I love this ending. It shows Jason being sentimental. He’s kept a photograph that was taken the first time he wore the Robin costume. This particular panel is important because it’s a nod to Bruce telling Jason that Bruce keeps his souvenirs as touchstones as “a way to keep track of where [he’s] been” so he doesn’t lose track of where he’s going. These words really seem to have touched Jason because, not only had Jason kept the batmobile’s tire, but he kept a photo to remind himself of where he came from.

This comic seems like it will really try to bridge the gap between Jason and Bruce, so the two can reconnect and move forward with their relationship. This first issue was strong, and I highly recommended it to everyone!

Ice Cream and Nudists

Prompt: What about Dick or Jason fighting awfully with his S/O screaming and stuff and their son/daughter listening to it all and crying so Tim or Damian get in the middle of this and get the kid out carrying him then takes him to some ice cream or to sleep at their house or manor or something?

Words: 451

You just sit there and stare at the door. You feel the couch dip beside you, and you smile as Jason pulls you in a bit closer. You lean your head on his shoulder and say “He’s never seen us fight before.”

           Jason kisses the side of your head “No, he hasn’t but it had to happen at some point.”

           You raise an eyebrow in question and ask “Did it?”

           He shrugs and says “Well no, I suppose we could have kept our emotions bottled up until he finally moved out, then exploded at each other, gotten divorced, and then had separate holidays forcing him to choose where to take the grandkids for Christmas.”

           You just groan “He’s only six, don’t go bringing up grandkids quite yet.”

           Jason just smiles “An empty house, where we can walk around naked, just imagine it.”

           You just laugh and playfully swat his chest “When in the world did we ever walk around naked?”

           Jason shrugs “We didn’t, but Alec’s birth kind of took away that option. Unless, you want to move away and become nudists?”

           You shake your head and say “You know I prefer Gotham. Plus, I hear, there isn’t much crime to fight in nudist parks.”

           Jason nods and says “Yeah, not my best idea.” There’s a pause before he says “My best idea was marrying you.”

           You lean in and kiss him, and whisper “Smooth talker.”

           The sound of the door opening pulls you two apart. A moment later Tim steps into the room guiding a rather messy Alec. You smile and open your arms and Alec runs right into them. Jason smiles as wipes the chocolate ice cream off of Alec’s face. “Did you actually eat any of the ice cream little man?”

           Your son just smiles and says “I ate two, daddy!”

           You smile “So no need for dinner then?”

           Tim winks at the two of you and says “Figured I’d save you two the trouble. We also had a little talk about your guys’ fight.”

           You raise an eyebrow at that, but before you can say anything Alec says “Uncle Tim says that you guys very much, and one little fight doesn’t change that. And he said that no matter what you guys would always love me.”

           You lean forward and kiss is forehead, “That is absolutely true.”

           Jason ruffles his hair and says “One-hundred percent.”

           You hug Alec a bit closer and say “Thanks for taking out Tim.”

           He just winks and says “Anything for my favorite nephew.”

           Alec grins and says “I’m your only nephew.”

           You grin as Jason and Alec walk Tim to the door. You truly do have the best family in the world.