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SU request Jaspearl being the big nerds I know they are?? ❤️💜

Well, I couldn’t think of anything else other than Jasper kissing Pearl after she says something so incredibly dorky. Something about proper grammar or tidying or getting excited about weapons probably

Also requested by @molded-from-clay​, thank you!! ;u; you guys know me too well bwaha


Sparkle stickers for the Tiger Bomb, get one free with your order!

Check out some previews here @jasperzine
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Here is the great Titanite! fusion of Topaz and Malachite (Lapis Lazuli and Jasper by extension) inspired by @gemcrust ‘s fusions, Celestine and Moss Agate! This is the 5th drawing of the TopazNuke, and it worth the wait a lot of time for this fusion! :D Thnaks @thibaud032600 for the request, and @gemcrust for giving me inspiration, you are a great artist and i hope one day i could be like you! <3

I’m gonna post these Jaspis old photos for now 💕
maybe you’ll have some Overwatch babes this Christmas 💦💦 tell me what you think!!
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