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can u pls tell me more about jason todd hating oliver queen

Okay so we know Oliver Fucked Over™ Roy, right? And of course Jason knows that. So he just, really hates Oliver. Like really really hate. Imagine the following scenario:

  • Bruce, who doesn’t know about Jason’s hatred towards Oliver, inviting both of them for his birthday party. There’s the league, his kids, his kid’s friends… the whole bunch.
  • Twenty minutes into the party, Bruce is telling Oliver about some mission he has done recently, when his… friend… looks behind him and suddenly goes rigid, and just. Starts sweating. Mumbling curses under his breath. Looks like hes about to drop his glass of wine and make a run for the nearest exit.
  • Bruce looks over his shoulder, to see what the hell got Oliver like that and-
  • It’s Jason. Jason, who’s looking right at them, smirking, and Bruce can hear the Jaws theme on his head, getting louder as his son starts walking towards them, in the same way a predaor would approach its prey.
  • “Here we go” he thinks grimly, imaginarily bracing himself for whatever Jason is gonna start demanding him now, but-
  • Jason completely ignores him, and instead focuses on Oliver. 
  • “Queen, didn’t know you were invited!” Jason says, a smile too saccharine to be real “Are you here to convince Bruce to throw Damian out, or something?”
  • “Jason, nice seeing you around” Oliver replies dryly, and looks down at the glass on his hand, as if he was just realizing that wasn’t enough alcohol to survive this conversation.
  • And then what happens is what Bruce was sure Stephanie and Tim would call “““The Drag of the century”””
  • From his clothes, to his hair, to even some tabloids articles, Bruce wasn’t sure how Oliver hadn’t drown on his wine already.
  • Just as Jason started asking if that was a bald spot, oliver dear?, Bruce felt someone stand next to him.
  • “Are you here to defend your husband’s honor?” Bruce asks, lowly, grateful theyre a few feet away from Jason and Oliver.
  • “Im here to enjoy the show” Dinah corrects, taking a sip from her glass of champagne, smirking as Oliver throws her a pleadingly look. “Your son is a force to be reckoned with, you know that, right?” 
  • Bruce smiles slightly. Oh how he knows.
  • That day, Bruce learns two really important things.
  • 1. After hearing the way Jason talked to Oliver, he was sure his son didn’t hate him as much as he had originally thought.
  • and 2. He didn’t feel ashamed to admit he would throw oliver under the bus anyday if that meant all that hatred and bitterness wasnt directed at him, thank you very much. As a matter of fact, it had been almost therapeutic to hear jason be that angry towards someone that wasnt him. Maybe he would invite him and Oliver over more frequently.
52 Facts about Jason and Bruce:

1) Jason was Bruce’s first adopted son and the only one for a long time. 
2) Bruce met Jason on the anniversary of his parents’ death and at the place where they died. 
3) Jason manged to make Bruce laugh.
4) Pre-crisis Bruce was extremely overprotective of Jason (which Jason wasn’t happy about). 
5) Bruce was pretty strict when it comes to Jason’s education and even forbidden Jason from going out with him in school nights. 
6) In their first meeting in Rebirth, Bruce bought a hamburger for Jason and had a talk with him about giving people a chance while the two were eating on the Batmobile. 
7) Bruce called Jason “Jay”, “lad” and “champ”, but mostly “Jay”. 
8) Pre-crisis Bruce didn’t want to Jason to become his partner because he wanted him to have a normal life. He also tried to find a suitable woman to be a mother to Jason (lol).
9) Jason saved Bruce’s life from the joker in their first meeting in Arkhamverse. 
10) Bruce took Jason to a baseball game once and played a game with him too. 
11) In RHATO Annual 2, young Jason called Bruce “dad’. 
12) Bruce once missed a date with Vickie to take Jason to the cinema. 
13) Pre-crisis Jason was jealous of Selina for spending a lot of time with Batman. While Selina was pretty amused by this, Bruce was upset that Jason was keeping his distance away from him and tried to make the two get along by setting them up in a mission (the GPD even helped out!). The two eventually get along and shared a hug at the end.
14) Bruce done two things for Jason he never done them for anyone before. He ignored a bat signal because getting Jason back after he was taken from him by the court was more important. And he missed a patrol to spend time with sick Jason. 
15) Jason slapped Bruce once to wake he up after he was brain washed in THE CULT. 
16) Bruce declared once to his lawyers that he is willing to give up all of his fortune to get Jason back. 
17) Jason most precious memory was the one where Bruce spent time and watched a movie with him when he was sick. Jason has given up this memory to Saru though and told him to keep it. 
18) Bruce thought to himself once while he was hugging Jason that “For the first time it seems true: A son is not always born of his father” (awww..). 
19) Jason once had a nightmare of Bruce being killed which got him up screaming and Bruce and Alfred running to his room. 
20) Bruce has a picture of Jason on his bed stand after Jason died and he carries another in his Batman’s belt. 
21) Jason last words and thoughts before he died was an apology and thank you to Bruce. 
22) Bruce always wondered if Jason waited for him to save him and whether Jason hated him when he realized he will not arrive at time (ouch).
23) Jason was calling and crying for Bruce despite the fact he didn’t remember anything when he was brought back to life in his grave (double ouch). 
24) Bruce was planning to kill the joker after he murdered Jason, but having supes there for him stopped him from doing that.
25) Jason was mad at Bruce for not avenging him and was absolutely sure that he was never loved by him while Bruce was sure that his love was quite obvious by declaring that “Jason knew how much I loved him” to clayface.
26) In Superman/Batman, Bruce admitted that he would have done ANYTHING to get Jason back. In Hush arc, he revealed that he was planning to put Jason in the pit to bring him back, but didn’t do it because he was worried that Jason wouldn’t return right due to his brain injury.
27) Bruce gives Jason a piggyback ride once.
28) Despite the fact that Jason was completely unresponsive when Talia found him, he still reacted by tearing up when Talia mentioned Bruce to him.
29) Bruce broke down in tears when an investigator asked him about what happened to Jason (those two seriously).
30) In Final Crisis, Bruce had a break down where he wished that he could change the biggest two events in his life. His parents’ death and Jason’s death.
31) Jason planned to kill Bruce after he returned, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it when he got the chance.
32) Alfred once revealed that Jason’s death affected Bruce more than his parents did because he had the power to stop it.
33) Jason thought that Bruce was died after the event of Endgame and he was really upset about that, but he pretended that he didn’t care. Later on, he discovered that Bruce wasn’t died (he just lost his memories) and he hugged him and thanked him for everything he done for him.
34) When Bruce lost contact with Jason (who was in dangerous mission with the Outlaws), Bruce pretty much freaked out and started yelling at someone to call Superman to save Jason (awww).
35) Jason punched a guy for insulting Batman.
36) When Jason’s face was burned down by the joker, Bruce spent his whole time sitting by his bedside.
37) Jason revealed once that he isn’t much of a sleeper because when he was a kid, he spent his nights worrying that his mother will choke in her own vomit and his father will snap and kill him and his mother. When he became Robin, Jason couldn’t sleep because he preferred to spend his nights patrolling and when he wasn’t, he spent them waiting for Bruce and making sure he returned home alive and well (triple ouch).
38) Bruce once asked Jason to come home.
39) Superman told Jason once that Bruce vouched for him which was the reason why the justice league never went after Jason and his team.
40) In alt-universe, Bruce snapped and killed the joker after he murdered Jason.
41) Miller'Bruce retired the Batman mantle after Jason was killed.
42) Despite how crazy Jason acted sometimes, Bruce still didn’t have the heart to hunt him down and it was Dick who captured Jason and put him in Arkham Asylum.
43) Bruce hold back against Jason whenever the two of them fight (and Jason know that). In Arkham knight (where Batman is extremely brutal in the game), it was noted that Bruce didn’t go all out against Jason and couldn’t even bring himself to punch him in the end.
44) When Jason was Robin, Bruce told him that he will always protect him and be there for him till the end.
45) In a world where Bruce died when he was a kid, Jason become a priest and had a good life. Which means he would have been better off if he never meet Bruce (ok, this one really hurts).
46) When he was hit by Scarecrow gas in Pre-crisis, it was revealed that Bruce’s biggest fear was Jason getting hurt and him being unable to protect him. In PC, the worst fear Batman can imagine was Jason’s death. After Jason died, Bruce’s biggest fear was witnessing Jason’s death at the Joker’s hands which made him go crazy and beat the joker brutally while screaming Jason’s name like a maniac. After the event of Hush, Bruce biggest fear was Jason coming back angry at him and telling him that he can’t stop because he loves him too much. In arkham knight, his worst fear was witnessing Jason’s torture and him being helpless to do anything.
47) Bruce smiled a lot around Jason before he died and hardly after he did which showed that Jason’s death changed and affected him deeply (even the cold hearted Owlman was saddened over Jason’s death).
48) Bruce once described Dick as the laugh that grow up and move on while he described Jason as the love and caring that was stolen from him (yup, I’m totally fine).
49) Bruce forbid Jason from joining the teen titans.
50) Jason was supposed to be the next Batman after Bruce retire in The Dark Knight Returns, but he died before he could take the mantle.
51) Bruce lost Jason in every universe (seriously, what the heck batsy?).
52) Bruce said once that he could never forget Jason.

Well, that was tiring and there still many more facts! But I felt that ending this post with number 52 was fitting :-)

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tbh batfam where tim and dami threaten roy and wally for Dick and Jason's honor is what i live for.

TIM IS TOO MUCH OF A PUNK TO DO IT. He knows both Roy and Wally so well. It’s like tell your mom to shut up, do you really want to do it? But if Tim did do it, he’ll would feel extremely guilty. He would say sorry repeatedly, probably start panicking. Roy and Wally are trying to calm him.


Damian probably waits for them to mess up then he’ll send a threat.

“Mess up again, West and I’ll strangle you.”

“Can you even reach my neck?”

#27. Nightmares - Jason Todd x Reader

It’s day 27 of the 30 day challenge! For the full list of the prompts I will be doing for this writing challenge and the ones I have already completed, go here. Enjoy!

You were peacefully sleeping one night when were awakened by Jason’s violent tossing and turning in the bed next to you. You were a bit annoyed that he had woken you up until you realized why he was so distressed.

“No! [Y/N] … don’t.” He moaned clutching his side in perceived pain. He moaned and turned to his side again to face you. His face glistened with sweat and was set into a hard look of discomfort. You moved your hand you brush against his face and push away the hair that was sticking to his forehead.

“Jay, wake up.” You speak softly in an attempt to pull him out of his dream. “Jason!” You repeated a bit louder, nudging his shoulders gently. His eyes fluttered at your touch and he shot up in the bed letting out a terrified yell.

“[Y/N]! Oh God, [Y/N]!” He cried when he realized you were by his side all along. He pulled you into  a tight embrace, refusing to let go. You let him hold you, knowing it was the least you could do to start comforting him from whichever nightmare plagued him tonight. A lot of terrible shit has happened to your boyfriend in his lifetime and frequent nightmares were its byproduct. You did what you could to help him but there were somethings he was still hesitant to tell you about his past, skeletons he wasn’t ready to dig out of the closet.

“Do you want to talk about it, Jay?” You whisper softly, gently rubbing his back. He buried his head in the crook of your neck and held you silently for a few more moments. You didn’t push it any further, knowing that sometimes he just needed to hold you. Sometimes that’s all the comfort he needed but you always wanted to be an open ear for him.

“They killed you, [Y/N].” He whispered almost inaudibly into your neck. “They killed you and I couldn’t do anything to stop them.”

“I’m here, Jay.” You say gently, running your fingers through his hair.

“You were bleeding out in my arms and there … there was a god damn Lazarus pit [Y/N]. I wanted to - God I wanted save you but not like that. I couldn’t - wouldn’t - put you through that kind of hell.” He said pulling away and framing your face with his hands. He rested his forehead against yours and brushed his fingers through your hair. “I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you [Y/N].” He whispered.

“I’m not going anywhere Jason.” You swore. He shook his head sadly.

“You can’t promise that. My life has a habit of destroying everything that I care for. I love you more than anything [Y/N]. I don’t want to imagine a world without you.” He responded sadly. You shook your head and took his face in between you hands.

“Jason Peter Todd I promise you that I will be by your side right up until the bitter end, whenever that may be. I don’t care what bullshit the universe throws our way. I love you and there’s no place I’d rather be than here with you.” You say passionately, staring deep into his soul. His sad eyes brightened a fraction and he guided you in for a slow bittersweet kiss.

“You’re more than I deserve.” He said burying his head in you neck once more and pulling you infinitely closer to him.

“You’re so very wrong, Jason. You do deserve me and I’m by far the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call you mine. I love you Jason.” You say pulling him into another kiss. The pain brought on by his nightmare was far from forgotten but you were glad that you could get his mind off such thoughts, even if it was just for the night.


comic book meme favorite characters: jason todd 

so here i am. a “hero”? a “villain”? i’m the guy who can do the things that batman can’t… become someone that batman won’t. am i the man bruce wanted me to become? not even close. but someday soon he’ll realize… i’m exactly who he needs.

I think the wildest trivia I ever learned about jason todd was that when he died this 8 yr old girl wrote to DC that she cried all day about it and asked them to bring Jason back and DC was basically like “Fuck You Jenna, no”