so the batfam most likely uses inappropriate internet slang around damian because sometimes they forget he’s actually just a kid. ofc this backfires with hilarious consequences, example: 

big chaotic battle with the rogues and the batfam. batfam defeat the rogues and tie them up. they’re all high-fiving each other while the rogues glower and complain and squirm around trying to get out of their restraints.

suddenly, damian shrieks “we railed them so hard!” 

deathly silence. no one’s quite sure they heard him right. 

damian crosses his arms. this wasn’t the reaction he was expecting. with an irritated look on his face, he snaps, “what?” at his mortified audience.

EVERYONE busts out laughing. bruce goes bright red. so does damian, but he’s more angered as to why everyone is laughing at him, “what? what is it?nightwing? father? what is everyone laughing at? all i said was that we railed them.” 

everyone laughs even harder. harley has to be partially untied because she’s laughing so hard she can’t breathe. jason falls to the ground in fits. 

“not that i’m adverse to being, as you say, railed,” edward says between giggles, “however you definitely need to be much older.”

anonymous asked:

Any College Headcanons for the Batkids? Like, what major and maybe who rooms with who?

Disclaimer: these are just the kids that live with Bruce and are the kids he legally adopted and/or took in, hence the batkids

Dick: He would be a mathematics major, with a minor in ethnic studies

Jason: Definitely an English major

Tim: a double major in Biomedical Engineering and Business

Cass: probably wouldn’t feel the need to go to college since she hasn’t exactly had a traditional education

Damian: would get a law degree out of spite (”Well technically what I did isn’t illegal due to this clause in this law” and he would use this to help out protestors and people who are wrongly accused of crime)

Duke: would get a Criminal Justice degree (would work specifically in missing persons cases)

-due to their age differences, they probably either wouldn’t be in school at the same time or wouldn’t room together. So chances are, they room with people that the college assigns them to or with people who they trust what with their particular vigilante habits.

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Dick and Wally! (Romantic, preferably! :D) “And that’s how I ended up standing naked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve.”

“And that’s how I ended up admiring the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve last year,” Wally finished with flourish, smirking at the expressions of his audience. Jason looked downright skeptical, but Roy wasn’t even looking at him, instead focusing something over Wally’s shoulder.
“Gee, tough crowd—” he started to say, but he was interrupted by an amused-sounding voice behind him: “Yeah, Walls, that’s not really how I remember it.”
Oh shit.
“The way I remember it,” Dick said, coming into Wally’s view and shooting a grin in his direction, “is that you couldn’t get a hotel reservation in New York at the hotel you promised, so instead you decided to steal someone’s room key. Right? Is that the night you were talking about?”
“Hey—I did get a reservation,” Wally insisted, “the guy in the lobby just refused to give me the key. I think he was prejudiced against redheads or something.”
“Of course,” Dick agreed with a smirk. “And so you decided to steal a key—”
“—It was rightfully ours—” Wally protested.
“—and, figuring that the room’s occupants would be partying all night long, thought it would be a good idea to try to get me drunk and challenge me to a game of strip poker.”
“Well, I can’t get drunk myself, I live vicariously through you, you know this.”
“But, despite being a little drunk, I soundly beat him.” This time, Dick spoke to Jason and Roy, both watching the conversation with raised eyebrows.
“You cheated,” Wally attempted to argue.
“Did not. Anyway, right after Wally had surrendered his last bit of clothing, the people who had reserved the room walked in!” Dick laughed. “God, his expression was priceless! I wish I’d had a camera! He didn’t even think to grab anything before he ran out of them room!”
Wally–may have been blushing a little. “Fine,” he said a little petulantly, “that’s how I ended up standing naked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve. And it’s all your fault.” He cast an accusing glare at his boyfriend, which slowly melted into a smile matching Dick’s own.
“You’re crazy,” Dick laughed.
“And you love me anyway.”

Written by my lovely pal @gingerrightsactivist

Our favorite characters are a reflection of ourselves
so I’m going to start writing poetry about my characters
Like Jason Todd
the boy when he was first made was molded into something he could never be
Orange locks dyed black to cover up what was really underneath
How he never quit understood where he fit in his family
Siblings were fine, but parents got complicated
You couldn’t really take someone who was meant to be chaos and turn them into a gentle wind now could you?
But some people tried
But that’s just how life works?
Downtown apartments in Gotham are shitty
But no ones going to ask about the yelling at night
The panic or holes in the wall from illusions that aren’t really there, just ghosts of the past and how they laugh
Their always made light of by people who don’t flinch when sudden movements happen
Hiding behind masks is easy
It’s the saturday day shopping trips that make the worst part
Because people say it so god damn casually
Hands shake, but do you blame him? 
You do enough shit
See enough shit
Know enough
and you realize not every hero was meant to fly and every villain usually thinks he’s the good guy
and maybe
Just maybe
that dirty mirror is showing another  monster