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Did Jasper deserved to be forced in Malachite after the arm jerking manipulation she did with Lapis?

Still working on my long Bismuth post, so I’ll answer this quickly.

Here’s a full list of people who deserve to be abused: NOBODY

Not me. Not you. Not children. Not girlfriends. Not husbands. Not the elderly. Not people like you. Not people different from you. Not criminals. No one. No matter what.

Been saying this for a while...

…and to keep things organized, I’m putting this into its own post.

Blue Diamond wants to preserve everything that was Pink Diamond’s. Everything. She even seems to have some doubts about destroying the Earth simply because it was Pink Diamond’s.

But Jasper, the perfect Quartz, is Yellow Diamond’s.

That makes it seem like it was a deal between the two. Blue Diamond could keep the other Quartzes if Yellow got the one with the best code. I’m sure Homeworld keeps records of every Gem made in a Kindergarten. There were a few hundred years worth of reports on the cluster alone after all. So records of Jasper must exist.

Yellow’s argument would be that she is in charge of the armies of Homeworld, therefore a capable warrior is of use to her. But then wouldn’t the other Quartzes be useful?

And this is where Yellow’s own feelings come into play. She wants to bury them. Lock them away where they can’t hurt. Having a batallion of Pink’s Quartz soldiers around would be a constant reminder. And she does not want to dwell on it like Blue does. So its better to let them be at the zoo. Far away from Homeworld.

But then there is the fact that Yellow loves Pink Diamond and, like Blue, she wants to keep something that was Pink’s.

Jasper is a logical choice to make since I’m sure the records from the Kindergarten talk about how amazing her code is. Its a sentimental decision that Yellow would justify by claiming its logical.

Which is why I’m certain that we haven’t seen the last of Yellow Diamond trying to get Jasper back.

There’s no way the Cluster is made up of only Crystal Gems. That seems like the fandom enforcing the roles of Homeworld = evil and Crystal Gems = good. And it’s not that simple.

Yes, the Cluster is awful. It’s very design is both tragic and creepy. But its existence doesn’t seem to be because Homeworld is evil. But rather because of a decision made in anger/hurt/grief/bitterness. A decision born out of normal emotions given the circumstances, but one with malicious intent. Take Blue Diamonds statement that she wants to do something worse to “Rose”. That’s a malicious desire born out of her grief for Pink Diamond. She’s in pain and she just wants Rose Quartz pay.

Yellow Diamond may have been the one to say that she wants “her” Cluster, but I wonder if it was her idea to begin with. For someone who seems to want this over with as quickly as possible, the Cluster would be a weird decision. Yellow seems like the “nuke them from orbit” type, not someone who would wait for thousands of years while the Cluster is incubating. She flat out says that she doesn’t care about resources and I’m sure the Cluster would be considered a resource for something. She also reminds Blue Diamond that they agreed to “put this whole debacle behind them”. Implying that the Cluster was a unanimous decision among the three remaining Diamonds.

Basically Yellow Diamond may have agreed to the Cluster, but I doubt it was her idea. Blue Diamonds statement to Steven would imply that she could be shrewd enough to think of something like that. But at the same time, she seems to have doubts about the Cluster. She even wonders to herself what Pink would think of the whole thing.

I’m kinda leaning towards the Cluster being White Diamonds idea. That doesn’t mean the others are innocent, of course. They DID agree to it after all.

But back to the original point: Just because Rose and the Gems closest to her were against shattering doesn’t mean the rest of her army was. We KNOW they weren’t thanks to Bismuth.

And thanks to Centipeedle we know that some homeworld gems were victims. Gems who had no choice but to fight and ended up being corrupted.

We also know (or can make the assumption at least) that Garnet and Bismuth attacked the Beta kindergarten. There’s no reason to assume that they were the only Crystal Gems, in fact if it was the Beta kindergarten then we know at least 80 Crystal Gems were there. So the question becomes: how many Gems were shattered during that battle and did they admit to Rose that Gems were shattered? Because I seriously doubt Rose didn’t know about the attack on Beta.

There’s an assumption that Jasper shattered 80 gems when she first emerged. But Eyeball never said shattered, she said that Jasper “took out” 80 Crystal Gems. Which could also mean poofed. It seems like stopping to shatter every Gem while a battle is raging would be very unwise as Jasper needed to keep her guard up at all times.

It’s easy to point at Homeworld and say they shatter, therefore they’re evil. But we have no reason to think the Crystal Gems didn’t shatter anyone. Just because they “good guys” doesn’t mean they always do good things. And it WAS a war.