This is my second attempt at a Jason Todd playlist! The first can be found here.

Comeback - Redlight King.

“I’m gonna make a comeback.
I’m gonna dig six feet up tonight.
I’m gonna get it all back.
I’m gonna make a comeback this time.”

Carry on my Wayward Son - Kansas.
(The Supernatural Musical 200th Episode rendition)

“Carry on my wayward son,
There’ll be peace when you are done.”

Blood on my Name - The Brothers Bright.

“Oh Lazarus,
How did your debts get paid?
Oh Lazarus,
Why you so afraid?”

Kill Your Heroes - AWOLNation.

“I say you kill your heroes and
Fly, fly, baby don’t cry.
No need to worry ‘cause
Everybody will die.”

Savin’ Me - Nickelback.

“Show me what it’s like,
To be the last one standing.
And teach me wrong from right,
And I’ll show you what I can be.
Say it for me, say it to me.
And I’ll leave this life behind me.
Say it if it’s worth saving me.”

Back in Black - AC/DC.

“Forget the hearse ‘cause I’ll never die.
I got nine lives,
Cat’s eyes,
Abusin’ every one of them and running wild.
'Cause I’m back,
Yes, I’m back.”

Arsonist’s Lullaby - Hozier.

“All you have is your fire.
And the place you need to reach.
Don’t you ever tame your demons.
Always keep them on a leash.”

Over my Head (Cable Car) - A Day to Remember.

“I never knew that everything was falling through.
That everyone I knew was waiting on a queue,
To turn and run when all I needed was the truth.”

etherealciel asked:

kara taking care of an injured!jason or sick!jason c:

Jason was curled up under the covers in his dark room. His head was burning, his skin was tingling, and every inch on him felt so cold. He heard the door creak open slowly, the sound like metal grinding in his ears. He groaned as he peeked out and saw Kara in a hazmat suit holding a large bowl of soup.

“What’s with the outfit?” He asked as he eyed her up and down.

“I borrowed it from Clark. He uses it for deep space exploration, so.. I should be protected from any pathogens you may have.” She placed the bowl of soup down on a nearby table and sat down next to him on the bed.

“Right. Pathogens. Alien. Bad.” Jason said. He was high on medications so his brain wasn’t functioning normally. Kara tugged the covers down a little so at least his head popped out. His hair was a mess and he had the most adorably disgruntled look she’d ever seen on him. Lightly she stroked his face.

“…Your hands feel like you’re wearing giant oven mitts.” Jason whined. Kara held in a laugh and on instinct tried to move in to kiss him, but remembered the glass visor was in the way. Instead she fell into a hug on top of him.

“Get better soon. I miss you.” She mumbled.

Wasted Years, Wasted Youth

A jason todd fanmix

art source is peter-panicman on tumblr

1. Teen Idle - Marina and the Diamonds
2. I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy
3. You’re Not In On The Joke - Cobra Starship
4. Lilo - Lauren Aquilina
5. Chandelier (Zentacle Glitch Step Remix) - Sia
6. Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz
7. Creep - Radiohead
8. Arsonist’s Lullabye - Hozier
9. Arabella - Arctic Monkeys
10. Biting Down - Lorde
11. Valley of Applause (MashFox Mashup) - Marina and the Diamonds vs Lady Gaga
12. Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
13. Evil Eye - Franz Ferdinand
14. Oh No! - Marina and the Diamonds
15. Weirdo - The Vaccines

listen here!