winning the first hoh is actually THE most beneficial hoh you can win besides the very last one.

  • everyone wants to work with the hoh so they’re not the first person evicted, so you get to hand pick your alliances. 
  • you get to know everyones raw first impressions of everyone because they’re gonna be real with you when trying to work with you. 
  • the nominations can be blamed on a house decision or blamed on the people who dropped first in the hoh comp and the house won’t be mad. 
  • if you’re even a semi-decent player, you’ll come out of the first hoh with alliances, connections and good deals for the up coming weeks.
  •  PLUS everyone else around you is throwing the hoh comp, so you can’t even be called a comp beast for winning it because you’re basically winning against people who are trying not to win.

people who have won the first hoh and gotten fairly far into the game or won (of who i can remember off the top of my head): jerry, hayden, rachel, mccrae, caleb, frankie, james, nicole

vs the people who have won the first hoh and left early: willie, jason, kail

winning the first hoh is actually a really good game move and if you think otherwise you probably should never audition for the show


🎶 𝒞𝑜𝓊𝓃𝓉𝓇𝓎 𝓇𝑜𝒶𝒹𝓈, 𝓉𝒶𝓀𝑒 𝓂𝑒 𝒽𝑜𝓂𝑒, 𝓉𝑜 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓅𝓁𝒶𝒸𝑒 𝐼 𝒷𝑒𝓁𝑜𝓃𝑔! 🎶

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I'm sorry, but could you please tell me some things about what kind of father was Willis Todd to Jason? I heard he was alcoholic (?)so was he abusive and violent towards him and Catherine? Or did he love Jason and his not-real mother? And what about Catherine, was she a good and loving mother to Jay (except when on drugs) or maybe not? What are Jason's feelings about his parents, did he love them and does he love and cherish the memory of them now? Thanks in advance.

No need to apologise, nonnie! This is a good question (warning, long post ahead).

As with most things in comics, it largely depends on which continuity of canon you’re looking at. Pre-52 Willis was never shown to be alcoholic/abusive so much as he was a deadbeat dad whose criminal activities led him to be killed by his boss Two-Face, which in turn fuelled Catherine’s growing dependency on her drug addiction, ending in her death and Jason living on the streets.

(Don’t you just love Bruce’s casual pose on the couch there?)

The New 52, however, went a bit further into showing us Jason’s homelife, and it’s from here that I think most of fandom draws its conclusion that Willis may have been an alcoholic and violently abusive father.

I say may, because an unhealthy drinking habit doesn’t necessarily mean alcoholism. Whether Willis was physically abusive to Jason and Catherine as well is also up in the air, depending on how you view the below panels:

That could be a bruise on Catherine’s eye or it could simply be dark circles as a mark of her ill health from her drug addiction and depression. It’s not entirely clear. We can see from the one image that Willis did come from an abusive family situation of his own though, where (judging by the obvious bruise on her eye) his father beat his mother, and some people may choose to take that as evidence that he grew up to be physically abusive himself.

One thing I would absolutely say about any version of Willis Todd, however, is that alcoholic or not, physically abusive or not, he definitely caused harm to Jason and Catherine in other ways. Neglect is a major factor in any Jason’s childhood, and Willis and Catherine in the New 52 are shown not to be shy about fighting in front of him. 52!Willis also actively included Jason in his criminal activities, and in both continuities it fell on Jason, a kid, to take care of his own mother through her drug addiction when he should have been the one cared for by his parents. A situation that only worsened when Willis was arrested/killed. Jason had to be his mother’s caretaker and defender full-time for at least a year, forcing him to grow up way too fast, and then when she died, he was left completely and utterly on his own.

(Jason you’re adorable with your tough guy act)

As you can imagine, this means Jason doesn’t think too fondly of his dad. He blames Willis both for abandoning them and for Catherine’s fate. Yet at the same time, he still seems to love his father to some extent, if only because Willis was his father.

Pre-52 Jason was furious to learn Bruce attempted to hide what became of Willis from him, and considered taking revenge on Two-Face because of it (even if he eventually did back down and choose to follow Bruce’s approach to the situation). 

In the New 52 Death of the Family arc, when the Joker appears to have captured both Jason and Tim’s fathers in an attempt to set them against each other, Jason leaps into the fight immediately because he can’t take the chance that it is just a trick despite having known for years that his father is dead (though he also does do it holding back with the trust that Tim will figure a way out of the situation for both of them if he can prolong the fight enough).

Catherine on the other hand I think is much clear cut in Jason’s feelings for her. He loved his mother, which to him she is completely, even after he found out about Sheila. He keeps a photo of her close by after she dies, and defends her to everyone, going so far as to lie and call her drug addiction a sickness because he doesn’t want anyone to think less of her.

Jason’s love for Catherine and his grief over her loss are inevitably part of what drove him to leave Gotham and seek out his birth mother Sheila later on. At least pre-52, I would take this to imply that Catherine was a good mother until her drug addiction got the better of her. Certainly Jason doesn’t seem to hold any anger/resentment towards her for it that I can remember being shown onscreen, though whether that is actually true is again a matter of personal interpretation. Jason is a savvy enough kid to understand the factors and environment that led to his mother’s death, and that in large is what fuels his hatred and extreme violence towards those who mistreat women later on.

tl;dr Willis may or may not have been alcoholic and physically abusive, it depends on how you read it, but he was almost certainly a negligent father and abusive in other less obvious ways. Jason still loves him as much as he’s angry with him, and he absolutely does love Catherine as his mom.

As a final note: I didn’t go into Arkham Knight!Jason’s opinions on his parents here because this post is already long enough, but to put it shortly, in that continuity both are obviously abusive to Jason (it’s mentioned at one point that they hurt him badly enough to break bones, and they also tried to sell him as a baby to pay off their debts). Jason later conspires to get them both killed because of it. It’s not my favourite universe for that reason as much as I love a lot of other aspects about it, since I value Jason’s relationship to Catherine as a fundamental part of his character. But if you do want canon evidence for a physically abusive Willis, it’s there.

Before we actually see our first real look at Far Cry 5 I have one more thing I’d like to say, I really hope that Willis Huntley shows up again and actually dies this time, preferably at the hands of our new protagonist. He seemed alright enough in Far Cry 3 when he helped Jason Brody get to the second island, but in Far Cry 4 he duped Ajay Ghale into killing CIA plants inside Pagan Min’s army to cover up the CIA’s involvement in Kyrat because he didn’t view the dictatorship as a threat to the American Government anymore, and then left him for dead. This backstabbing asshole better get what he deserves this time around.

Surprise? [Damian Wayne Imagine] 2 of 2

part one :)

warnings- fighting, violence

[Y/F/N] is [Your Full Name]

When you woke up, you saw that your hands were tied to a hook hanging from the ceiling. Suddenly you remembered what had happened in the bathroom. The same woman that knocked you out strolled into the room, dressed in a black catsuit. She was no longer wearing the mask, and she was utterly gorgeous. Her hair was dark brown, down to her waist, and she had a beautiful dark golden complexion. You finally recognized her, she was Talia al Ghul, Damian’s mother. He never talked about her much, and you were never truly sure how he felt about her.

“Why did you kidnap me?” You spoke up in a weak voice.

Talia was startled by your voice but then groaned, “Do not take this personally, [Y/F/N], but you are a critical part of my father and I’s mission. I would prefer to not have to kill you, but I must do what is necessary.”

“And what is that mission exactly? I don’t see how me being tied to a hook will accomplish anything,” you said sarcastically.

She flashed you a glare, which you quickly saw was eerily similar to Damian’s, and spoke, “I will have my son, Damian, surrender to us. He will rejoin the League of Shadows, and become the prince once again. We need him now more than ever.”

You scoffed, “He will never do something so absurd.”

“Well that depends. Just how much does he love you?”

After sitting through a lecture from Bruce, Damian decided to check in on your bath and make sure you were alright. He really meant you no harm, he just got nervous about the thought of being a father. 

“Beloved? Where are you?” He quickly realized you were gone and started to freak out. There was a black bandana on the floor, the same his mother used to wear in training. Damian ran down to the cave, darting down the steps to his uniform. Jason was leaning against the giant penny talking to Tim as Damian rushed past. Bruce was sitting at the batcomputer researching the most expensive cribs and Dick was telling Barbara the big news on his phone.

“How’s the baby daddy doing?” Jason quipped.

“Not now, Todd. [Y/N] was taken by my mother,” Damian said frantically.

Bruce spun around in his chair, “How did she get into the house? I put in the best security system in the world. Are you positive that it was Talia?”

Damian handed Bruce the bandana, “See for yourself.”

Bruce immediately recognized the same bandana Talia used to wear when they would prowl the night together. His heart dropped when he realized she stooped so low that she’d kidnap their son’s girlfriend. 

“They are most definitely expecting you to turn yourself in, Damian. They took her hostage so you’d rejoin the league,” Tim added.

“If that is what I need to do, then I will do it. They took my pregnant girlfriend, I’ll do anything to protect her and my unborn child,” Damian stated.

“I have a plan,” Bruce announced.


Talia had left the room, leaving you alone, hanging from the ceiling. The rope was tied tightly around your wrists, and it hurt like a bitch. You started to swing back and forth to force the rope off of the hook. After multiple attempts, you finally got the rope off of the hook and fell onto the floor. The building looked like a warehouse of some sort, with tall metal walls and a skylight. Footsteps started to echo through the building, and you grabbed the nearest weapon, which was a hammer. The footsteps came closer, and an extremely tall man wearing a long green cloak revealed himself from the shadows. Ra’s al Ghul. He smirked when he saw you with a hammer held out to him in a defensive position.

“You must be my grandson’s partner? Mmm?” He hummed.

“Y-Yes, I am. If you come any closer, I will kill you,” You stuttered.

“Well that has not stopped me before, now has it?” He taunted, “You sure are a brave one, Damian chose wisely.”

“Fuck off, asshole,” you threatened.

The words earned a sinister laughter from Ra’s. “You really are fearless aren’t you?” He circled around you, eyeing you up and down, “And very beautiful.”

All of a sudden, Ra’s charged at you and grabbed the hammer from your hands, throwing it across the dim room. He then threw you to the floor, and took his ancient sword from his scabbard. Ra’s sauntered towards you, readying the sword above your chest. Before he impaled you, you shouted,


Ra’s immediately dropped the sword next to you as soon as you spoke. He observed you closely, “Should I believe that? Is it Damian’s?”

Before you could answer, Damian crashed through the skylight. When he saw Ra’s towering over you, as you sat helplessly on the floor, he became enraged. He stormed towards Ra’s at full speed, and attacked him. The two were in the midst of a fight when Talia ran into the room with henchmen. When she saw the men fighting, she thought fast and ran towards you and grabbed you. She took a knife out of her belt and held it against your throat.

“Stop fighting or I will slice her throat!” Talia yelled.

Damian immediately stopped to respond, and Ra’s knocked him hardly in the back of the head, making him fall to the ground. That’s when Bruce, Jason, Dick, Tim, and Barbara all crashed through the skylights and started to take out the henchmen. Bruce ran towards Talia, and she dropped you to run away. Jason and Dick teamed up against Ra’s, and Tim worked with Barbara to take out the henchmen. 

You ran through the hysteria towards Damian, and held him in your arms. He was unconscious and bruised. You stroked Damian’s hair as everyone around you fought to protect you. 

After all of the henchmen were knocked out, Bruce locked Talia up in handcuffs, and Ra’s escaped from Dick and Jason. Damian slowly came back to consciousness.

“[Y/N]? A-Are you alright? Did they harm you?” Damian spoke weakly.

“I’m alright, Damian. The baby will be alright,” You said softly. 

He smiled and stroked your cheek. “I love you so much my zahrat jamila.”

You couldn’t speak Arabic, but the words sounded gorgeous. The stars shined brightly through the broken skylights. They reflected off of the shards of glass all over the floor, making a beautiful galaxy between the earth and sky.

“I want you to always remember that I will love you and our child unconditionally, beloved. I will never let anyone hurt you. I will protect you until the day I die,” Damian whispered.

You smiled and gave him a soft kiss. “Thank you for saving me. I love you more than anything, Damian.”

Damian seemed to be regaining his strength and pulled you into a passionate kiss. The kiss quickly became intense and you both began to make out on the floor. 

Don’t be silly, wrap your willy!” Jason shouted from across the room. 

A/N-  “ zahrat jamila” means beautiful flower in arabic….at least thats what google translate told me haha

part 1 :)

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Hey, there! I have finally worked up the courage to talk about this crazy au my friend and I came up with. It was when we were a bit tipsy but I thought I would tell you anyway. Okay, so it is sorta a Jason and Damian thing IDK if it is really Jaydami tho. Basically, it revolves around the time Jason comes back from the pit and he bonds with Damian. The age differance between them is 10 years, and we changed Jay's ressurection age to 14. So he spends all this time with Damian but

one day Jason disapears and Talia basically forbids Damian to talking about him. Time skip to the present where Damian has become robin and all and he meets Jay again but Jay does not remember him and crap and Damian chooses not to tell anyone about his past with Jason and all cause he doesnt like this new Jason. NEVEr MInD let me cut to the chase and just say we came up with this headcanon where Jason’s birth mother was actually Talia but Talia gave him up after a few years and gave him to

Sheila but she end up giving Jason to her lover at the time Willis and Jason grows up with Catherine and Willis never knowing about his past. Then, Batman and others find files/footage on the case (probs Tim who found them) from the league and the footage has Talia in it talking to someone about “Her son that she gave up” and how “Her father thought him unworthy” and everyone is just like ??? cause Damian is like 11 but the footage is years old do you see where I am going with this? *.*

Oooh, I think I do! 

This sounds so interesting!! Does Damian ever fess up that he knew Jason and that they were maybe close? Does Jason ever remember? What does Talia say about all this! Or Bruce!!! 

Poor Damian though he sounds like he’d be so sad, keeping this info that he knew Jason and liked the older one better. It must break his heart seeing this ‘New Jason’ and knowing what he was. 

I hope you and/or your friend write or art this some day!!! 

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jason: is shown being happy for once in his childhood some people: what?????? this,,, is not my jason????????? he cannot feel positive emotions ... only rage ?????


i checked the tags of one of my posts and someone was literally like ‘this isn’t jason and willis would never take jason to the circus he tried to sell him to settle a debt’

=.= that was the arkham verse, which has absolutely zero to do with the comics or comics characterization 

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DC is doing “Meet your dead father” event which started first with Bruce meeting his father and continued later with Hal and Clark and now it’s Jason turn in meeting his dead father!

In all seriousness, I’m really happy that the Outlaws finally got their own awesome base (hopefully, it doesn’t get destroyed like Jason’s awesome hideout in the first arc…..) because the n52 Outlaws got a spaceship and their own island!! Jason’s boyish excitement over him and his team making a different in Gotham and Bizarro comforting the guard at Arkham were really a great scenes. The funny scenes were pretty great too (the “in continuity” and “must you antagonize everyone” moments were just lol), the hint about how the outlaws might get expanded in the future made me curious, the “Flowers for Algernon” reference at the end and of course the development we got about the letters which confirmed that they were from Willis Todd. 

Overall, it was a nice issue and I’m excited for what coming next.