapis, staying awake, sitting at the desk or on her bed, engrossed in her laptop, and she was always awake before Lapis. 

Lapis grabbed her phone, squinting at the sudden bright light. Noon. She had fully slept through half the day. She stretched her arms above her head before sitting up with a sigh. She turned on her phone again, seeing text messages from Jasper.

>>Missing practice already? Lazuli, come on.
>>I should have messaged you about it Thursday but I thought you would try to talk to me about it.
>>Strike One

With a groan, Lapis fell face first back into her pillow. She had completely forgotten about practice Thrusday. She hadn’t even had to work that night. She had stayed in with Peridot, who wanted to show her some stupid tv show they ended up staying up half the night watching, Peridot explaining just how everyone was related and the couple the show seemed to be leading toward was ultimately going to fail.

She considered going back to sleep, but a growl from her stomach changed her mind. The day was bright, sunny, and warm, the perfect late August weather. Lapis sighed. She could always eat something in her dorm, or go to the cafeteria. Those would be the cheapest, most logical options for her, but today was a nice day. A nice day needed a nice treat. She meandered through the campus while she looked up restaurants in walking distance. She had just found one that looked promising when she ran into a solid wall of…something.

Her phone dropped from her hand, and she backed away quickly. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where—Oh, Jasper! Hi!” Lapis looked up into her face, seeing her signature scowl.

“Lazuli. Did you get my messages?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry, it slipped my mind.” Lapis shrugged. “Won’t happen again.”

Jasper grunted. “I know it won’t.” She bent down, picking up the phone Lapis had dropped and handing it to her.

Lapis groaned when she looked at it. The screen had completely shattered. She couldn’t even read what she had been looking up. She put it in her bag, looking back over at Jasper, who growled at her own phone. She shoved it into her pocket, looking back at Lapis.

“Hey, lets make a deal. I’ll ignore all your missed practices for the rest of the semester, if you help me with something.”

Lapis raised her eyebrows. “What kind of help?”

Jasper looked around for a second. “Let me buy you lunch and explain a few things.”

With the promise of free food, Lapis followed along.

Jasper lead her to a car, gesturing without a word for her to get into the passenger side. They drove, again silent, to a nice looking Chinese place, where Jasper walked in, greeting the hostess like an old friend, and they were taken straight to a booth in the back. She took their drink orders and left them to get their own buffet plates. After they both had food in front of them, Jasper spoke.

“Here’s the thing.” She held an eggroll aloft, looking at Lapis. “My favorite professor quit, suddenly, over the summer. I happen to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this other woman forced her to. She had a little crowd around her. Everyone is convinced she can do no wrong and worships the ground she walks on.

Lapis frowned. “What does that have to do with me?”

“She has these little…pets. People she keeps especially close to her, that won’t hear a word of her doing any sort of wrong. I need. I need an ally.” Jasper put he egg roll down, pressing her hands flat to the table. “She quit, too, god I hate this whole thing. I need an informant.”

All of a sudden, Lapis wasn’t sure she liked the price of her free food. “What?”

Jasper sighed. “I sound crazy, I know. It’s complicated.” She looked down at her food, contemplating for a moment. “Actually, forget it.” Her arms fell to her side. “Maybe…” She brought her hand to her face, scratching her forehead as her face wrinkled I thought.

The restaurant was nearly empty as Lapis looked around. Finally, she put her fork down on her now nearly empty plate and looked at Jasper. “I’ll help however I can, sure. Just tell me what to do.” The look of amazement on Jasper’s face nearly made her laugh. “I know what it’s like to get screwed over, trust me. I’m twenty three and just starting college.”

Jasper held out her hand, and Lapis stared at it for a moment, before taking it in her own, and firmly shaking.

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