Steven Universe Chibi Valentines Cards
Feel free to send them to someone you care about!!

On a side note, I’m very proud of myself for finishing these. I told myself I would, and I stuck to it. The last two I drew, I was crying because my relationship just ended yesterday, and in the past I would have just laid in bed for weeks and given up on everything, but today I got up and finished something I cared about. Thanks to everyone that commented or reblogged, it means a lot to me that people liked them. I’ll continue to try my hardest every day.

I strongly disagree with calling Jasper ‘hypocritical’ for resorting to fusion: she clearly stated that to her fusion is nothing more than a combat tactic and treated it as such, she knew she could not win alone and, despite most of the fandom seeing her as nothing but a bloodthirsty psycho, she is a professional soldier, and she swallowed her own pride for the sake of completing her mission.

- anonymous

The 7's Plans For Valentines Day

Percy & Annabeth: Percy is probably going to put in another favor with the gods and bring Annabeth to Paris or some shit again this boy is insane and Annabeth loves it 

 Jason & Piper: A nice, intimate dinner alone, then a movie marathon snuggled up together under a blanket. They fall asleep together at 2am watching either a sappy romance or an action-packed thriller 

 Frank & Hazel: Frank probably gets Hazel a bouquet of flowers and chocolates, then they go to the botanical gardens and have a romantic picnic in the park

 Leo: Plays video games & half-jokingly regularly calls to see how the others’ dates are going.